Asthma attacks in children, which have declined in epidemics, have intensified this year

Quarantines applied during epidemics reduced the incidence of skin allergies in children with asthma or pollen-related allergic rhinitis, antibiotics and various chemicals, which were initially used in large quantities due to health concerns. This year saw a resurgence of outbreaks of other seasonal viral diseases such as influenza, adenovirus and rhinovirus, which have not been seen since the school opened in 2 years, the passage of normalization and lack of attention to mask use. , Affects children with asthma the most. Noting that the course of pediatric allergies has changed a lot during and after the epidemic, he is a member of the Turkish National Allergy and Clinical Immunology Association and a lecturer in chest disease at the Acadিজne University Faculty of Medicine Pediatric Immunology and Allergy. Dr. Ain Bingol made an important statement to the Demiroren News Agency.

“Asthma has stopped, skin allergies have increased”

Emphasizing that the Kovid epidemic has a significant impact on allergic diseases like all other diseases, Prof. Dr. Dr. “When we look at the distribution and impact of allergic diseases, we notice a significant reduction in asthma attacks, especially in the first year, when the quarantine is high, children are locked up at home and they do not go to school – in our country, as well as around the world. A major trigger is a viral infection. Since children have not been exposed to a community-acquired viral infection for 2 years, the incidence of asthma attacks has decreased. Covid-19 has already caused urticaria and angioedema on its own. We have noticed a huge increase in skin allergies, especially urticaria angioedema, which is known to people as urticaria. Again, in the home environment, many antibiotics and detergents were first used. We are wiping out all household items with these substances.Additional disinfectants and detergents, because it prevents We have noticed a dramatic increase in atopic dermatitis and eczema due to the use of erzan. Since then, we have instructed our citizens to use soap and water in the future, without the use of disinfectants, alcoholics, and irritants, ”he said.

“Other viral infections were worse than covid this year.”

Explaining how to manage covid disease and how to get life back to normal through the introduction of vaccines is now better learned, Professor Dr. Dr. Bingole went on to say: “And the schools have opened this year. Since the children have been home for two years, have not had social contact and have not been to school, their immunity is lower than last year. We have not seen the community – they have been infected for two years. This year has come suddenly and when it comes to community-acquired viral infections, for example, influenza, RSV, parainfluenza, bocavirus, adenovirus, rhinovirus, it becomes so serious that it results in more serious images. So, this year the asthma attacks have come back much more violently than before.

“Mask protects from pollen”

In particular, for the first time in Covid-19 air pollution has been greatly reduced, said Professor. Dr. Bingöl noted that this year will be a little more difficult for children with pollen-related allergy attacks, and concludes: “Pollution-related complaints have also increased significantly. We are now in the pollen season, and we are experiencing pollen-related symptoms. Sneezing, sneezing, and nasal congestion, the same symptoms are seen in Omicron and some viral infections. It is very important to differentiate. A doctor should be consulted for fever, severe cough, Kovid-19 or severe viral infection, but if the child already has allergic rhinitis and mild symptoms, it is possible to control it. Allergy medicine with them. We are glad that we I don’t use masks outside anymore. In other words, this spring (especially for those who are sick with allergies, it will be very good for them). To prevent pleasure and to protect them from the effects of covid and pollen.

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