Marve said ‘no to war’ 19 years ago … today I’m sorry for the kids too.

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During the Second Gulf War, NK, a classroom teacher at Tiger Boreki Primary School in Ankara, covered “War and Peace” in her class. Merve Hoşafcı, a 9-year-old man who was fascinated by pictures of the war on television, hung “No to War” on the board in the corridor of his school. The article is supported by Marve’s teacher. However, the school principal first downloaded the texts and then told the teacher to start the investigation, “Do not put such words in the minds of the children, it is propaganda.” At the end of the investigation, teacher NK was sent to another school. Hürriyet’s headline, “School Mixed Up No War,” was dated March 28, 2003, and the school experienced high blood pressure. Marve was the most affected by this tension. Marve is now 28 years old. Marve, who graduated from the graphic design department at Bodrum’s Faculty of Fine Arts and worked as a freelance designer, told Hurriet what he felt 19 years later:

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I think of the kids

“I was nine years old. I clearly remember the sadness and frustration I felt. I never thought about why the war started, who did what to whom. In such cases, everyone is probably sorry for the children at first. As a child, I thought of children who came in contact with it without any guilt, probably putting themselves in their shoes and fearing that it might happen to other children in the world.

The message is created

I wrote the article which I thought everyone knew and accepted: ‘No war’. After I hung this article in the classroom and a few other places in the school, things went awry. When I said no to war, I unwittingly declared war on someone and found myself in the middle of a war I had to give myself. Even today it is difficult to understand. Who, how and why to write ‘No to War’ on an A4 size paper, which has all the good intentions, feelings and wishes and does not indicate any political point of view, is insulting?

The matter has been published in the media. When things start to go well. I met beautiful people who supported me and my family and put me in the place of their children and siblings. Letters, flowers, gifts began to pour into the school.

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The world is enough for all of us

Exactly 19 years later, we are witnessing a war again. When there is enough space on earth for all of us. I, 28 years old, and the young Marves of all ages that I live with, we are all disappointed. But there is a difference between us; Marve, 9, for example, was expecting. I have no hope. 19 years and nothing has changed. Paris Fashion Week on the one hand, the great tragedy on the other. The distance between the two is more than two thousand kilometers. It’s embarrassing for me to see that I didn’t cause, or even influence, but I still feel responsible. And again, I’m sorry to hear that.

If today …

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Marve added, “I’m happy with what happened because it shaped who I am, my personality and my outlook on life.” After all, I could live a more normal elementary school life where I would play games with my friends, run away from the boys and go to the girls’ bathroom. But a part of me doesn’t hesitate to say that if it happens again you will do it again.

I had no friends

The most critical and funny of all was that I was accused of propaganda for war. I have collected texts from all over the place. The investigation has begun, the investigators have arrived. The unions have intervened. Going to school turned into a mild pain, wondering what would happen today. When a lot of older people were supporting me, I had no friends. Due to the exile of our classroom teacher, I was declared an enemy by my peers. I was the victim of hatred and intimidation that I could not cope with.

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