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Nuri Shahin, trainer at Fraport TAV Antalyaspor, answered Çiğdem Günal’s question from TVBu Spore. The young coach talked about a lot of things, how he got into the national team, from the adventures of Antalispor to the Big Three and the performance of Trabjanspar.

“Football players play, not coaches”

“I try to be friendly with everyone. I try to build my communication on truth, not lies. Although it hurts, the player trusts him because I tell the truth to my players and when I tell them not to lie, there is no problem in communication. For me, so far no problem with communication. Players are very important, even the most important part of this business. It’s very important to be transparent and honest with the players, not the coaches …

“I decided to become a manager in 2015, when I was seriously injured.”

“I knew for 6-7 years that I wanted to be a coach, but I did not choose Antalyspor because” I will be a coach there, I will go there “. I moved here as a football player. Coaching started here That’s what happened. I decided to become a coach in 2015, when I was seriously injured. It wasn’t clear if I would return to football. The one I suggested the most was Jurgen Klopp.

“Trabjanspar will be the champion if there is no big miracle, it will be worthy”

“After we lost to Trabjanspar, Trabjanspar fans criticized me a lot, ‘You’re so happy, are you the champion?’ Says it has nothing to do with him. Currently, Trabzonspor is the best team in the Spore Toto Super League, and Abdullah Avicii, the person most valuable to me, is the head of the team. We both deal with our confidence as we choose to embark on our play activities. Abdullah Avcı is a person whose experience I have always benefited from. The day we lost to Travajanspar, I was so happy that our game plan worked perfectly, more than the score. I’m glad we reflected on everything we did and set up on the field. There was no such thing as ‘I defeated Abdullah Hodja’. He even told me later, ‘If I just lost to one team and became the champion, I would lose’. It made me very proud. These are very valuable … Trabzonspor will probably become a champion unless there is a big miracle that will be worthy. A championship that came many years later … a person who has not stopped working for Abdullah Avisi, I am very happy for him. Trabzonspor fans have been waiting for this championship for years, it is a very different feeling for them too. Still, it would not be right to congratulate them in advance, but perhaps Trabjanspar will be the champion.

“I’ve talked to three big football players.”

“I met Besiktas during and after the Sinan engine. After that, I talked to Galatasaray a few times. During the time of Michael Skibe and Carl Heinz Feldcamp … I had a brief meeting with Fenerbahce, I met Emre Belozoglu. I’ve talked to all of them, but before Antalspor there’s no word or thought, “Okay, I’m going to Turkey. I’m going to that team.”

“Success will come if we persevere with Kuntz.”

“I am very optimistic about the national team. A very good generation is coming and I think there is a good teacher at the beginning of this generation. If we, as a country, are patient and tolerant of Stefan Kuntz, and if we do not fall into the triple or quadruple defense, I think he too will succeed. We have a very high quality staff that every coach will want. The pool of our players is very big, we can be careful even if we are injured. I support that Turkey should be a tournament team.

“I was transferred to Real Madrid at the age of 20, nobody saved me.”

“I do not agree with the idea of ​​’let’s protect young players’. For example, Mustafa Erdilman missed a penalty in the Super Cup final. ‘How can a 17-18 year old player be penalized? We lose it. They said, ‘You have to save him. Arda Güler’s theme is the same … we need to develop them and make them think they are here. The most important thing for a young player is to feel like he is there when he enters the dressing room. If you came there at the age of 16-17, it means that you have a very different talent. No one invited the 16-year-old actress there because she has beautiful eyes. Arda Güler plays for Fenerbahçe because he is very talented. God show her the way, I look at her with great pleasure and playing at that maturity at that age is incredible. Why are we protecting them? This sounds like a negative thing. As coaches and clubs we need to help them, but I don’t think it’s right to defend a player without playing. We must help them develop. There will be ups and downs, bad games … all these will happen. When a young footballer loses, he has only half. He did not give up, he did not sacrifice himself … I was the captain of Borussia Dortmund at the age of 18 and at the age of 20 I was transferred to Real Madrid. No one saved me, only my parents saved me. We will be more successful if we look positively instead of negatively. “

“The best in the league in Nawakaim”

“Ugurkan Chakki is an incredible goalkeeper, as is Altay Beyandir. Kerem Aktürkoğlu is a very good actor. I think Doğukan Sinik is very good again, I am not saying this because I am his teacher. A very different talent and a very high quality … I think Anthony Novakaim is one of the best players in the league. For me again, one of the best players in the league is Amir Hadziahmetovich of Ittifaq Holding Koniaspor. Min-J is incredibly good! But I think the best player of the year at the moment is Anthony Novakaime.

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