She started taekwondo at the age of 48, she is training with her 2 children. The mother is training with her two children. The woman’s only goal, to surprise the people around her with her determination to go to the competition, is to win the championship.

Inspired by the two children he had at the gym in Castamonu, Melek Ozdemi started taekwondo at the age of 48. The Taekwondo mother, who is preparing to compete with her children, aims to return with a medal at the international championships.
Melek Ozdemir, a 48-year-old housewife living in Castamonu, admitted her daughter Betul 3 years ago and her son Furkan 9 months ago to a taekwondo course. Melek Ozdemir, who takes his kids to the gym every day for training, started seeing his kids throughout the training period. Melek Ozdemir, who in his youth wanted to be a physical education and sports teacher but could not finish his education due to various reasons, decided to start sports with his children as an example. Trainer tells trainer Fatma Kaya that she wants to enroll in the course, Ozdemi trains 4 hours a day, despite people around her saying, “You’re old enough now, you can’t do it.” Melek Ozdemir, who showed great determination, climbed 6 steps in Taekwondo in 8 months. Melek Ozdemir, who trains daily with his children, wants to win a black belt and take part in the Taekwondo Senior Championships, which are scheduled to be held in 2023 with his children Betul and Furkan. Melek Ozdemir and his children say they want to succeed in Taekwondo, become a national athlete and represent Turkey in international competitions.

“I love to play sports”
Melek Ozdemir, who said he likes to play sports, said, “My life started with printing. Then my daughter started here. Then I introduced my son to Taekwondo. Then I saw Fatma teacher when I came here. In fact, I came out and said I can do it one day. He said why not. Anyway, you can’t. There are many people who have said that. But thanks to my wife, she has a lot of support. In my youth, it was something I wanted to do but couldn’t do. I love it. We’re like a family here. I feel very happy when I’m with them. I forget all my sorrows. ” They like it. Doing sports is a very nice thing. Looks like you’re studying in school. It feels good to be together. It feels good to be with them. Working with them on the same thing. Walking the same path. It’s a great pleasure, “he said.

“My first goal is to get a black belt, then to represent our country in the competition.”
“My first goal is a black belt. Then, God willing, I would like to represent Turkey with my children if I am not old. My biggest goal and dream,” Ozdemir said.
“It’s a great feeling for me to have my children with me and have the same goals with them. So I recommend all mothers and women to do this. Sports

Furkan Ozdemir: “I was fascinated by the movie I saw, then I started playing.”
Furkan Ozdemir (13), whose first goal is to wear a black belt, said: “My second dream is to be a national athlete and represent my country in sports competitions. I come to training because I want to play this game. I love and have fun. While at home, my mother told me to watch a movie called Karate Kid. “I was inspired to come here for training. I like to play sports, I like it. I play sports at the same time. The same gym place with my mom and brother, so I’m happy, “he said.

Fatma Keya: “I want women to do martial arts regardless of their age”
Coach Fatma Keya, who advises women to play defensive sports, said: “Angel had a good idea about the game. She came to me and asked if I could join. Her children were coming. We said yes. We started. She was very ambitious. And very determined. She comes with love. She doesn’t interfere with any training. “I hope she gets a black belt in 1.5 years. We are going successfully for now. I want all women to play defense, regardless of age. We welcome all of our women and children. I hope there will be two types of competitions in Taekwondo next time. One of them is fighting which we call competition. “” They can compete with adults. Have an experienced team. If he wants, we can get him there. I try to prepare him as much as possible. I teach. I wish him success as long as this ambition continues. I have been doing this for years. We always had. Family party. But here too. I look forward to success. ” I am very happy to be working with Melek. ”

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