Inflation melts ‘nutritional value’: children eat custard

Wall – One of the most important photographs to reveal the growing child poverty in the epidemic is the lock attached to baby food on the market. According to the brand- it is very difficult to reach the food which has increased by 50-70% in the last year.

The government has taken steps to reduce the price of baby food by reducing the VAT on these products from 6 per cent to 1 per cent in a decision published in the official gazette on February 12. As of February 13, about 1.5 months have passed since the decision was implemented. In the opinion of the parents, the VAT deduction has already melted away.

’84 percent of poor households should have it ‘

According to the “Child Poverty in Turkey” report compiled by the Deep Poverty Network, which interviews 103 families who do not have a regular income and work in daily and unsafe jobs, 74 percent of families living in extreme poverty have difficulty buying baby food. 21 percent of households do not have access to food or diapers. Child development experts say that nutrition between the ages of 0-3 years is vital for the development of the brain, and this condition will cause irreparable harm to children who do not receive adequate nutrition.

‘No food in social aid box’

Shema Duman of the Deep Poverty Network describes her observations in the field with the words “Mama is an incredible necessity, it draws our attention to the case”. Duman said food parcels sent by the municipality and district governors to families living in deep poverty have no products for infants or children.

“Food parcels have pasta, rice and tomato paste, but nothing about babies or children. About children, IMM has a child support package We also instructed the families there, but they said their quota was full. IMM’s capabilities can sometimes be inadequate. There is already support that can cover a maximum of 1-2 months. “

So, what will families who can’t afford baby food feed their children? Shema Duman explains that families need to feed their 0-3 year olds foods that do not have adequate nutritional value for this age, such as instant soup, sugar water, rice cakes and tea.

When families living in deep poverty want to buy food, they have to choose food sold in the market and it is popularly called pudding. Where 200 grams of flour and whole grains are sold for 15 lira, 300 grams of high nutritional value food is sold for 97 lira. The monthly cost of feeding a 6 month to 1 year old child with a high nutritional formula varies from 1,500 to 2,000 TL. Shema Duman noted that this rate is about half of the minimum wage.

“Families are trying to buy these cheap foods. With these, we somehow pass food, we can’t talk about a healthy diet. These children, who cannot be fed, start their life far behind. In fact, it causes irreversible and irreversible harm to children. “

Sema Duman notes that deep poverty and, accordingly, malnutrition have a lifelong impact on children:

“Child malnutrition has a challenging aspect in developmental health. Children growing up in poverty are diagnosed with learning disabilities when they start school. Nutrition is not the only reason. In fact, it is not uncommon for children to be exposed to too much stimulation at home when they grow up. They do not have the opportunity to go to kindergarten or kindergarten. There are no toys or materials in the house that can support development time in the workplace. The education rate among parents is also quite low, I can even say that most families are illiterate. Therefore, children do not develop vocabulary. Since he doesn’t get any help in these matters, he lags behind when he meets his peers at school. When children fail to overcome it in the first, second and third grades, we see children who are illiterate even after the sixth and seventh grades. That’s what we mean when we say irreversible loss. “

‘Twin food costs 4,000 lira per month’

Food prices are also pushing the middle class. Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, the mother of the twins, Yellies 25, said the price increase since January has reached unbearable proportions. His status was, “It’s really high. “Just two days ago, we calculated that the monthly cost of two children was 4,000 lira.”

Mentioning that he buys food online and follows the campaign, Yellies Twentybase said parents are trying to find affordable products. “But the internet has a limit, you can’t order more than a certain number. It is more expensive in the market and pharmacy. There are people in this country who do not know how to use the internet. They have to buy more from here. ”

Experts, children living in poverty; Emphasizes that their access to survival, development, protection and participation is at risk.

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