National Education Minister Ozar evaluated the agenda in a live broadcast:

ISTANBUL (AA) – National Education Minister Mahmoud Ozar on the duration of a teachers’ seminar in April said, “We are removing the obligation for our teachers and school administrators to go to school between April 11-15.” Says

Minister Ozar evaluated the agenda and answered questions on a live program on TV 100.

Ozer said it was a great achievement to be able to continue face-to-face education at all grade levels in the country after a break of 1.5 years.

Thanking the teachers for showing great sacrifice in the process, Ozar noted that teachers teach after the mask every day, and considering the number of 1.2 million teachers, it is a great achievement.

Özer explained that while they have provided extremely serious support for learning disabilities, the Ministry of National Education has for the first time conducted an acquisition assessment test to compensate for these and it continues to support and support students in training courses.

Noting that they initially teach Turkish, math and science to about 4.5 million students in middle school and high school, Ozar said student reflections such as shyness, not going to school and creating problems every day have evolved over time and reached much higher. More good points.

– “School rate approaches OECD average for first time in 20 years”

Noting that pre-school education is one of the most important education, Ozer said, “Our greatest achievement in the last 19-20 years has been that we have brought the school dropout rate to a very good level in other education levels. Look, the school dropout rate in secondary education was 44 percent. “At the moment, it’s 90 percent. This is amazing. Enrollment rates at all levels of education have reached the OECD average for the first time. In the last 20 years, “he said.

Emphasizing that they have not made significant progress in pre-school education, Ozar said, “As of August 6, 2021, the 3-year school enrollment rate is 14 percent. The 4-year school enrollment rate is 35.5 percent. I was far below the OECD average. ” Says

By emphasizing that they want to strengthen equality of opportunity in education, Ozar says:

“Turkey has solved the problem of access to education, but there are areas where we need to improve on equal access to education, that is, the starting point for equal access to quality education for all, regardless of their socio-economic background. This is pre-school education. If we have access to education. If we can enable, then we will bridge the gap between success in schools in the long run. Women’s employment will increase. With the rise in crime, the rate of deviation decreases unless one is a healthy, responsible citizen. This is an important issue … “

– “We aim to build 3,000 new kindergartens”

Through this they will ensure that there are many more deserving generations in the future, Özer said, “so we keep it in our focus and set a goal of creating 3,000 new kindergartens and 40,000 new kindergarten classes.” Says

Explaining that the Ministry of National Education organizes an average of 50-70 kindergartens every year, Ozar said, “The number of private independent kindergartens affiliated with the Ministry of National Education is 2,782. We have set a target of building 3,000 more kindergartens. So far 102 kindergartens have been opened. We have kept it in service. We have tendered for 264 kindergartens. We have included 2,500 kindergartens in the investment program. We are currently building kindergartens where there is land. ” Gave information.

Minister Ozar said they have set up 7,800 services out of 40,000 kindergarten classes and enrollment rates for 5-year-olds have risen from 78 per cent to 90 per cent in five months.

“When Turkey solves the problem of access to pre-school education, it will see that most of the problems that are being talked about today have been solved. Over time, because it knows,” Ozar said. Not that it originated from there. ” He said.

Ozar says that when these goals are achieved by 2022, the school enrollment rate for 3-5 year olds in Turkey will reach 45%, 76-80% and thus, above the OECD average. For the first time.

– “Women go to school higher than men”

Regarding vocational education, Ozar said that their goal by 2022 is to integrate 1 million citizens with vocational education.

Noting that girls and women have benefited the most from the last 19 years of improvement, Minister Ozar said, “Our girls’ school enrollment in secondary education was 39 per cent in 2002. At present, it is 88 per cent. The school enrollment rate in higher education is much more dramatic. The school enrollment rate is 11 percent. At present, the school enrollment rate for women is 48.5. The enrollment rate for women is higher than that for men. Evaluated her.

Noting that 40 percent of the 500,000 teachers in the education system in the 2000s were women, Ozar emphasized that 59 percent of the current 1.2 million teachers are women, and that as a ministry they make special efforts to increase women’s representation at all levels. .

– “A lot of our teachers are involved”

Asked when the 2022 KPSS appointment would take place, Ozar announced that teachers would be recruited this year.

Noting that there is talk of raising funds from parents for the needs of schools, Ozar said that as a ministry, there is no problem in meeting the needs of schools, they attach great importance to this and that one of their 2022 goals is to strengthen schools to meet their direct needs. .

Regarding the duration of the Teachers’ Seminar in April, Ozar said, “Teachers and school administrators have made many sacrifices during this time. Our teachers have been involved a lot. I need to mention this specifically. “They don’t want to go to school. There was an idea they wanted to be.” He said.

“Being able to stand up to front-end education and show this desire with our teachers, all our school administrators, all our provincial directors and district national education directors is a very important success story. We should. Don’t forget it. Therefore, Between April 11-15, we’re removing the need for our teachers and school administrators to go. ” Says

Noting that they have created a teacher information network on digital platforms for the professional development of teachers, Ozar added that there would be no problem for teachers from anywhere in Turkey to access those platforms and complete their training.

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