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Great danger in the dust of the desert!

Dickle University, Faculty of Medicine, Professor of Chest Diseases. Dr. Abdurrahman Senegit said it was recognized that 50 percent of all sandstorms in the world occur in the Sahara Desert alone, others in the Central Asian region and spread around the world.

Senegit said the particles carried by the storm caused environmental and health problems, “especially during this period, especially in patients with asthma and bronchitis. These particles entering the nose and mouth can get into the lungs and cause severe shortness of breath and shortness of breath.” You should not go out if you have bronchitis, lung or allergic diseases, ”he said.

Senegit said the windows and doors of the house need to be kept closed, especially during the day when this weather phenomenon is felt, and it is advisable to use a mask when going out.

Şenyiğit explained that the onset of shortness of breath when going out was an indication of an asthma or bronchitis attack, and said, “In this case, a doctor must be consulted. We must be careful during dust storms. If you have heartburn, you need to consult a doctor, ”he said.

“It can be both a cause and a trigger for some diseases.”

Mardin Artculo University Faculty of Health Sciences Lecturers Association. Dr. Vasfiye Bayram Değer says that desert dust negatively affects the health of humans as well as animals and plants.

“High dust in the air can cause respiratory illness, in particular,” said Deger, referring to those with serious health problems. According to a US study, 60,000 deaths a year are caused by transportation. Desert dust. Due to transportation, 1000 drownings were reported at Yarmouk Hospital in 2005. It causes respiratory diseases and increases mortality. It can be both a cause and a trigger of some diseases. It is a trigger and a cause of asthma. “Smaller than 10 microns which is harmful to health,” he said. Less than 2.5 microns can reach the farthest corners of the lungs and cause respiratory problems. “

Accounting for lead in bones and tissues causes brain damage

Describing the environment in which desert dust emits significant amounts of lead, Degar said, “Human health endangered lead particles are absorbed into the atmosphere and travel a great distance with the air circulation of desert dust. “Even small amounts of lead can cause great harm to the fetus and those who are not yet immune,” he said.

Dagger stressed that dust transport is also harmful to healthy people, adding that it can also cause skin and hair problems in these people.

The standard states that citizens should pay attention and should not go out during such events, adding, “In particular, risk groups should not be in the open. Doors and windows should also be tightly closed to prevent particles from entering.” Noting that there have been various studies on dust transport since 1960, Degar said, “Scientific research on this subject needs to be expanded and continued. The famous medical scholar Ibn Sina said,” If there were no dust, there would be no reason. Human life would be 1000 years. No. ‘ I would like to remind you of his commitment. In this sense, it is really important to raise awareness among the people about the effects on health. In this way, the negative effects can be reduced. ” Used expressions.

Advice to use a mask with high protection

Chest specialist at Sarnak State Hospital. Mahmoud Ulgar says that dust clouds pose a risk to children, the elderly and the chronically ill. ” Can cause severe allergic reactions, especially for asthma patients, and can cause serious consequences. Death of chronic patients. Especially patients with asthma and COPD. Serious attacks can happen to people. During this process, taking a bath when coming home from outside is a protective measure. “

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