Hamit remembers Kalyanku Dev

Academician-author Hamit Kalyoncu, who died last year, is remembered by ZOKEV at a ceremony hosted by the Devrek Municipality and the Cultural Association.

Devrek Mayor Chetin Bozkurt, CHP Debrek District President Yasar Bukru, CHP Gokebei District President Ilmajturk, Bhatan Party Debrek District President Bahatin Durak, Goksebe Shiksha Sen President Servet Buikkol, his family and a large community of citizens were present.

Semra Takaya, President of the Cultural Association, delivered the inaugural address at the “Jonguldak Teacher: Hamit Kaleonku” held at the Devrek Municipality Wedding Hall.

Takaya said, “Our teacher Hamit Kaleonku was one of the founders of our association. He also prepared the certificate of our association. As an association, we are proud to remember her through such an event. “

In her speech, Katrina Bozkurt, the mayor of Devrek, said that poet-writer and teacher Hamit Kaleyanku had worked hard on her and said, “I once again remember our brother Hamit Kaleyanku in your presence with respect, love and longing.”

Hamit Kalyanku has become a mirror of society

President Bozcart went on to say:

“As far as is known, our teacher Hamit was a good teacher in our area, a poet-writer and a man of art, but he was also a man of good culture. In his works, he has reflected the history, culture, social structure and humanitarian phenomena of our region and has played a great role in passing these events on to future generations. In particular, his scientific research on local languages ​​and dialects has led many academics to study the thesis and provided the first example of a unique study in this field. In addition to this, he is a consistent and uncompromising personality, a well-educated person and an exemplary person in the mirror of society with his socialist-realist aspect. I remember him with deep affection and respect. “

After a movie-vision screening of some parts of Kalyanku’s life, the panel of “Jongguldak’s Teacher: Hamit Kaleyanku”, directed by Ahmet Ozturk, began. Djokovic President Kursat Kosgun, Senol Balki and his daughter Goken Kalyanku Kahraman were present on the panel as speakers.

Wherever it has been left

In his speech, Ahmet Ozturk said that Hamit Kalyanku is a versatile person, wherever he goes, there is a flood of light and he leaves a mark.

Ozturk says: “Our brother Hamit Kalyanku was a versatile man who turned a flood of light and left a mark wherever he went. He was a teacher at Jonguldak. He followed the scrap of knowledge for the culture, art, history and social issues of our region. He had an unexpected personality that he loved to share. He was a poet and playwright with his wise personality. He compiled mania and folk songs about Jonguldak. He published plays in the Jonguldak region. These works were published as a thesis. He has done the most valuable work in his case. His greatest characteristic was that he was a perfectionist. He was a good republican. He was a good educator. “

Retired teacher Shenol Balsio said in his speech that Hamit Kaleonku is a good researcher and a good educator and he went through all the pain of September 12, fought deportation and was fired from teaching.

He was one of the most respected people in the city

“He was my spiritual brother, Hamit Kaleonku,” said Senol Balsi. He had a personality that provided direction, feedback and advice. He had poetry in his life. In my opinion, after Ahmed Naim, he was the one who described the problems in Jonguldak’s workers, interiors, coal and his work. He was a struggling man, an organizer. He was one of the most respected people in the city. “

His daughter Goken Kaleyanku Kahraman also said in her speech that she did not share the literature, poems and anthologies of Hamit Kaleyanku, but shared his life.

My mother has made her life easier

Kahraman spoke in this way: “My father not only shared his literature, poems and essays with people, he also shared his life. There was my mother who supported him. My mother made her life easier. His life was so busy that he had something to share with everyone. Fathers are the wind in our sails. So was my father. It will guide our lives. ”

ZOKEV President Kürşat Coşgun further stated in his speech that Hamit Kaleonku is a cultural person who takes care of his place and expresses the culture of the place where he lives.

He was a teacher to everyone in town

Kosgun says: “Hamit Kalyanku was a cultured man. His work, The Flower That Blooms on Coal, is no other. In this work he mentions the culture, art, architecture and social life of Jonguldak. He is a citizen who is sensitive to the problems of his country and has a high sense of responsibility, an educator who instills in his students a love for his country and Atatুrk, a patriot and revolutionary litigant, an intellectual who prefers modern, secular and democratic. Turkey, a literary man who always uses his pen directly, a cultural researcher who is passionate and respects the values ​​of the place … If we were to draw a rough portrait of Hamit Kaleyanku, I think it would be the first thing that comes to mind, no doubt. Many more features can be added. Hamit Kaleonku means more than just being a literature teacher in Jonguldak. He is a teacher to everyone in the city, whether he is a student or not. “

At the end of the panel, Fahri Bojbash presents an example of a poem by Hamit Kaliyankur.

Afterwards, the book entitled “Zonguldak Writings” prepared for publication by Hamit Kalyoncu with KOrşat Coşgun, President of ZOKEV, was presented to the readers and signed.

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