Survival must be your endeavor

The bitter-looking pictures of war that we see every day remind us of war movies, a genre of cinema.

You get caught on TV, even if you avoid watching it. “Pictures of Cinema History” In my book, I have included some anti-war films in a separate section, in addition to highlighting the critique and history of some war-related films. Just a few names are enough: There’s nothing new on the Western Front, The Great Delusion, The Road to Victory, Soldier’s Song, Come and G.HeAnd, San Lorenzo Knight, Amen and Of course this is about the reality of Vietnam Homecoming, birthUm, yesFame dHert July, full metal jacket E.g.

Not Saigon, Kubrick shooting for ‘Full Metal Jacket’ near London

Making a war movie

Full metal jacket Kubrick is the director of the movie “The Vietnam War has hit us again today.HeHe wanted no country to enter another country’s territory.Soon he If the country does not want ” He said. What does ugly politics mean? Since Kubrick’s filming in 1987, many countries have been invaded, from Bosnia, Palestine, Iraq and Syria to Ukraine … and of course, films have been made.

But for some reason the word ‘war movie’ came out as soon as it stopped for me. My daughter and I. Cinema Hall: Name in reality La Ciociara/SocialI [Kadın]. In English postersTwo women. ‘

In February 1962, Sophia Loren was nominated for an Oscar for her role in the film Mother, but she is determined to stay in Rome on the night of the awards ceremony, not in Los Angeles. In his book (Sophia Loren, Yesterday Today Today Tomorrow) On the night of the Oscars, before a phone call he thinks might ring, he throws himself into his home kitchen, the only place where he can cope with his stress and feel safe. Will be spaghetti with tomato sauce. When he was peeling the garlic, his thoughts went to his mother, who had lost his mind a few years ago and who had probably dreamed of a completely different life for him, in their kitchen, which was quite poor and had nothing then. .

Poor day Italian cuisine

He was six at the start of World War II and eleven at the end. She says that the main ingredient in her mother’s kitchen is more imagination than bread or even love. However, some foods that still stick to his nose: Kidney Bean Noodles, Pumpkin Pasta, Farinella, Panzanella, Rage3 Likes

To clarify, with the exception of Cornmill Mash / Farinella, the name ‘Panzanella’ is Boccaccio’s most famous work. decameronIt is referred to as pan lavato (bread soaked without salt, or rather, bread soup made with cabbage), hence the basis of ‘panjanella’. Bread salad Can be said. After all, the main ingredients are bread (which can be cut and fried), tomato, cucumber, onion, basil, garlic, extra virgin olive oil. For ragu, spaghetti, etc. A sauce made from meat-based (minced meat, etc.), made from onions, celery stalks, carrots, tomatoes and seasonal vegetables that can be used in food.

Pictures of the bombing, which Sophia never dreamed of, the sound of sirens announcing the airstrikes, as well as the moments of hunger biting her stomach, are still in her memory. The days when they couldn’t eat a piece, the days when Nanny Loy saw herself when she was so famous. Four days in Naples (1962) in a scene reminiscent of a child attacking bread with desperate hunger. Fortunately, the war ended, and the Germans suddenly became occupiers, besieging the town of Pozuli, near Naples, where the Sophias lived, with iron fists. It did not take long for the circle of violence and death to break with their defeat, and on October 1, 1943, Allied troops entered Pozuli. She saw the first soldier wearing a skirt. He doesn’t have the guts to taste the chocolate that one of the American soldiers threw at him because he doesn’t know what it is. He ran into the American movie that called him, and he would see Bloody Square many times for Tyrone Power, in whose love he was mad.

Sophia Loren dreamed of becoming an actress

The journey of the story of your life

And then he set foot in Rome to be an additional part of a historical production of MGM set in ancient Rome … Fortunately,

He arrived at the dawn of the era of neuralism, which he said would “change the history of film forever.” Rosellini, de Sica, Visconti took to the streets with their cameras to document the daily lives of desperate working-unemployed people, as American troops spread American film across Italy. ‘Dreams of freedom and victory swell’ Offer.

One of the first stops in reaching the story of Sophia’s life with her eyes closed is photo-novel acting. Even then his mother tried to stop him Naples Adventures In the movie, she is seen in the role of a Neapolitan Pizza Girl. My daughter and I. Vittorio de Cica, who will direct the movie, is its first director. Night watchmen, lawyers, coaches, priests, government employees, and young people who come to this place with her husband, Sophia, who owns a pizza shop, are actually more concerned with the beauty of the pizza than with its beauty.

And of course there is only one name for pizza in the movie, there is no mention of the Neapolitan pizza known as ‘Naples style pizza’ when the movie was shot in 1954. As is known today Neapolitan pizzaA Traditional Specialization Guaranteed (TSG) product and The art of Neapolitan pizza makers It is included in UNESCO’s (2017) list of obscure cultural heritage. The two most well-known varieties are Pizza Margarita and Pizza Marinara.

Vittorio de Sika at the shooting of the famous neuralistic movie Bicycle Thieves (1948)
My daughter and I. Ships in the movie

I keep saying but, Naples Adventures The movie adventure that will start after the movie, I thought the name of the movie directed by Italian director Federico Fellini was very suitable for his journey: And the ship goes.

Sofia will win the Oscar for Best Actress My daughter and I. On the pages of Alberto Moravia’s novel, which she read before her role in the movie, she finds courage, hunger, the blind stupidity of the ignorant, and the instinct of motherhood in all the women of the world, including her own interpretation.

In fact Alberto Moravia La Ciociara He describes himself and his wife, Elsa, in his book. He also lived in hunger, cold, suffering, fear of injury and death, and could eat carob bread, if he could find a piece of cheese. “And ten years later his memory overwhelmed him, the story of Cesira and her daughter Rosetta, who were lost far away from their home.”

In the book, Cesira is thirty-five, Rosetta is eighteen, and Sophia Loren, who is considered Rosetta, is twenty-six. Her first film, intended to portray Cesira, was a 1944 story of resistance in Nazi-occupied Rome. Rome, a.Get out of townShe will play the role of Pina Anna Magnani She’s a great character but I can’t be Sophia’s mother, my daughter wouldn’t fit into this character Have to say. Under pressure Why don’t you play the role of mother for Sophia? Makes questions.

The war he buried inside has now given life to this wounded woman, but it was the hardest part of her life. Cesira (Sophia Loren), a widow who runs a shop, fled Rome with her daughter in fear of her life in an Allied airstrike. The mother and daughter fell in love with the anti-fascist Michelle (Jean-Paul Belmondo), who studied literature at the university in the small village where they took refuge. One of the most significant scenes in the movie is Michelle’s fearless fight with a Nazi officer:

Officer: We Germans are committed to the truth!

Michelle: -Do you think it’s just yourself, it’s not like that at all. You Germans will be shocked when you realize that truth is not your property. You Germans fought in their blood …

Officer: – To fight? War, my dear friend, an experience where a man can say I am a man …

Michelle: –If that’s true, I’d rather be castrated.

OFFICER: You Italians think so, and we are forced to destroy our most valuable men here.

Michelle: –This is not true, you have been defeated from the beginning.

Officer: Well, put it in your head without imagining it. You and the rest of the Italians will pay for your mistake … get it … pay it! .. Understand? Your children will have to pay the price with bitter tears.

Cesira gets angry and shouts at the officer: – Tell me what happened to the children …

Sophia Loren (Cesira) and Jean-Paul Belmando (Michelle)
Like the story, the pain should be shared

“You can do a lot, but not without love,” Cesira told Michelle. However, when Michelle is killed by Nazi soldiers and this love triangle breaks unexpectedly, a mother-daughter who comes out with grief feels the most shameful and painful event for humanity and is raped by Moroccan allies. For this reason, Sophia, as stated in her book, threw stones at Allied officers’ jeeps after the attack, andLook what you did to us, you stinking bastard! “ Its cry is an abominable rebellion against the fear that has held the world hostage for years.

“The flames of that rebellion should have always been burning, even in times of peace, to keep us awake and alive.”

My daughter and I. The film is like a brochure ‘Analysis of Fascism’, summarizing the war on the one hand and the class base of fascism on the other, the role of the ‘petty bourgeoisie’ in coming to power and seeking support for the fascist movement. When he came to power in the social sphere.

Following the Allied invasion of Sicily in July 1943, Mussolini was dismissed and arrested. Later, German special forces freed him from prison and brought him to the leadership of the Italian Social Republic, a German puppet state in the town of Salo, but in the end he was caught trying to escape to Switzerland and was sentenced to death. Despite this reality, what did the villagers around Cesira say in the movie?

“-They captured Mussolini … the island that founded the empireMr. J.They acted like thieves … What will happen to Italy now? The glory of twenty years was destroyed in one hour in one day … “

Spaghetti sauce and pizza are both bitter.

Mother Sophia Loren and daughter Rosetta (Eleonora Brown)

My daughter and I. After the movie, you think: “… my gHeMy explanation is here / all state mud / me3This dirty world feeds both humans and animals. ” You (Shakespeare) can’t say and let go of your anger, what’s your duty in a world where you know everything is political? Asking questions about the reality of war, finding answers …

I was surprised when I found out My daughter and I. The movie won 20 more awards besides the Sophia Loren Oscar.

Whatever My daughter and I. One of the things I found in the silence of my war room and pulled it out was the following news I received:

Most of the mothers trapped in the two fires of the war in the city are trying to find a way to save their children. ”

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