New applications for childbirth have started in Tekirdağ, Mugla and Uşak

According to the Anadolu Agency;

TEKİRDAĞ / MUĞLA / UŞAK (AA) – Implementation of “Child Delivery and Establishment of Personal Relationship with Child” for Divorced or Divorced Families Legal Aid and Victim Services Directorate established by the Ministry of Justice at Tekirdag, Mughal and Ushak.

Act No. 7343 of the Enforcement and Bankruptcy Act and the law amending some laws, which were passed in Parliament and came into force after their publication in the Official Gazette, “introduced new regulations concerning the delivery and establishment of children. A personal relationship with the child.”

Following the enactment of the law, special delivery centers, with the assistance of the Governorship and the municipality, were established to carry out the process of fulfilling the decision or prohibition on child delivery and establishing a personal relationship with the child. Judgment.

The application has also been implemented in Tekirdağ, Mugla and Uşak.

– Tekirdag

In this context, procedures related to child delivery and establishing a personal relationship with the child will be conducted by the Department of Legal Aid and Victim Services at Tekirdag Courthouse.

Tekirdag Legal Support and Victim Services Manager Mustafa Terziolu told the Anadolu Agency (AA) that child delivery procedures will now be conducted in the presence of experts at child delivery centers designed and prepared for the benefit of children.

Terziolu said there would be no fees from citizens for the transaction and all costs would be covered by the justice ministry’s budget, adding that “the process begins with the application of one of the parents, whom we call the beneficiary. Tekirdağ Directorate of Legal Support and Victim Services.” The beneficiary will come to our department, we will take him to the adult waiting room. Obedient parents, who are constantly with the child, will also come with the child day and time. We are giving. Our children will also be kept in the playground waiting for the children, “he said

Noting that procedures are not enforced by experts, but through contact with children and parties, Terziolu said, “When families come here, our experts will meet with them. Our experts will inform parents about the process and children. Necessary information. Upon receipt, the child will be handed over to the right owner to reduce the level of anxiety. These procedures are completely “free”. We have physically created three different zones within our body. Departments, such as adult waiting areas, children’s playgrounds and waiting areas, and baby pick-ups. These are designed to reduce anxiety based entirely on the interests of children and adults. “

– Mughal

Procedures relating to the delivery of a child and the establishment of a personal relationship with the child in Mughal will be conducted by the Department of Legal Aid and Victim Services at the center established at the Mughal Provincial Department of Family and Social Services.

Mughla’s chief public prosecutor, Mehmet Nadir Yagsi, who investigated the center, reminded reporters that Mughla was one of 11 cities selected as pilot provinces.

Noting that the center is currently open covering Menteşe and Ula districts, Yağcı said, “When the marriage ends, one of the spouses is given custody. The other wife has to comply with the court’s plan to visit the child. And our Victim Services Directorate. We’re working on a new system that will adapt to the interests of the child without any problems, with our friends who have been trained in our department. Good luck to all of us, “she said.

Yagsi said the centers would start providing services to other districts of Mughal in the near future.

– Butler

Usha has also begun to establish a personal relationship with the child in child delivery centers set up by the Ministry of Justice, the Department of Legal Aid and Victim Services, to implement the delivery of children in custody.

For a new study that seeks to end childbirth through application, which has been practiced for 90 years and sparked controversy from time to time, a site was created at the Atatুrk Cultural Center in Usak, one of the 11 pilot provinces.

The center has opened a waiting room, meeting room and a game room for the children to relax.

In a statement issued by the Usak Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office on the matter, it was stated that the procedures still operated by the executive directorate will be conducted at the delivery site designed for the convenience of children with expert and guidance teachers. .

The statement emphasized that the new application, with the aim of not causing minor trauma to the child during and after the divorce process, “further states that the above procedures are performed on the basis of consent. Considering the best interests of the child with a child-centered approach and Communication with parties and children by our experts in appropriate delivery locations designed with a centralized approach. First, communication with children and parties will be established. Children’s expectations, their education and training life will be taken into consideration. Advice will be given on how to behave. ” It was said

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