Those who listened to Fahretin Kokar said, “He denied the palace.” He looked at the doctors’ faces. Ministry officials will keep an eye on government newspapers on Sunday night

The response to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s remarks about doctors continues. Erdogan is targeting doctors who have resigned or gone abroad because of working conditions “If they go, let them go. We also hire doctors who have just graduated from university. ” Made a statement.

Today, the Minister of Health. Fahretin Coca met with healthcare professionals to celebrate Medicine Day on March 14.

Husband, unlike his team leader Erdogan, among healthcare professionals, ‘Turn your bright eyes somewhere else’ There was a will

Husband, similarly, unlike President Erdogan, “Gold does not lose its value even if it falls to the ground. Those who have this value cannot be exchanged with those who do not.” Used phrases.

On social media, the phrase “Is Coca challenging Erdogan?”

Chief Adviser to the President Hamza Sebechi, Health Minister. Fahretin Coca, Istanbul Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Kemal Memisoglu, Rector of the University of Health Sciences Sevdet Erdal, Rector of Istanbul University-Serahpasa Professor Dr. Dr. Nuri Aidin, President of the Institute of Forensic Medicine. Hızır Aslı Yüksek, Kadıköy District Governor Mustafa Ozarslan, Üsküdar District Governor Murat Sefa Demirurek, Tuzla Mayor Dr. Sadir Yajisi, faculty members of the medical faculty, students and military medical students were present.

Health Minister spoke on the occasion. Fahretin Koka began his speech by celebrating Medicine Day on March 14 with all his colleagues. Dr. Referring to the difficult times they are going through as a society and the medical community, Coca said, “We have been experiencing a global epidemic for 2 years now. There are troubled people among us who are looking for a solution to their problems. The rare profession you have chosen will give you the opportunity to be the embodiment of the highest values ​​character manifested by humanity. .

“I’m speaking as your brother …”

He went on to say, “As an older brother who believes he can predict tomorrow and dedicate his days and nights to tomorrow, I would like to say this,” Minister Koka said in his speech: It hurts. Know that gold does not lose its value when it falls off. “Dust does not lose its luster when dusted. Know again that those who have the value and power of gold and diamonds cannot be exchanged. Those who do not have these values ​​and abilities. Don’t forget that, from time to time, we have experienced with our gurus, a word that decides a condemnation over a word. Our state is the most important thing to you. “Know that you’re trying to be better and closer to it!”

New legislation on health violence and malpractice coming up

Violence is one of the biggest health problems. Koka also briefed the Justice Department on the new legal regulations they have introduced, saying: “There are occupations and health care issues that could not be addressed during the heavy epidemic, but now we have to deal with the seriousness of the epidemic. Violence is one of them. Yesterday. “We held a symposium with the participation of our esteemed Minister of Justice and members of the High Court. There, I made a strong and specific demand for protection. Our rights and the law. I must admit that the illness and deep concern of the community has taken my statement out of the convention. Know that our Minister of Justice and the High Court understand you. “Again, know that when justice is understood, it means that the verdict is approaching. I would like to thank our Minister of Justice again, since his appointment, on your behalf and The determination that you have shown in your presence, our professional life, was on the agenda yesterday as well. I say this is a revolution, and I add that there will be no one to oppose my claim. There is another problem. Physicians’ salaries are appropriate and fair for their profession! She will start her career without any problems compared to her sisters. “

“Don’t let these bright eyes look at any other target.”

Mentioning that he cares about three things, Minister Koka concluded: “I am very careful that the loss of trust in the hands of physicians does not tarnish the image of the medical profession. I attach great importance to its continuity. Our moral allegiance to the medical profession. I want These bright eyes will look to my people for another goal. ” I try my best for these and I will continue to do so. I sincerely congratulate you on the 14th of March Medicine Day and my offer. Respect and love to all of you. “

Rector Professor. Dr. Erdol: “We were the first university”

Rector of the University of Health Sciences, Professor. Dr. Cevdet Erdöl celebrated Medicine Day with his colleagues on March 14 and said: “We have become a university with a teaching capacity of 36,000 people. We have 11,998 students in Istanbul and 8,125 students in Ankara. We continue to provide. The institute is headquartered in education, from surgery to defense and naval medicine, to military psychotrauma. We teach at 11 universities in Turkey and abroad. We are the only field in Turkey where military and civilian students study together. Our military students study both Ankara and Istanbul. What happened to the military students after July 15. I compared the first 4 years before and after the transfer. There are many more students than before July 15. 2 years later, they Will go to their unit as a military doctor. With 1221 professors, 705 associate professors and 503 physicians, we provide education in our university with a huge force of educators. ” DHA

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