Nihan Su: Our players have been beaten – TRT Spor

In the 17th week of the Turkcell Women’s Football League, the women’s soccer team defeated Amed Sportive Activities 2-1 in Fenerbahce.

Regarding the last-minute incident of the match, the yellow-dark blue team coach Nihan Su made a statement on the club’s official website.

“I’m really sorry for the inconvenience,” she said. “I can say that we are very sorry for what happened in our match today. They were images that none of us wanted. We are deeply saddened to find such a situation on the field where women play football. It has hurt our community, our fans and our players. In fact, when we look at it, we had a 3-1 match that we got in the first half and we finished the game without any problems. Then of course we came to this town. Here, too, we got along well, and that’s how we started the game. In fact, we played the game in a very friendly environment with the technical team, the administrative team, the manager and the players of the other team. But then, of course, after the match referee gave it some permission, after he scored the second goal, while my player was inserting the ball, the player of the other team suddenly approached our player – our unprotected player – and physically abused him. Of course, we had to intervene there for the instantaneous occurrence of those images, and with the other players involved in the event and the players on our side entering, the images are already in your hands, each of them violently kicking and hitting, images that we didn’t want to happen. While we were trying to calm both sides, the supporters in the stands started throwing bricks and sticks at both us and the players. There we were in a really bad and unwelcome position. I can clearly say that I am very sorry to be the leader of this group. We have sworn many times. In addition, Amed Sportive Activities did not have a bad word against the game, against the players, against the referee, against our own technical and administrative team or against our players. I can say this with confidence. Of course, we are very, very sorry for these incidents. Our women should play football in a safe environment. Managers, coaches and players of every club should approach it in the same way. There are foreign players among us and they too have been pushed now. Because facing such a situation in our country has greatly affected them. We are currently in a safe environment. We want to leave the city and come to Istanbul in the safest way. But our players are suffering emotionally at the moment. Says

“We will continue to fight for Roduklu.”

Nihan Xu said that in addition to the violence on the field, various things were thrown from the stands, so both the players’ group and the technical team were injured. “Unfortunately, our players are upset, our technical team has items that hurt our coaches. On the one hand, our healthcare team is trying to resolve this situation. At the moment, we are trying to be a little calmer and we want to fix the mentality of the players. So we put the game aside. I hope this doesn’t happen. From here, I would like to appeal to all the sports fans, officials, managers and referees in charge of this business: Please, don’t do such things. Let our girls, our ladies and girls who will come after us play football and continue playing in a safe environment. This is my only wish, this is my wish. Here, both the chairman and members of our board of directors are communicating directly with us. They are trying to motivate our team and we are resolving this situation. In this sense, I would like to thank our President, our Director, and our community. I would also like to say to the fans: no matter what happens, we will continue to fight for Çubuklu, no matter what our path on this road, but I am very sorry for the situation we are facing. I apologize to everyone for the situation we do not want. “ He said.

“Our players were very confused and cried.”

Nihan Su ended his remarks as follows:

“The match ended in a very exciting atmosphere. First, we try to ensure the safety of our players. The Riot Squad team was with us and tried to send them to the locker room as soon as possible. We had a shock situation in our own dressing room, our players were very confused and our players were crying. On the other hand, we tried not to make that communication at all, because if we intervened while the show was heating up at that moment, it would have taken the incident to different places. We’re all supposed to be calm. At the end of the match and when we entered the safe time, we talked to their manager and Mr. Onur (Basar) and his technical team coaches and said that we should calm down a bit and get out of this situation. In a healthy way, and they should be sensitive to us. That way, we’re in the hotel now. “

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