Gojde Chelen was killed by her husband in the divorce episode! Horrible story: ‘I give you 3 rights’ he said!

The funeral of 33-year-old Gojde Elaine, who was killed in Sylhet by her husband, whom she was in the process of divorcing, was taken by relatives from the Institute of Forensic Medicine. Selene’s aunt, Eve Chelen, said, “He hit her with a blow. Before that, I gave you 3 rights. She said, ‘You either throw yourself into the sea and commit suicide, or come with me or go to Yellowknife. Your mother.’ . ” He said.

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Mustafa Sellen, a resident of Sankaktepe, took his wife, who is in the process of getting divorced, to Sylhet with the car she had rented yesterday to talk. Mustafa Chelen stabbed his wife Gojde Chelen nine times on the way to Shaile Valley Beach. The body of Gözde Celen, who is said to have had two children aged 8 and 10, was taken today by his relatives from the Institute of Forensic Medicine.

The couple, who have been married for 11 years, are reportedly far apart and happily married despite opposition from their families. It is learned that the body will be buried in Yalova today. Chelen, 33, was reportedly a market manager and worked for the party’s Çekmeköy women’s wing. Mustafa Chelan’s treatment continues at Umrania State Hospital.

“We left his hospital at home, he planned and did it.”

Gözde celen’s uncle, Caner Çukurlu, said: “They were in the process of getting divorced. They live in the estate. He calls in front of the estate. He takes her to Shell from there. We went to their house. We packed her husband’s things and kicked him out of the house. “We told the security guards not to let him in. After that, she couldn’t come. Whatever the house. He had only one key. I told my nephew to let me know when he came, I told him not to open the door. We called my sisters to support her in Yalova. He planned to kill her, “she said.

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“Very contracted”

Kaner Kukurlu, 33-year-old Chelen’s uncle, was introverted and said, “My nephew was very introverted. He beat him up a lot. Kukurlu said,” We want the killing of women to end. If the execution is to be carried out, let it be over. She has two children. What will those children do now? Father in prison, mother in prison. It’s hard for them too. We will take care of it as much as possible. ”

“This Great Violence”

Sharing the details of the incident, Aunt Hawa Chelen said, “We want this murder to end. I love killing this woman. It’s not like that. It’s a big atrocity. They applied for divorce on Monday. They said let’s divorce. With an agreement.” They called me again on Tuesday, my sister didn’t want to send it. Mom said let’s talk for the last time, we have kids. “She took me to the cafe near the house. It turned out that he had sealed it. He took it with a blow, “he said.

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Aunt Chelen said, “I give you 3 rights. She said, ‘You will either throw yourself into the sea and commit suicide, or come with me or go to your mother in Yellowknife.’ He also chose the sea. He said come back. When he was leaving. “There was a wound on his lips. His top was also wet. My daughter asked why her superior got wet, she said, ‘I accidentally splashed water.’ The next day she calls again, my sister ‘I don’t want to send it, but she does it for her children,’ “he said.

“Heavy punishment”

Claiming that Mustafa Selene was waiting in front of Estate Security on Thursday morning, Hava Selene said, “They are taking the children to school together. They are going to the cafe. It is seen that there is security on Thursday morning. Because of night. My sister is calling where you see. She says, ‘I’ll get him back.’ Two hours later, the phone goes off. They can’t reach any of them. Gendarmerie calls because your daughter is in the hospital. She was stabbed in nine places. She couldn’t escape. Her bag was torn. She hit her in the car. Girl like a sapling, what can I say. I want her. Let her be punished severely. She is our relative. Let her die little by little for her own crime. ”

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“She never told anyone.”

Gözde Çelen’s cousin Cevriye celen added, “We can only say that this is the end. Gojde was very calm and withdrawn. Gojde had a closed box. He did not say anything to his mother, sister, brother or relatives. He was there. A closed box until 1 week and 10 days ago. Her husband kept hitting me, hitting me on the head. That day, he hit her on the head and called her sister. He was back in Yalova for 2-3 days. Then he started telling me. He said he was hitting me, hitting my head. He didn’t say anything, “she said.

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