Kılıçdarooglu not admitted to meat and dairy institution: ‘Our children’s right to adequate nutrition is a national priority’

CHP Chairman Kamal Kılıçdaroğlu went to the door of the meat and dairy establishment, where he announced that he had been asked for an appointment but was turned down. Answering questions from members of the press, Kılıçdaroğlu said that although he wanted an appointment, he was not given one.

The real agenda – Republican People’s Party (CHP) Chairman Kamal Kilikdaroglu says he wants an appointment at a meat and dairy company. Kılıçdaroğlu announced that he would visit the institution today at 10:00, with the post he had shared the day before.

In a statement on her Twitter account, Kılıçdarooglu said, “I wanted an appointment with a meat and dairy company to talk about protecting children’s right to food. I guess they couldn’t get permission from anywhere, so there was no word!” He said.

He went to the door of Kılıçdaroğlu Meat and Milk Institute. The security guard who greeted Kılıçdarooglu said, “I can’t let you in because you don’t have an appointment.” At this time, it is seen that a door has been connected to the door of the institution.

Kılıçdarooglu, who was denied entry, made a statement to the press. Kılıçdaroğlu used the following statement:

Dear journalists,

I went to TUIK earlier to defend the rights of retirees and minimum wage earners. Because TURKSTAT showed lower inflation, resulting in millions of people growing less. I went to Tukey to draw attention to this.

Later I went to the Ministry of National Education to listen to the voices of the youth who had lost the oral examination. Many young people who got a place in KPSS were excluded because they did not have any verbal benefits. I noticed that too

Today I am in front of the Meat and Dairy Institution; The main reason I came here is to protect the rights of children. I am with women MPs, all mothers want their children to be well fed. Good nutrition is a right, it is the social state that will provide. All babies need adequate nutrition.

“There is no one in Turkey who is hungry or open,” the agriculture minister said at a ceremony he attended yesterday. The Minister of Agriculture is unaware of the reality of the world and Turkey. I speak to Hacer Foggo, who has been researching Turkey’s deep poverty for many years, to share his thoughts on the subject.

“The right to adequate nutrition for our children is a national priority”

CHP leader Kılıçdarooglu made the statement on his Twitter account when he was not admitted to the meat and dairy establishment.

Kılıçdarooglu says:

“We went to the Meat and Dairy Institution for the nutrition rights of our children. We went so that our children, who had to avoid food, would give meat and milk to their crops. The right to adequate nutrition for our children is now a national priority.

I would like to thank Hacer Foggo, who conducted important research on deep poverty and our female friends who are constantly on the field, for staying with me when I visit my meat and dairy. “

Stunning statement from Hasser Foggo, author of Real Agenda and founder of Deep Poverty Network

Hasser Fago says:

In a study that showed anemia in children, it was announced last week. What this means is malnutrition. All the kids fight it. I spoke to a mom yesterday and she said, “We ate french fries with the kids in Sahur and had soup for iftar.” As I was walking past a butcher, an old man said to me, “Girl, we were looking out the window of a jewelry store. It’s like jewelry, not meat.”

Most of the children in the south-east are suffering from malnutrition. It is wrong to deny that there is no poverty and hunger. The absence of poverty is my main goal, I have never seen such a time. I enter every home, there are children with developmental disabilities due to malnutrition.

Without asking about mobile phones, how old are the children of poor neighborhood? There is hunger, friends, I am roaming all over Turkey and you should be on this road. Or let’s travel together. I came here in the words of my President, “No child will go to bed hungry” and we will work until we find that last child.

I’m making an open call to Sarah

Kılıçdarooglu, who spoke again after Hacer Foggo, said:

I make an open call to the palace; No child will go to bed hungry if he spends at least one thousandth of a dollar given to a group of five for children from poor families. The words are not mine, the words spoken 22 hours ago are as follows; “Breeding animals and dairy cows are slaughtered. How far will it go after slaughter? When the breeding is over, there will be shortage of meat and milk. The burden of the producer’s back will have to be lifted.

These are the words of a producer, not a politician. Dairy producers are stingy. When you go to the market, you buy a box of milk for 15 lira, 98 kg lira for one kg of beef. Will be able to buy ground beef at what minimum wage? Which minimum wage family will be able to buy regular milk for their child? For this reason, we will resume the nation’s voice meeting after the banquet, as we have done before. I don’t know how much the palace will listen, but my call is for the welfare of the people, to ensure that the political institution is respected in the eyes of the people. I want to protect Turkey’s reputation and dignity.

The Meat and Dairy Institution needs to be with farmers and producers. So, I repeat: if one-thousandth of the opportunity given to a group of five is given to the producer, then no child in this country will go to bed hungry.

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