Who is Kagler Octane’s ex-wife, how old is his son Arthur’s mother?

Cagalar Octen, Seda Cyan’s young girlfriend, with whom he is preparing to sit at the wedding table for the 7th time, has recently been on the agenda of the tabloid press. Kagler Octen, who is also interested in his personal life, is 35 years old. Once married, Kagler has a 7-year-old son named Arthur from Octane’s ex-wife. It was claimed that he broke up with his girlfriend Lara Shehiroglu because of Seda Cyan.


Who is Seda Cyan’s future wife, Kagler Octane and how old is she? Seda Sayan, who says she regrets her marriage and has been married 6 times, is getting married for the 7th time in May. The life of Chagler Octane, the future wife of Seda Sayan, who is 35 years old and fell in love with Octane and referred to her as my wife, was also a matter of curiosity. 35ağlar Ökten, aged 35, married once and had a son named Arthur. There is still no information about the mother of 7-year-old Arthur. However, allegations that Seda Sayan Chagler separated Octane from his girlfriend Lara Shehiroglu were discussed for several days. Cyan has denied the allegations.

Drawing attention to the songs he sang in the programs he participated in, Kagler Octane is interested in his career and biography. Chagler Octen, a graduate of the State Conservatory, also studied classical Turkish music. So, who is Kagler Octane, where does he come from, how old is he? Here is some information about that name

Kagler Octen and his son Arthur

Kagler Octane K:

Chagler Octen was born on June 21, 1987, in Tarsus, Marseille. Octen, whose father was an electrician and whose mother was a housewife, had been involved with music since childhood.

He has been involved in music since childhood, listening to and singing pop music.

The successful name, who graduated from Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory, continues his professional music life to this day. He also studied classical Turkish music.

Wives of Seda Sayan:

Seda Sayan, 58, was married six times. She was married for the first time at the age of 26 to footballer Rıdvan Kılıç. From her second marriage, Sinan Ergin, her only child, Oulkan, was born. Seda Sayan’s last wife, who married Nihat Dogan and Mahsun Karmizigul in an imam wedding, was Turkish singer Onur San, whom she married in 2010.

Seda Sayan’s first wife Rıdvan Kılıç: Seda Sayan married for the first time at the age of 26. His first wife’s name was Ridvan Kilik.

Her marriage to Rıdvan Kılıç, a former soccer player who played for some time in Galatasaray, ended in jet speed.
Seda Sayan married in May 1987 and divorced in December of the same year.

His second wife’s fame is a name: it’s not known if he’s a coincidence manager, but after Ridvan Kilic, another footballer, Seda Sayan, won his heart. The Sinan engine, who admires Seda Sayan after seeing her pictures, takes her breath away every night at Maxim Casino, sends Seda Cyan a rose and asks her for a love song.

Married to Sinan Engine: Seda Sayan, who married Sinan Engine in 1990, became pregnant for the first time since her second marriage. Seda Sayan, who gave birth to Oulkan a year later, moved to Ankara due to Sinan’s engine job and took a break from the stage. Their marriage ended in 1995.

Imam’s marriage to Mahsun Karmizigul: Seda Sayan, who has been in her job since her marriage to Sinan Engine, met Mahsun Karmizigul at a joint event in Maksim in 1995. Seda Sayan, who loves Mahsun’s hands and feet, has been married to an Imam for 3 years.

The pair, whose relationship turned tumultuous during the fall of Prestige Music, fell apart in an eventful and mediocre way.

She proposed to her motor courier in 3 minutes: this is one of the strangest weddings in Seda Sayan’s life. After making eye contact with the young man on the bike, Seda Cyan tells the courier to pull her bike to the right.

The couple, seen through the red light, got married on August 25, 1998, when Seda Sayan proposed to Sonar Yapasik in the third minute of the meeting.

The couple, who were secretly married in the village of Bayaren in Karadeniz Aregili, Damat Sonar Yapakik’s hometown, did not last long, and Seda Sayan’s marriage ended soon after.

She married the fianc to her cousin: Seda Sayan, who divorced Sonar Yapasik, and married businessman Tunke Kiratli in April 2000 in a surprise decision.

The marriage of Seda Sayan, who had previously engaged to Tuncay Kıratlı’s cousin Alp Basaron, created a great reaction. This wedding of Seda Sayan, who was sitting at the wedding table for the fourth time, also took very little time.

He married Hakan Shukur’s brother: Seda Sayan met Gokhan Sukur, thanks to the football player’s third wife, Sedat Pakar. Gokhan Sukur, who is acquainted with Sedat Pekar, often encounters them at Pekar’s invitations.

Gökhan Şükür, who is also the brother of Galatasaray footballer Hakan Şükür, played for a while at Galatasaray’s infrastructure, played at Bakırköyspor and then left football for a few teams.

Despite all the objections of his family, Gokhan Shakur secretly married Seda Sayan and was able to stay married to Sayan for 13 months. The couple married secretly and divorced again in 2005.

Imam’s marriage to Nihat Dogan: Seda Sayan’s love for Nihat Dogan, who was invited to her morning show and has been invited to her show every week since then, was interpreted as a relationship for the sake of “rating”.

Despite all these allegations, the couple, who continued their relationship and said that they really love each other, broke up before the engagement was over at the wedding table.

She leaves Nihat and marries Onur San: After Seda Sayan ends her relationship with Nihat Dogan, she signs another amazing marriage.

Seda Sayan married Turkish folk singer Onur San on February 1, 2008 at the Chiragan Palace in a wedding hosted by Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbas. Seda Sayan and Onur Sun divorced in February 2010.

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