What about the Town Doctor? Who are the players of Town Doctor Series?

The Town Doctor series will air on TRT1 on Friday, April 8 (today). The trailer of the series has been released keeping an eye on its subject and cast. ARC Production signed this series made in South Korea. Adapted from romantic. So what’s the point of the Town Doctor series? Who are the players of Town Doctor Series? We’ve compiled information for you about TRT 1’s new series.

What about city doctors?

Town Doctor Series Topics:

Deniz Kan Aktas, one of the main actors in the series, will tell the story of three idealistic doctors whose path will take them to the audience in the role of the young doctor Om, at Ulukana Hospital, far away from the city. A courageous and stubborn character, Omar is a young doctor who decided to become a doctor after losing his father and thanks to his love for his profession he has distinguished himself as a doctor with a bright future.

Omar, who finds himself in a hospital in Ulukana as a result of his experiences, will be involved in a story that will completely change his life, Laila, with whom he falls in love, and Master Surgeon Hakan.

Who are the actors of Town Doctor series?

In the TV series Town Doctor, actors such as Ozan Akbaba, Deniz Kan Aktas, Hazal Subasi, Sinan Albayrak, Baris Ildiz, Ozgun Karaman, Sinan Demirar, Tarak Ugur Ojenbash, Barish Yalkin, Ozgur, Altukin, Altukin, Altukin. .

Where was the Town Doctor Series created?

The Town Doctor series was filmed in Istanbul. However, the location of Uluçınar Hospital in the series or whether it is a plateau has not yet been explained.

Who is Ojan Akbaba?

Born in Kars in 1982, Ozan Akbaba graduated from Akdeniz University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design. In 2005, he was an actor who appeared in films, TV series and theater plays, and also composed music for films. At the same time, she starred in a video clip of the song Vajitler, which was included on Seeler’s New Moon album in 2014.

The famous actor played the role of Elias Chackerbell in the TV series Bandit, which began airing on the ATV channel in 2015. Ozan Akbaba has starred in productions such as Broken Wings, Poplar Yaleri, Heaven’s Secrets, Cuz Guni, Arka Sokaklar, Payraj Karail and Guldur Guldur.

In 2017, he married the famous actress Buket Arikan.

TV series starring Ojan Akbaba:

City Doctor – 2022- (Kemal)
Bandits will not rule the world – 2015-2021 (Elias Chakrabeli)
Mystery of Heaven – 2011 (Victory)
Kavak Yeleri – 2007
Broken Wings – 2005
Laughing (Senal)
Payraj Karail – 2015 (Tanor)
Back Road – 2014 (Dr. Vessel)
North South – 2012-2013 (Sumer Tejkan)

Movies starring Ojan Akbaba:

Absolute Justice – Text
Exiled cows – Selkuk
Miracle unfinished – spiritual water
I have a story – Hasan
Phoenix – Murat
Don’t listen to the race – Elias Chackerbell
Siege – Ali
Kings Club
Qadir and his siblings – Ali
Ammar: Jin community – Kamal

What about the Town Doctor?

Who is Deniz Can Aktas?

Deniz Kan Aktas, born July 28, 1993 in Istanbul to an Ingol family, is a successful actress. Aktas, who graduated from the Department of Shipbuilding and Business at Pierre Reyes University, had his first acting experience in 2015 in the role of Sekin in the Tatli Kukuk Yalansila series. He played the role of Burak in Life Kahnoos Suite and Ali in the Where R U Brother TV series. Later, in 2017, he gave life to the supporting character Alp in Star TV’s Courtyard series. The actress, who was highly acclaimed and attracted a lot of attention through this role, played the lead role in the Aşk Ağlatır series. In 2020, she appeared on screen in the role of Baris in the TV series Call My Manager and attracted a lot of attention from viewers.

What about the Town Doctor?

Who is Wildan Attachever?

Vildan Atasever was born on July 26, 1981. The successful actress, who was born in Bursa, has participated in many projects in TV series and movie sector. She made her film debut in Two Young Girls. He won the Golden Orange Award for this character. Later, he took a role in the Kurtler Vadisi series. She starred opposite Hulia Absar in the television series “Women Wants”. He later starred in the movie Destiny in 2006. That same year, she won the Best Actress award at the 18th Ankara International Film Festival. In the following years, he acted in many films and television series such as Wounded Heart, Knife Back, Night Sounds, Ottoman Republic, Milky Way, Love in the Leading Roll, Ottoman Slap, Summer Story, Severan, Single Heart.

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