People in Cars are being warned about autism.

It was mentioned in the event organized in Kars on the occasion of ‘April 2, World Autism Awareness Day’ that the number of people with autism is increasing day by day.

Tacettin DURMUS

Important and useful awareness was raised at the events organized by the Provincial Department of Family and Social Services, Kafkas University, National Education Department, Provincial Department of Youth and Sports, Provincial Health Department, Turkish Special Athletes Federation Kars Provincial Representative, Kars Youth Center. And the Gelenic Curse Autism Association has been formed in conjunction with the Curse Governance.

As part of the program, a stand on ‘Autism’ has been opened in Governor Park next to the GAMP Mansion Beautiful Stands Gallery. Autism was explained in open stands by organizations, NGOs and associations fighting autism in the city.

The stands in the square were opened by Kars Governor Tarker Oksuz, Chief of Police Yavuz Sagdik, Provincial Gendarmerie Colonel Commander Hadir Isisek, Provincial Director of Family and Social Services Dogan Ildiz, National Education Director Aydin Ake, Provincial Health Director Dr. Zakir Lajoglu, AK Chair Corps Provincial Chairman Adam Chalkin, CHP Corps Provincial Chairman Taner Toraman and the people of Kurs attracted a lot of attention.

Relevant organizations, NGOs and associations fighting autism in the city have distributed brochures to stand-ins visiting protocol members, emphasizing the importance of early diagnosis and education of autism and drawing attention to the need for parents of people with autism to be more aware.

After the ceremony here, the activities continue in the multipurpose hall of the mass education center. After visiting the exhibition on autism, Ahmed Osman, Doctor of Education, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Education, Caucasus University, Ahmed Osman, spoke about the early diagnosis of autism and the importance of education. The audience listened intently to Osman’s presentation.

Later, Onur Shahin, father of Arda Shahin, a student of Dede Korkut Special Education Vocational School, expressed his feelings in his speech. Ebru Alibeuluo, a psychologist at the Kars Provincial Department of Family and Social Services Disabled Life Care and Rehabilitation Center, gave a presentation on the Daytime Handicapped Care Center. Later, the Autism Association’s “Child with Autism and Its World” video was released on stage.

After the speech by Kars Governor / Vice Mayor Tarker Oksuz, a slide show was held where the activities of Kizile Kindergarten, where children with autism are taught, were given.

Emotional moments were felt at the event, followed by a recitation of the poem ‘April 23’ by Atatুrk elementary school student Muhammad Can More and a concert by Dede Korkut Special Education, followed by poetry readings by Hava Avsi Ozkan, a member of the Gaelic Cric Autism Association. Vocational school student Arda Shahin.

The activities of the Autism Awareness Day on April 2 in Kars have come to an end with dental screening of children with autism organized by Kafkas University Dental Hospital and Young Dentists Association and Kars Gallink Autism Association. After examining children with autism one by one, dentist Sema Nur Ozudogru, chief physician of the dental hospital Fikret Ozgur Koskun, and dentistry students presented their scanned children with a medal of achievement, a diploma of adventure, and various gifts.

Governor Okuz, “We take care of autism”

Speaking at the event, Kars Governor / Vice Mayor Tarker Oksuz said April 2 is an important day that is celebrated around the world as Autism Awareness Day and seeks to raise awareness about “neurodevelopmental differences”.

Recalling that in his speech, in the framework of the April 2 Awareness Day, it was aimed at encouraging research on autism and raising awareness about autism around the world, Governor Oksuz said, “In this sense; It is a fact that the research conducted in our country on the occasion of Autism Awareness Day is a more well-known and widely discussed difference in the society. For this reason, of course, we attach great importance to Autism Awareness Day.

First, I would like to point out that we consider autism to be a distinction, not a disability.

In the case of autism, great progress can be made through early diagnosis through proper guidance and proper education, which is extremely important. It is very important that our children with autism receive pre-school education, as for all of our children, especially since there is educational treatment in the pre-school years. In this case, of course, the greatest responsibility and responsibility falls on our precious family. My best wishes to our family who are going through this difficult time.

We urge families to be aware of this, not to be discouraged at an advanced age. Because progress can be made at any age, but the goal of pre-school education is; The problem is solved before the child develops a sense of being perceived differently by society due to the harassment of peers for not starting school and before the problem becomes a mental disorder.

In this sense; While progress is possible in later life, let us not forget that it develops into a problem that is much slower, more difficult and more costly, and with a higher awareness of the family, autism can be removed from a problem and society

To increase the quality of life of both our autistic children and the families of people with autism, members of society need to be sensitive to autism. It should not be forgotten that social peace will be ensured through our respect and awareness of differences. It is in our hands and our duty to help our children with autism not to be discriminated against and to help them in social life.

In our country, research is being done to increase the awareness and sensitivity of people with autism to lead a comfortable life. It is practiced to meet the needs of people with autism and their families, and to provide quality services such as education and health care for individuals and their families.

According to the results of many studies on autism; We know that the most important factor in the development of people with autism is the education they receive. Free and state-sponsored individual and group training can be obtained from RAM reports from hospitals and then from Guidance Research Centers, i.e. RAM units.

The General Directorate of Special Education and Guidance Services of the Ministry of National Education, with its expert teams working in our country and therefore in our province’s Guidance and Research Center, works to diagnose and guide people with autism in the most appropriate place. Educational environment.

A total of 71 students with autism, of whom 42 are studying in the city center and 29 in our district, 36 in classrooms, of which 14 are in the city center and 22 in our district. Out of our 71 students, 10 are educated in special education centers. These children continue their education with their peers through integration in the institutions where they receive education.

I would like to know that in these educational institutions our children are given very good service to participate more in the social life in keeping with the potential of our state and our nation. I hope the activities and research conducted on World Autism Awareness Day will increase social awareness and sensitivity about autism. I warmly embrace our children with autism and wish our citizens with autism and their families a healthy, peaceful and happy life. “

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