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Ali Sami handed over the list of candidates for the 44-member Management, Audit, Registry and Discipline Committee to Hamamsioglu and his party, Council Chairman Aikutalp Derkan, who arrived at the club headquarters at the Yen Sports Complex Nef Stadium.

Hamamsiolou, who issued a statement to members of the press after handing over their list, insisted that an early election be held at the Yellow-Red Club. “Looking at the situation in Galatasaray, we need to work together and be more united than ever before. There will be differences of opinion. The council will show favor. Another “We are competing with our rival candidates. We are ready to work with anyone who will be supported. “ He said.

Eşref Hamamcıoğlu, in answer to the question whether the audit of the club would affect the selection within the framework of the association law, “Generally, within the framework of the law and within the constitution of Galatasar, there is no question of annulment of the election. Because of the last three general meetings, which were canceled and are subject to review. “This is an internal business. There should be no question of annulment of the election within the framework of the constitution and the law. However, if the opposite decision is made, we have no choice. Comply.” Replied.

Hamamcıoğlu, on the application of two candidates so far, “Elections with candidates are part of Galatasaray’s tradition. One candidate cannot be elected. One non-governmental organization in Galatasaray that sets an example for Turkey in democracy. As members of that organization, we always support multiple participation. This time there were two. There were five candidates. “Other presidential candidates and their friends are as valuable as my friends, the ones who want to serve Galatasaray. I hope there will be a selection process in line with our Galatasaray standards. Level. ” Used phrases.

“We have the support of a strong business world behind us”

Eşref Hamamcıoğlu says there was chaos at the club in Galatasaray and says:

“Galatasaray never hit the ground running. We, my friends and I, have all run for office, avoiding populist rhetoric. We’ve seen the disadvantages of this popular discourse together. At the moment, all Galatasar needs is logic, confidence and calm. We’re coming with it.” There is no safe deposit box, “he said. No one can deliver it. However, our financial resources and our efforts are ready. Between the Bank Association Agreement and the newly published Sports Law framework, this is not possible. Anyone can provide a safe deposit box. We all felt that this was not possible. We are working on income-generating items and financial resources. It is considered ready. We have a strong business support behind us. We will explain them when the time comes. “

Asked about his thoughts on coaching the football team, Hamamsiolu said: “I think this important general assembly, which is concerned about the future of Galatasaray, should not be reduced to the level of a football coach. We have very different priorities. We negotiate, we decide, we do. At the moment we have no preconceptions. And we have no jurisdiction. At the moment, Galatasaray has a management, a coach in charge, it has a contract. Clear. “ Evaluated her.

Board list

Osman Kocaman, Boğaç Göncü, Murat Uysal, Mehmet Emre Mısırlı, Levent Apaydın, Nizam Hışım, Cevat Genç, Utku Dönmez, Murat Karaman and Tamer Saka have been shortlisted by Eşref Hamamcıoğlu.

The reserved list of board members included Sadiq Bursin Tansel, Abdullah Metin Tutkuolu, Namik Kamal Marti, Suat Sari and Kan Artukoglu.

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