CHP leader Kılıçdarooglu was not admitted to the Meat and Milk Institution.

Wall – After a 48 percent increase in the price of red meat, CHP chairman Kamal Kilikdaroglu came to the meat and dairy establishment.

The security guard at the Meat and Milk Institution asked the CHP leader, “Do you have an appointment?” He asked. The CHP leader said they could not get a positive response and were not allowed to enter the building as no appointment was required.

Before the arrival of Kılıçdaroğlu, those who wanted to buy meat at ‘reasonable’ prices had lined up in front of the meat and dairy establishments since morning.

Recalling that he had not previously been admitted to the Turkish Institute of Statistics (TÜİK) and the Ministry of National Education (MEB), Kılıçdaroğlu said: , Widows and orphans. By showing lower inflation, the Turkestan paves the way for lower prices for millions of people. Later, I went to the Ministry of National Education to report injustice to the youth who had lost their rights in the oral examination. “Many young people in Turkey who have passed the KPSS exams have been dropped because they have no respect for the oral exams,” he said.

Kılıçdarooglu said that the main reason she is in front of the meat and dairy organization today is to protect the rights of children. “All mothers want their children to be well fed. Adequate nutrition is a right for children. No child should be hungry in bed. “Everyone in Turkey is fed up,” the agriculture minister said at a ceremony attended by him yesterday.

‘I’ve never seen anything like it before’

Hacer Foggo, CHP Poverty Solidarity Office Coordinator, to whom Kılıçdaroğlu promised, said: “We are no longer fighting poverty, we are fighting hunger in Turkey. Children are fighting malnutrition. One percent of girls found that 68 percent of boys suffered from anemia, according to a recent study conducted last week. “It means malnutrition and learning difficulties. Malnutrition means chronic hunger. All children struggle with it,” she told a family yesterday. He told me, “We ate French fries with the kids. We also ate evening soup from the neighbors. “People are starving. An old uncle passing by the butcher said to me,” It’s not a butcher, it’s like a jewelry store. We used to look at these prices to buy gold from jewelry stores. “Last Eid al-Adha we ate meat. We are fighting poverty and hunger. In Turkey. I have never really seen a child with a developmental disorder in the house I go to. There are many experts in the media who say, ‘We will teach you to fish.’ “But there is hunger in the numbers I have given. We are here so that no child goes to bed hungry. We are here until we find the last child,” he said.

‘We will start against the voice of the nation’

CHP leader Kamal Kilikdaroglu said, “If one thousandth of the aid given to 5 gangs is given to poor families, no child will go to bed hungry.” Kılıçdarooglu said, “The palace has 211 billion Turkish lira from the government to the farmers. 211 billion lira was extorted, allocated to 5 gangs, ”he said.

The highlights of the CHP Chairman’s remarks were as follows:

No child will go to sleep if the family shows a thousand opportunities given to a family of five: He is a respected person who shares with the people what is happening in the field of poverty. He and I know the problems he goes through when faced with the landscape of deep poverty. From here, I make a clear call to the palace. No child goes to bed hungry if he spends at least one thousandth of the opportunity and opportunity given to a group of five for a poor family in this country. The words are not mine. The words let me express the words of the head of the professional chamber of a private company in Aidin, the chairman of the Aidin chamber of butchers said 22 hours ago: ‘Breeding animals, dairy cows are being slaughtered. How far will it go if it is cut? The beef crisis will start tomorrow when the breeding of animals is over. We will not be able to drink milk and animal products, in short, even animals. ‘ The livestock sector, the burden on the back of the producer and the upper sledgehammer must now come down. The people have no power. So clear, so clear. It’s not a politician, it’s a producer. He spoke on behalf of the producers. ‘There will be no animals, no milk,’ he says.

Dairy Manufacturers World: Today the dairy farmers are devastated. When you go to the market, you buy a box of milk for 15 lira. One kg of beef costs 100 lira. Will be able to buy ground beef at what minimum wage? Which minimum wage or low income family can buy regular milk for their child?

We will start against the voice of the nation: That is why we will resume the voice of the nation after Eid-ul-Fitr, as we have done. People will come on stage and talk about their problems. I don’t know how much the palace and its officials have heard about it. I don’t know how much they will see, but I tell them clearly and unequivocally. My call is for the welfare of the people of this country. My call is that no child in this country should eat or sleep. My call is to ensure that Turkey’s political establishment is respected in the eyes of the people.

If you allocate resources to someone, the children go to bed hungry: My call is that if a child goes to bed hungry in 21st century Turkey, it will tarnish Turkey’s reputation. At the same time I protect the reputation and dignity of Turkey. The Meat and Dairy Institution must be with the farmer. It should be with the manufacturer. If you donate the resources of the meat and dairy organization to someone, if you allocate their resources to someone instead of the producer, the children go to bed hungry. For this reason, I renew my call that if you give the producer a chance at a billion-dollar, five-billion-dollar gang, no child in this country will go to bed hungry.

Why didn’t you go to the Ministry of Agriculture? The CHP leader replied, “The Meat and Milk Institution is an independent institution. At the same time, it is an organization that comes in and gives an account of all the deputies who make up the SOE Commission. So it is very important to come here for meat and milk. ”

What happened?

Kılıçdarooglu said he wanted to make an appointment with the organization, but was not answered, and announced that he would be leaving the organization at 10:00 today.

Kılıçdaroğlu, who made a statement on her social media account, used the following statements: “I wanted an appointment with the meat and dairy company to talk about protecting children’s nutritional rights. I don’t think they got permission from anywhere. No word! At 00:00 we will go to the honorable bureaucrats of our state to talk about our children’s right to food. The rest is up to them. “

The CHP leader was previously at the Ministry of National Education and the Turkish Institute of Statistics, but was not admitted. (News Center)

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