The woman who allegedly burned her neighbor: I did not kill her, I did not take her gold

Detainees Gojde Aitar, Dilek Kurt, son of the victims, and Ibrahim Kosar Bakarki were present at the 16th High Criminal Court hearing. Lawyers for both sides were present at the hearing.

“I will not kill, I will not take gold.”

Defendant Gözde Aytar made the following statement in his defense:

“I do not accept any charges against me. I have been living in that building since 2002. I had no problem with Victim. I had problems with his daughter Dilek. My name was taken out with Dewalek Kurt’s wife Mehmet. After leaving, the dead son-in-law Mehmet started calling us. He came and apologized. I had no problem with the victim. On the contrary, we saluted. We used Dilek. I haven’t lived in that building for 20 years. Everyone knows I haven’t been to anyone’s apartment. I can’t go anyway. I’ve been a constant worker. We leave bills at everyone’s door. I was taking Bill with me. I was at home with my family that day. I had exams. I was studying in the bedroom. Then my mother called. At first I didn’t pay attention because there were frequent fights in the building, then I went out with my family to see what was happening. Then 10 minutes later or not, the police come to our house. They asked me what I was doing during the day. I told the police that I went to buy bread at 15:00 and then I came home. I did not commit this crime. I was told in the news and in the papers that I had a mental problem, but the doctors said I had no medicine. I have no mental problems, I want my release. I came to know from the police who came to my house, my name has been given in the incident. I don’t know why it was given. I did not kill the victim, nor did I take her gold. ”

The presiding judge said the accused had no criminal record and no fingerprints were found at the scene.

Defendant’s lawyer said “Fingerprints do not belong to my client. All evidence has been collected and nothing has been found against my client. Those who testified against my client are the children of the deceased’s wife. There is nothing in the file but abstract statements. “Only because of the abstract statement. My client has been detained for 1 year. In our opinion, the investigation is incomplete.” Made a statement.

“I’m a burnt girl”

The victim’s daughter, complainant Dilek Kurt “My mother called me that day at 15.40, we had a normal conversation, and we hung up. Then between 18.00 and 19.00, my mother called again. When I picked up the phone, she said, ‘My daughter, I’m burned. We talked again a minute later. When I asked my mother, “Who lit the tea,” she said, “I don’t have a daughter, they burned me.” My daughter Bura snatched the phone from my hand and said, “My mother, “What happened, Grandma? Who burned it?” He said.

“They burned me.”

Son of the deceased, complainant Ibrahim Kosar, “On the day of the incident, my sister called me, something happened to my mother, they burned me and told me that she said it. I called my cousin’s daughter and told her about the incident. Shall I knock on the door? ‘ I thought the coffee was spilled. I opened the door with the key. Everyone gathered at my mother’s voice. She saw my mother lying on the floor. In the living room. I was shouting. Neighbors all came. I said, “What happened to you? They burned me.” Used phrases.

Bushra Kurt, the victim’s granddaughter, in her statement “Two weeks before the incident, I went to my grandmother. I was always going to bed. She said she came and went last month. She said she brought an excuse for a shipment. That day she brought another consignment. I got the invoices. I’m going to close the door, he came back to me to chat again. He asked me questions. He asked if you come often. He tried to chat about when he came and when he came. You left. I took him home. I did not take it. I was at home on the day of the incident. Before the incident, my grandmother said that Gojde always came home to have coffee and tea. Says

Witness Sadia Aitar, mother of the arrested accused “On the day of the incident, my daughter was studying at home. A scream was heard from above. We were surprised at what happened, then an ambulance or something came out. We opened the door and looked to see what was happening. I remember my daughter 16. He went to buy bread. He had a mental illness, but I took him to the doctor. This illness did not stop him from working. “ He said.

Ali Aitar, the father of the accused “I was at home on the day of the incident. I was resting. My daughter came and asked for money. I gave her some money. She went out at 06.00 – 16.30. She went to the market and bought bread. Then there was a noise. And my wife asked me what’s going on. And my daughter Gojde, we looked through the door. “ Says

Defendant Gojde Aitar, “Witness Bura Kurt’s statement is not true. It is unquestionable for me to go to the victim’s house and have coffee and cookies. When I spoke to Bura at the door, he asked me how I was, and I asked him. Bushra told me, ‘My Sister, come in. ‘ I don’t talk to your mother either. So I said I would not come. Besides, the dead man came to our door 4 days before he died and said, ‘Why is Gojde not judging me. I have said everything I can. I have not committed this crime. I demand my release. “ Says

Announcing his interim decision, the court decided to continue the detention of the accused. The delegation decided to examine the HTS records of complainants Dilek and Ibrahim and adjourned the hearing.


Bakırköy sought additional life imprisonment for kindergarten teacher Gojde Aitar for “intentionally killing a person using flammable substances” in a complaint prepared by the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office. Gözde Aytar was also sentenced to 10 to 15 years in prison for “looting”.

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