It’s my life upside down again!

Hello Mrs. Yesim,

I met my girlfriend on social media in the 3rd year of university, she is a teacher of religious culture. She was a little older than me. Throughout our relationship, we were constantly arguing, breaking up, and reconciling. One day he took me to the apartment. We were together in the apartment, but he cheated on me, he started saying that we did not disappear, we did not go. I also believed. I thought about complaining but I liked him, it was the first time I felt so good for someone. Our dating period lasted a maximum of one month, he always wanted to have sex with me. We broke up because he didn’t want to be mine. We just said it’s over, then he’s coming out again. I always said yes to all his words because I was afraid of losing him. Thus two years passed. I was about to graduate from school, I hope he says let’s get married, but he never introduced me to his family, nor do I know anyone from his close circle. But I knew that when we were dating, his family was always pressuring him to marry and he was trying to find a girl. One day while they were sitting together, they saw a girl. She told me I would marry her, not you. He said that so many times that I thought I had deleted him that day, and we broke up. We haven’t talked for about six months and whenever we break up and make up I text her. 6 months later, I texted again and we re-created, but she still hasn’t introduced me to her family. I was hired after our break up. I am currently a government employee at an organization and in the province where it is located. When he heard that I was an officer, he texted again, but this time it changed. There was another one in my life. We came to the wedding stage with the man I took in my life because he told me he would marry me last. The families have met. Her family, she was so good that there was nothing wrong with her. He saw no one but me. When his family came, my father did not agree. Of course, however, he texted me again and said, “I want to be boyfriend and marry you again, break up with him.” My dad didn’t approve or I was in my head, I didn’t say I left the person I wanted to marry, but I started to really like the person I was marrying. This is the first time anyone cares about my opinion because it makes me feel valued, I was getting the attention I didn’t get in my family, but my ex came and ruined everything again. It turned my life upside down again. We were dating again for a while with my ex and we decided to try again, but he asked me for money. He had debts everywhere and started living in my house. He didn’t bring anything home, but he was always fighting with his family, yelling at me. The former non-drinker started drinking. We had a quarrel because I didn’t want to be with her, and this time she broke up with me again. Just because I don’t want to be sexually together. Now we are in the same city, but I am drowning in its existence. Everything is coming like me. I don’t realize we’re sexually together. I have a job, I have everything, I’m fine with my family, but I don’t feel at peace. She came back recently, this time she slapped me because I made her angry. But I still have a weakness for him and he knows and uses it. She says I have someone else in my life and shows me pictures of her with him. It looks like you want to hit me on purpose. I don’t know what else to do. I want to take someone into my life, I want to get married, but I was with her, I can’t marry or talk to anyone because my virginity is gone. He even told me to sew hymen. This is what bothered me the most, but I don’t know why. I hate him but I still can’t help thinking that if it came to me I would accept it. I do not know what to do in this situation. Finally, I would like to add that two people are paying attention to me at the moment. They mean they want to marry me, but I can’t accept anyone, I can’t feel anything inside. I can’t feel love or hate over time.

Hello my dear readers, today I want to start my article so that one can love himself first. You must first love yourself so that you can feel your worth. She should love herself so that when she encounters behavior she can withdraw what she does not deserve, so that she can say that I am not worthy of this behavior. Those who do not love themselves and are ignorant of their value do not find their match. Yes, my beautiful daughter, unfortunately, you didn’t even love yourself, you didn’t feel sorry for yourself. Hand in hand, and if the hand in hand is found on social media, will it be a pity for you? It doesn’t hurt, of course. You have met a young man in this age who is weak in morals and character, and some people in that mentality consider their experience as a gain. You are self-centered; When you are in a self-centered relationship with someone you call your lover, you can say that you love because of this feeling. Who can love when you can’t realize yourself … These experiences make the words love and affection easy and ugly. You may say that I used it myself. It is not love that is alive because there is nothing beautiful in it. There is no mutual value, no happiness. He continued to deceive you, but you still did not give up hope. Do you have any idea what is happening in your life? Have you ever read a novel? Have you ever watched a TV series or seen the news? Or if you share this experience with a friend, if you have a smart friend you can trust, they can warn you. It will at least create question marks in your mind, you have to think. Are you alone How do you attribute these experiences to yourself? Why are you enslaving this guy who insults you in every word he says, treats you like a normal girl and constantly pressures you for sex? What’s so significant about a goat’s head that you can’t even begin to imagine him? You reward someone who always lowers you. Of course, a person can make mistakes, but he should also know how to let go of his mistakes. What kind of future did you expect from such a low, disrespectful union? The explanation must be that you are a simple young woman. Open your eyes, honey. Honest-minded people like you do not have the right to a happy life in this life; You’re just used to it, you’re abandoned, so what are you going to do? If a person has a career with his education and develops himself personally, he will be successful both in his business life and in his personal life. Education alone is not enough for anyone; It requires reading, learning, gaining confidence and opening eyes.

What a wonderful job you have, you are a government employee. It is always the ideal profession for a woman. You are having a good time with your family. Well, you never said why, what is this ugly man doing in my beautiful life? The presence of this person in your life should be completely eliminated, not partially, by talking to your family or contacting the police if necessary, without allowing him to immerse you in your inner and outer world as soon as possible. Why are you always crooked, honey? As soon as a person completes himself he becomes erect, his fears disappear and he gains confidence. If you could just stand up straight and see yourself, you wouldn’t bend. I am sure you will never see the character of the one you love and never let him come into your life again. Even the solution he gives you about your life is annoying. You’re still worried about whether or not to let this person go. If you don’t get rid of this guy, you are more likely to get hurt than he did to you, my dear. He is using you both sexually and financially. That’s not enough, he shoots. Have you ever dreamed of such a life for yourself? Is it because of this mentality that the women who were killed and tortured have not lost their lives or their faces? You are making up your mind right now. You need to end this ugly relationship immediately. While your family is happy and proud that my daughter has become a government employee, it would be heartbreaking if they knew what you did. Isn’t that sad for you and your family? For two people who are interested in you, you say they mean marriage. Don’t believe anyone’s implications. Events are not just words, but words become reality if they are complemented by actions. Don’t trust anyone you hear. They deserve your attention and love. Don’t tell anyone how you feel about yourself. When you are sure of the man in front of you, you say, when he is sure. They try to use it. Don’t worry, I won’t love anyone else, love is not yours, you are in trouble. You will both love and be loved, you will be a precious woman. Don’t give up hope for the future.

My beautiful daughter, I suggest you seek the help of a psychologist to bring you together. If you have a friend who sets an example with a decent life around you, try spending more time with him. When you see the grapes, the grapes turn black. You will find that as long as you save yourself, there will be no trace of your old self. Sometimes a man has to save himself from himself, not from anyone else. It’s about improving your mind and yourself. I hope you listen to me, honey.

Love my dear readers …

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