Palestinian children try to survive under Israeli violence and human rights abuses

Former Palestinian President Yasser Arafat in 1995 “Palestinian Children’s Day” April 5, which he declared, opened his eyes to the world on the occupied lands. Palestinian boyFor them it is not yet a day of celebration.

Violations and violence against Palestinian children living in the besieged Gaza Strip, as well as in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, which has been under Israeli occupation since 1967, have increased, according to data compiled by AA correspondents from reports from Palestinian and Israeli rights groups. Years.

One of the biggest problems facing Palestinian children is their detention in the face of Israeli practice, which has been accused of turning into a “racist” regime where the rights of blacks are being ignored.

Hundreds of Palestinian children are detained by Israeli forces each year on various charges. Following the arrests, some Palestinian children were sentenced by Israeli courts to prison terms.

Israeli forces have detained an estimated 50,000 Palestinian children under the age of 18 since 1967, according to the latest report released by the Palestinian Prisoners and Freedman Affairs Agency, an ally of the Palestinian government.

The report, which states that the number of children detained in 2021 is close to 1300, indicates that this number indicates an increase of about 140 percent over the previous year.

160 Palestinian children detained in Israeli jails

According to the report, more than 200 Palestinian children have been detained since the beginning of 2022, while 160 children are still being held in Israeli jails.

“Israel is indiscriminately targeting children from adults,” said Abdunnas Faravin, an official with the Gaza Agency.

The Independent Palestinian Prisoners Association, which deals with the case of Palestinian prisoners, also reported that Israeli forces had detained more than 9,000 children between 2015 and the end of March this year.

10 Palestinian children lost their lives in the first quarter of the year

At least 10 of the 20 or more Palestinians killed by Israeli forces since the beginning of the year are children, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Among the other Palestinians who lost their lives were 19-20 year olds.

The Israeli military has claimed that it was “trying to throw Molotov cocktails” at most Palestinian children who were shot dead by soldiers.

At least 400 of the approximately 2,100 Palestinians injured in clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinians are minors. A 15-year-old Palestinian boy has lost his hand in an explosion of explosive remnants in the Gaza Strip.

In the Damascus Gate area of ​​occupied East Jerusalem, a deaf and disabled girl was injured when Israeli police used a word bomb to disperse a crowd falling on a stone staircase. The footage of the event received a huge response.

In 2021, 78 Palestinian children died in Israeli attacks, according to figures shared by the International Child Protection Palestine. Of these, 61 are Gazans and 26 are under 8 years of age.

Israel has rejected 38 percent medical applications for children in Gazan

It is said that blocking access to medical care in Gaza, where 2 million people live close to the outside world due to the Israeli blockade, is one of the biggest threats to the lives of children here by the Israeli authorities.

Gazans must seek permission from the Israeli authorities to travel to the West Bank or Israel for treatment of life-threatening illnesses. Human rights groups have said that the blockade of medical services for patients in Gaza, Israel, has endangered the lives of many children and killed some of them.

According to the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem, in 2021, Israel either rejected 38 percent (4145 sick children) applications for the treatment of Gazan children or left them unanswered.

One of the most tragic consequences of the Israeli authorities ‘blockade of treatment, which put Gaza residents’ applications under strict conditions and slowed down the approval process, has been experienced in recent days.

Fatima al-Masri, a 19-month-old baby with a hole in her heart that Israel did not allow to leave Gaza for medical treatment for five months, has died.

Human rights groups have stated that the Israeli blockade was responsible for the death of Fatima, a child in Gaza who contracted the disease in 2021 and died on 1 April.

Children whose homes have been destroyed feel helpless

According to B’Tselem, the destruction of Palestinian homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem using various excuses and harsh conditions has left many children homeless with their families.

After Israel destroyed 12 Palestinian settlements in January 2022, 78 Palestinians became homeless, leaving 37 children.

The survey, published by Save the Children in June 2021, interviewed 217 Palestinian families whose homes were demolished by Israel, and found that four out of five children whose homes were destroyed by Israel “lost trust in the international community, authorities, and even their families.” For or against protection, helpless and against the future. ” Revealed that they felt disappointed.

The survey found that seven out of ten children were “socially isolated and lost contact with their surroundings after their homes were destroyed”, and most had symptoms such as “fear, stress, depression, anxiety.” Insecurity “.

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