Children whose talents are discovered in the countryside increase the number of medals in kickboxing

Mehmet Siddique Keya / Aydin Arik – Kick boxing team, which includes disadvantaged students who have difficulty in school attendance and lessons, has won 20 medals in 3 years at Tape Dikal Secondary School in Bismil district of Diyarbakir.

3 years ago, Ugur Selchuk, a physical education teacher and kick boxing instructor, guided his talented students to kick boxing at Tape Dickle Secondary School in rural Malesi, Bismil district.

Her team consisted of 10 girls and boys, including students who were disadvantaged, had difficulty going to school and had difficulty with their lessons. And the Republic Cup competition in Adana within 3 years. Returns with silver and 8 bronze medals.

The team is working on the 7th International Kickboxing World Cup, which will be held in Istanbul from May 12-15.

He told the AA correspondent that after starting work at the school in 2019, they started kickboxing activities in physical education classes.

“Since our school absenteeism is so high, we thought about what we can do. Since I am a national team coach, I thought the best thing I could do was to connect the children to the school through sports. We went to the village for parents. Support. ” He said that thanks to this sport, the commitment of the children towards school has increased.

Explaining that they screen students for merit in physical education classes, and they also screen students who are considering dropping out of school, he said that by identifying meritorious students, they form a school team.

“Each of these children came from a different village.”

Noting that they have converted the school warehouse into a gym, Oner said they do some training in the gym and some in the open.

Explaining that they train regularly 6 days a week, he said:

“Each of these children came from a different village. The game Thanks to this, students’ attitudes towards school and life and their goals have changed completely. As a team, our school has become the champion of Turkey. Of course it is the success of the village school. We are proud of our children. Since 2019, these children have brought a total of 20 national medals to our school in Turkey. “

“They are trying to elevate their goals.”

Noting that at the Turkish Championships organized by the Turkish Kickboxing Federation, his athletes were selected for the national team and qualified to participate in the European and World Championships, he said that they are currently preparing for the 7th International Kickboxing World Cup, and are working to return with new medals. .

“Children’s goals are much higher. We want to fly our country’s flag in international competitions. These children all have a goal. They are trying to further their goal. It makes us proud. But most importantly, children are strongly connected to life,” she said. He said.

They worked even during the epidemic

On the other hand, school principal Serhat Yektas said that the students had reached the stage of leaving school about 3 years ago, they had talked to their families and they had persuaded themselves again to bring them to school.

Explaining that they have formed a team at the school with meritorious students, Yektas noted that these children have been playing sports for 3 years without a break even during the epidemic and have achieved a lot of success.

“We saw that gem among the kids. In addition to sports, they collected their lessons,” Yektas said. Says

His family was persuaded and he was brought to the school.

Melik Fidan, an 8th grader, said she was in the drop-out stage when she was in 5th grade, and she didn’t want her family to continue school, and she was upset about the situation.

Explaining that his teachers refer to his parents and that he has been able to continue the school, Fidan mentions that he was brought to the school through the efforts of the teachers.

Noting that he has earned various degrees at the Turkish Championships, Fidan says his biggest goal is to fly the crescent and star flags in international competitions. Fidan, “Thanks to our teacher Ugur, I became more involved with this game and my school.” Says

Eighth grade student Emin Keya (13) also said that he wants to be the national team coach in future.

Explaining that he wants to make Turkey proud in the international arena with his achievements, Kaya said, “I am working hard for this too. I hope I can represent Turkey in the best way possible.” Used phrases.

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