Yildız Tilbe has filed a criminal complaint after being ‘beaten to death by a dog’

Yদিldজz Tilbe, who commented on the stray dog ​​’you must die’, filed a criminal complaint alleging that lynching had reached the level of ‘harassment’ against him.

The artists did not remain silent when the dogs roaming the streets were in grave danger.

Yildız Tilbe, who reacted to the deaths of many children in dog attacks, announced his thoughts on his social media account.

Tilbe faced a massive scuffle on social media after making a statement that ‘poisonous meat should be given, should be collected’ about aggressive dogs.

“Harassment and lynching size”

Tilbe, the target of an animal-loving group, has been commented on after he tweeted about stray dogs. “The amount of harassment and lynching” Filed a criminal complaint.

Yildız Tilbe has filed a criminal complaint following a video of a dog being beaten to death.

Attacks on children

Tilbe came to Chaglayan’s courthouse with his lawyer, Handan Bakbak. Tilbe, in a statement to reporters, recalled that he had posted something on social media after seeing children being attacked by stray dogs.

“Let the kids play in the park, let the adults travel in comfort”

About stray dogs, “People die, animals die, you die.” Explaining, he said that Tilbe said that after this sharing, he came to a lot of attention, “Then let them sleep. But let the children roam the streets in comfort. Let the old men go to the mosque in peace in the morning. Yes, let them go. “ Says

Yildız Tilbe has filed a criminal complaint after dog # 2 lynching

“I’m not an enemy of any animal.”

Reminding that among the stray dogs that help the visually impaired or the elderly, Tile wanted these dogs to be useful to humans, “We all agree with that, but I say again that if dogs are torn apart, they must be killed. Because they are barbaric. So I think children are a priority in human life. I am not an enemy of animals, they have declared me an enemy of animals.” He said.

Yildız Tilbe has filed a criminal complaint after beating dog # 3

“Why did I eat so much Defending Human?”

Of a journalist, “What was your experience after you tweeted?” Tilbe said he had been insulted. “Neither my mother, nor my father, nor my body, nor my personality, nor my art, they left anything. So I was very strong. I was actually going to pass this event, but why should I be so insulted? Because I Save the people? Don’t let the children, the elderly, the dogs tear them apart. Says

Yildız Tilbe has filed a criminal complaint after beating dog # 4

“I decided to seek my legal rights.”

For him “Join” She said she cried for a few days because she was told she didn’t deserve it. They Tilbe says:

“Ultimately, I have decided to seek my rights legally. Because these people are trying to question me until I have the intelligence to say, ‘Let the wild animals be eradicated.’ They are lawyers, too. It’s a shame. The child, your aunt, your mother, your relatives can be torn apart. That should not be the case. As conscientious people living in this country, we should work together to find a solution. It should be done and everyone should. Be comfortable. I don’t like dogs. The man has snakes in his house, should I like snakes? “I have 4 cats, one of them gave birth to 5 kittens yesterday. So everyone’s love for animals is different, but humans should come first. If there are people, there is everything, if there are no people, there is nothing. And we must protect our children, the elderly, our women, our farmers. Why should we protect ourselves? Grandparents who go to the mosque with dogs? “Tear it off, isn’t that a sin?”

Yildız Tilbe has filed a criminal complaint after beating dog # 5

“She is suffering from severe trauma. This is a social lynch.”

They Tilb’s lawyer, Handan Bakbak, said his client had suffered serious injuries.

Bakbak said Tilb’s response was based on a desire to protect children. “But it has become almost an element of profit by people who have strayed from their purpose and have different goals. They The lady has 4 cats in the house. She is ashamed to say. There is an animal in need of help that he has operated on many times. He is an artist known for our humanity. This process is extremely unfair. I want to emphasize that everyone should come to their senses. It’s a social lynching aimed at depriving people of the freedom to act. ” Says

They Tilbe and the lawyer then went to the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office and filed their criminal complaint.

Yildız Tilbe has filed a criminal complaint after beating dog # 6

“What is man scratching?”

Singer They March 12 Social networking site Tilbe shared on Twitter, “Give poisonous meat to the dogs attacking the people in this area, they will all die, what’s the point of tearing people apart?” This post has generated response from various quarters.

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