If you don’t work consciously, you will gain weight again after abdominal surgery.

General Surgeon Assoc. Dr. Murat Urkan gives important information about obesity surgery, which is known as “abdominal surgery” among people. Obesity surgery is never the first choice, Assoc. Dr. “Yes, bariatric surgery is a method of weight loss, but it is never the first choice,” said Urkan. First, it has to do with lifestyle changes; It may be an option for obesity patients who may not be successful after diet, exercise and adjuvant drug therapy. ” “Ultimately, business is based on changing our lifestyles,” Urkan said.

The patient should try other methods first

Specifies that the patient undergoing the operation must adhere to the definition of “obese”, Assoc. Dr. Urkan described who could perform the operation: “Patients with a body mass index above 40 kg / m2 and patients with obesity and chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, concomitant sleep apnea … etc.) Are examined. These patients have certainly tried many other methods of weight loss and have failed to lose weight. Although this varies depending on the patient’s clinical features and performance, patients aged 18-65 are eligible for surgery if they continue their clinical follow-up, follow postoperative recommendations, do not have major mental illness, are not addicted to drugs, and so on. There are no treatments that can treat it and cause obesity. ”

There is no “gold standard” in operation

Assoc. Dr. Explaining that there are two main methods of bariatric surgery, Urkan said, “The first of these is a limited type of operation to reduce the volume of the abdomen. The second and more complex type of operation is a limited and absorption-reducing operation aimed at reducing abdominal volume and limiting nutrition and calorie intake. However, the association mentions the importance of which operation will be recommended to which patient. Dr. Urkan said: “In recent years, sleeve gastrectomy surgery has become the most widely used procedure. However, there is no operation as a ‘gold standard’ among the alternatives. Is determined.

Even the number of second operations is increasing

Assoc. Dr. Urkan stressed that while bariatric surgery is becoming more widespread, such operations must be performed by an experienced team and said that the patient should have sufficient information about what kind of lifestyle he will lead after the surgery. Noting that the number of patients who have not been able to change their lifestyle after their first surgery is increasing, Assoc. Dr. “Unfortunately, patients who do not have enough knowledge about lifestyle gain weight again after the first operation and may need a second operation,” said Urkan.

Bariatric surgery is not a “magic wand”

Touch on the process after the operation, association. Dr. Urkan explained that it was difficult for patients to give up their current habits in the first period, but mentally prepared patients experienced less pain. He added that the quality of life of a patient who lost 60 kg at the end of one year and almost reached his goal was invaluable. Associate Professor. “If we don’t change our lifestyle, we have to come back after the honeymoon period after the operation,” said Urkan. We do not use magic wands. The work actually ends with the patient, we are just mediators, ”he warned patients.

Is the operation the cause of loss of appetite?

Assoc. Dr. Urkan clarifies the questions about “loss of appetite”, which is one of the most intriguing questions for patients, as follows: Also, as the stomach reservoir is removed, food enters the small intestine faster, and the hormone GLP is secreted faster from the small intestine, so that the person experiences fullness earlier.

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