All Deputy Ministers of the Ministry of Agriculture changed!

Decisions regarding appointments made by the Presidency (Resolutions: 2022/123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133) were published in the Official Gazette dated April 2028.

All the Deputy Ministers of Agriculture and Forests have been replaced

With the published decision; Deputy ministers for agriculture and forestry Mehmet Hadi Tunch, Akif Ozkaldi, Aye Aisin Ishikgas and Fatih Metin have been sacked.

Nihat Pakdil, Ibrahim Yumakli, Vessel Tiraki and Ibubeki’s Secret Guide were appointed as Deputy Ministers.

In the Ministry of Family and Social Services, Ridvan Duran, general manager of the Press Advertising Agency, was appointed deputy minister, and Orhan Kos, general manager of services for the disabled and the elderly, was fired.

Appointment of Rector

With other published appointment decisions;

Sanko University Rector Professor. Dr. Güner Dağlı was appointed Rector of the University of Ivansbr in Istanbul. Dr. Emre Alkin, Professor at the Rector of Tinajtep University in Izmir. Dr. Mustafa Guvenser, to the Rector of TED University, Professor. Dr. Professor Dr. Ihsan Sabunkuulu has been appointed as the Rector of Isk University. Dr. Hassan Bulent Kahraman has been appointed as the rector of Izmir Katip Chelebi University, Prof. Dr. Dr. Saffet Köse, Professor Dr. Yellow University Rector. Dr. Mehmet Bahçekapılı Jonguldak has been appointed as the Rector of Bulent Esevit University. Dr. Ismail Hakki Ozolsar was appointed.

Who is Vissel Tiriaki?

Vessel Tiraki was born in 1965 in the village of Bolu, Dortdivan District, Eucharidugar. Tyriaki, who attended elementary school here, attended secondary and high school in Bolu. He won the Faculty of Political Science at Istanbul University in 1984.

Tiriaqi, who was elected mayor of Altındağ in 2004, served three terms. He graduated in 1988 from Istanbul University, Faculty of Political Science. After obtaining a master’s degree in public administration from the same university, Tiriaqi received his doctorate from the University of Ankara, Institute of Science and Technology, Department of Real Estate Development. At the same time, he stayed in England for 6 months in 1992 to conduct local administration and professional review. Between 1998 and 1999, he completed the “Master of Public Administration” program at the Institute of Public Administration in Turkey and the Middle East. District Governorship in Agakoren, Tufanbeli, Hasankeef and Arhavi districts before taking over as mayor; He has served as deputy governor of the provinces of Artvin and Osmania. Vessel Tiriaki, who is married and has three children, has good command in English.

With the Board of Directors meeting held in September 2020, he was appointed General Manager of Hacettepe Teknokent, an affiliate of Hacettepe University. Until April 8, 2022, he was Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forests.

Who is Nihat Pakdil?

Nihat Pakdil, who graduated from Ankara University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in 1981, received his doctorate in 1995 from the Department of Artificial Insemination at the Institute of Health Sciences, University of Ankara. Pakdil, who started his career as a veterinarian in the Ankara Veterinary Affairs Department in 1981, after completing his military service, worked as a veterinarian under the Ankara Provincial Department from 1983-1987, and worked as a veterinarian in Ankara Lalhan Livestock Research. 1987-1992.

Nihat Pakdil, who was the director of Lalhan Livestock Research Institute from 1992 to 1995 and the branch manager of the Directorate General of Agricultural Research from 1995 to 1996, was the deputy director general of agricultural research from 1996-1997. Pakdil, who chaired the Research Planning and Coordination Board in 1997 and served as Deputy General Manager of Safety and Control from 1997-1999, also served as Chairman of the Research Planning and Coordination Board from 1999-2000.

Pakdil, who served as Deputy Director General of Security and Control from May 2000 to February 2003 and was appointed Director General of Security and Control in February 2003, also served as Deputy Under Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. A period


Born in Nevshehir in 1979, Oibu Gizem of Ibubeki graduated from Gazi University in 2001 with a degree in law.

He began his political career in the Ake Party Nevehi provincial organization and from 2004 to 2006 he was the provincial chairman of the youth wing and a member of the provincial administrative and executive board.

Secretgider, the founder of some associations and a freelance lawyer registered with the Nevşehir Bar Association, entered the Turkish Grand National Assembly as a deputy in the 24th term following the 2011 general election.

SecretGider, who re-entered parliament as Nevehi’s deputy in the 26th term, is married and has two children.

Who is Ibrahim Yumakli?

Born in Kastamonu, Ibrahim Yumakli Bakerki graduated from Imam Hatip High School in 1992, graduating from Uludag University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Administration.

Yumaklı, who began his career as an expert on the Marshall Boa in 1993, worked until 2011 as a manager in the financial group of the Marshall Boa, part of the Akzo Nobel Turkey and its affiliated group companies. Relocated to Al Jazeera Turkey in 2011, Yumaklı served as General Manager of Cine5 TV from 2012-2015 and as International Operations Director of Anadolu Agency from January-October 2016.

Ibrahim Umacli, who was appointed in May 2017 as the General Manager and member of the Board of Directors of GÜBRETAŞ, is married and has two children.

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