The deputy commissioner arrested in the case of unnatural death will be tried at the police station

The situation in the Bakarki 13th Criminal Court began with the audio and video information system (SEGBS) of Assistant Commissioner Smile AS, who was detained in pre-trial. Nine accused in the case and lawyers of the parties were present.

112 Emergency Assistance Technician Attila Vulcan, who was heard as the tank in this situation, said they arrived at the scene 5 minutes after receiving the notice and said the floors were wet while she was lying down.

Vulcan said the man’s chest was also wet and he thought he needed to be enlightened to become unconscious. I saw something like blood stains there. I couldn’t see anything else in his body. The doctor said, ‘What are you? Do CPR (revival)? ‘ He asked, but we did not perform the resurrection process because death started within half an hour and the dead person also started with multiple floors. ”

Tank Ali Ekrem Errol said he went on strike in pain at 112 and said he did not see any wounds on his face and body, only a slight redness in his ears.

– Diagnosis of tan

Alihan Wisal, who took it to the floor after hearing it as a police officer in a tank-like situation, said, “I saw this guy when my dad died. We couldn’t identify this guy in Gertepe. He is one of the people. ” Says

Tank BEY stated that he had just begun duty at the police station, and that the dead rare Yildirim, Alihan and Bar Wisal were handcuffed as they faced the wall, and that Yildirim was reported to have died while he was there. Radio room.

– “They were trying to calm the victim.”

On the day of the incident, another tank police officer, VB, was walking into the cafeteria when he said that Biral Yildirim was obsessed and said, “When I looked out the door, they were trying to calm Biral Yildirim. I could only hear the words ‘less than enough, enough enough’.” “Because it’s the central police station, the arrows go in and the blood flows. The dispenser was leaking, as far as I could see there were no signs of beatings. “

Meliha Yildirim, the mother of the alleged perpetrator, also said: “My son was kicked in the face. I am suing the man. I want my son’s belongings.” Says

Public prosecutors have demanded the release of jailed Sanak Smile AS and redressal of the grievances.

– “I don’t cough”

Arguing that the drowned Smile AS was forced to kill someone who died of natural causes, he said, “I was imprisoned for 7.5 months. The elements of torture are clear in the law. I also had a heart attack with the violence. “Who will be held accountable if I pass? We are being judged by cruelty. This is a person we have not shaken or touched, may God have mercy on him. I certainly did not call the family terrorists. I don’t believe in torture at all. “

The court board has decided to continue the detention of Sank Smile ASK.

– From Dynam

The complaint, prepared by B প্রধানyükkmece’s chief public prosecutor, alleges that the snk smail AS Esenyurt police department’s patrol team chief’s assistant commissioner and other defendants served as police officers.

According to the indictment, employees of the Esenyurt Police Department patrol team headquarters, about the incident of mutual intentional injury between shopkeepers and security guards at a site, were brought to the site security chief bar and Alihan. Uysal, Esenyurt Police Headquarters, Site Special Security Manager, Birol Yldrm. It is recorded that he came to the police station to inquire about her condition.

According to the indictment, Biral Elderm, who was determined to be drunk at the time of the incident, was asked to be sent from the police station with the intervention of Smile AS. He says what he says.

In the indictment, which states that Yildirim, who was asked to be taken to the police station for judicial action, resisted, people in the kitchen, bar and Alihan Wisal said that police officers beat Birol Yildirim even though their faces were turned towards the wall. I have heart disease, I have heart disease. ” It is learned that even though they said so, they continued to be beaten, they were beaten by the same policemen, they soaked in water and that smile provoked the AS police.

In the indictment, it was stated that the defendants were so defective that they knew that according to the claims of others and the tank he had heart disease, which would have led to Yildirim’s death, and there was a causal injunction. Between the actions of the accused and the consequences of his death.

In the chargesheet, Deputy Commissioner Smile AS and other accused Muhammad K, Smile G, Muhammad, Mustafa, Erdogan K. And Bilal was charged with 2 years 8 months to 9 years, passenger bar and Alihan for “intentional negligence”. Each of them has been sentenced to one to three years in prison for their actions against Wisal.

Five other sanctuaries have been demanded to be punished for “intentionally abusing the authority of a government official”.

The 3rd Criminal Court in the first instance, considering that the defendants’ actions may constitute “torture” and “trial for the consequences” and should discuss and determine whether the defendants did so intentionally or with intent to injure, in the face of this evidence. , It sends the file to the criminal court with the decision of absence in duty. InstagramClick to follow

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