The effect of cotton full moon in the zodiac – Dr. Army goddess

When the cotton full moon peaks on April 16-17, 2022, we are experiencing an intense energy that we will experience at least four days before and four days after. Due to the rise and fall of this full moon energy, any excitement we need to get rid of in our life is likely to go to the top before reaching the peak of the full moon.

Be aware that if you feel excessive excitement in the days leading up to the full moon, it is a sign that something needs to be revealed, there must be a disconnect somewhere to continue.

Eris is one of the most active planets under this full moon. Eris is actually a dwarf planet, but if we consider another dwarf planet Pluto as the main planet, then it would be fair to consider Eris as well.

Eris is known as the goddess of discord and conflict. He is the main player in this full moon energy, but his name will not warn you.

RAM: During the week, you should take care of your headaches and health issues related to your neck area. Risky behavior in your business life can lead to instant decision making and loss of partnership. You should not make decisions without research and thinking and you should not insist on accepting your own ideas. In your personal life, you should stay away from angry behavior and jealousy and not do anything in secret.

Bull: Just believe in your insights and take bold steps without being affected by your business and personal life. The power of the full moon brings extraordinary strength to the married Taurus. Your spouse may have problems arising from a past relationship or marriage. You should share your feelings with your partner and realize that they need to overcome this problem. A single Taurus can attract the attention of more than one person during this time and with the unpleasant behavior of your jealous friends you may be prevented from setting foot on a new relationship.

Twins: Positive developments related to family, parents, siblings will encourage you in various ways. The power of love without expecting anything in return will enable you to find exit points and solve every problem in your life. You can get close to someone through your single Gemini friends and feel something you have never felt before.

Crabs: The power of the full moon is such that it will bring a smile to the faces of those who have health problems. Also, for those who have problems with children or siblings in Cancer, the full moon of Virgo will bring you peace and tranquility of love. You can start a new relationship and overcome your existing relationship problems and decide to take the first step towards marriage.

Lion: You may encounter problems on your journey, and you may encounter tragic events as a result of a moment’s carelessness. With the power of the full moon, your personal life will be important and you will decide your relationship with your wife or boyfriend and implement it with courage. With your choice and courage your love life will gain a whole new dimension. When you are restless in your personal life, you are the person who survives and maintains the love reflected in all its simplicity in every aspect of your life. You need to be able to work with this awareness.

Daughter: The injustice that you have endured in your work, education and personal life is replaced by positive development and you come forward and start getting what you deserve. As you combine your courage with knowledge, experience and confidence, set your course and move towards your goal with determination. In your personal life, love welcomes you … Don’t be afraid of love and add beauty of every color of love to your soul.

Scale: Set goals, move away, move closer, realize what you need to own, and take action. You can feel the end of your business life and access new beginnings and opportunities in better situations. Don’t be afraid, as the power of change swirls around you, you become harmonious instead of resisting, you struggle even if you face small difficulties, keep your skills ahead and work on yourself, not on others. The power of the single and unrelated Libra full moon can help you decide to formalize your relationship in your love life.

Scorpion: You are the boss and you are extremely valuable, realize it and create the excitement of love in your heart … Single Scorpio, you are in a lucky time, you should be social and embrace innovation. Married Scorpio Natives When you find the courage to end your troubled relationship, now the decision is yours!

Arrow: Good luck in your business and personal life. You can start a new relationship, feel the developments that can attract attention after a long period of uncertainty in your business life, which will give you financial and moral comfort. The power of the full moon will prevent your hidden enemies, which you were not aware of before, from appearing and doing damage. You will be able to make basic decisions in your life and implement them successfully. Married people will make your relationship with your wife much more enjoyable and special.

Goats: You will get rid of problems, habits and obsessions that rest on your shoulders and heart, which will strengthen you spiritually. You will focus on activities where you can improve and renew yourself. You will find solutions to many problems that you will not be able to get out of, and you will give yourself another chance at life with gratitude for being able to hold on to life despite all the problems you face. In return you will get more.

Aquarius: If you are looking for a job, you can find a new partnership. Turn your talent into profit. During this time, you will see unexpected benefits from the people you meet and you can take a completely different path in your life. There may be pain in the bones and joints on the last day of the week. Take care of your pain and see a doctor.

Fish: If you don’t want to be a prisoner of your anger, try to be happy, not right, and manage to be calm and fair to stay away from the destructive effects of angry words. It can lead to instant victory and great frustration. You cannot handle the responses you receive. On the emotional side, you shouldn’t make promises that you can’t keep and act realistically. A self-interested attitude toward finances can cause serious problems; if you are realistic and consistent in all respects, everything will be fine.

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