“Preschool education is important for autism”

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Child Development Specialist Melis Haider, who noted the importance of early pre-school education for children with autism spectrum disorders, said “significant progress could be made if qualified people with autism start special education services at an early age. In all areas of development.”

“Autism reflects the weaknesses and disadvantages of social-interaction skills that occur in childhood and that children with limited-repetitive-stereotyped behaviors may demonstrate these skills. A special education service allows pre-school educational institutions to continue their educational life with and without inclusive education, with or without support. Professionals who work with children, especially preschool teachers, have the ability to direct and illuminate their lives during the inclusion process.

Heidi continued his speech as follows:

“Chains that can adapt to normal development of children and adolescents with ASD, in other words, realize a successful integration, learn and apply specific professional skills for ASD, monitor and evaluate areas of child development, behavioral problems It is very important that teachers who have the professional skills to touch the lives of children in basic subjects like teamwork, school and family collaboration, but in some cases, the negative situation is seen. -Crowded classrooms in school educational institutions, lack of equipment for these children, negative attitudes and behaviors of educators, staff and families who do not have education to make school life easier for children with ASD, problems in general development and adaptation of children with ASD Can

“Trainers should be sensitive and respectful.”

After their children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Izmir’s Concept Vocational School Institute, family members typically follow a cycle of “distrust, denial, self-responsibility, anger, grief, depression, and acceptance.” See. Child Development Specialist Melis Hadir, “In such cases, an educator should be able to respond to family members who have learned that their child has autism with a sensitive and respectful attitude. Activities performed while working with children with ASD need to be shaped. Proper communication Social and communication skills “It is important for the teacher to have more information in the focus of the fields, and to create and modify the curriculum according to the needs of each of these children.”

“Children should be encouraged”

Mentioning that the child should be helped in the right place and at the right time when he feels he needs support, Hıdır said, “The child should be encouraged. And maintaining, and using their cognitive skills, visualizing the information provided can help children learn, reduce ridicule and bullying based on children’s differences, facilitate recognition of children’s different abilities and learning needs, and increase sensitivity and acceptance of diversity.

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