Our social life is going on – Sunday News

Aries: You are aware of your power
As you continue to progress on your SUN mark, you will review your old habits and try to adjust your route to the developing conditions in an effort to reach your thoughts faster. The opportunities you have been waiting for for so long are coming. Things you missed will reappear. During this time, you will use your charm on the opposite sex.

Taurus: Pay attention to the surprise question
Get ready for surprise love. Although Uranus irritates the tension in you, it makes the light reflected around you more. Thoughts that come to your mind may come out of your mouth unintentionally. Well-started emotions can lead to unwanted situations later on. Because of your high self-confidence you can easily overcome some obstacles.

Gemini: Your energy is too much
This week you will change your group of friends and enter a new environment. Maybe you broke up with a friend you haven’t been able to break up with in a long time. You will easily attract the attention of the opposite sex with different charisma in the friend meeting you will attend. A week when you will be very energetic.

Crab: The journey is on the agenda
You are chasing different feelings. You have fun and surprises. There are travels where you can spend pleasant hours. Your unforgettable love, left behind and still alive in the corner of your memory, may come to the fore again. While this may still excite you, you may be frustrated by this type of relationship.

Aslan: Your standard of living is increasing
All the work that you have started and you will continue to insist on finishing. Your financial gain will go with your insights. You will be rational in assessing the situation you are in. You do not want anyone to interfere in your business because you want to hear your head. You should stay away from activities that ruin your quality of life.

Basque: Your work life is getting stronger
Neptune walks through your opposite house. We remind you that the relationships you start will not be healthy. You will attract someone of the opposite sex with the same work. It can be difficult for you to manage your mental problems without affecting the pace of your daily life You should be careful Increasing your willpower can affect your motivation and cause unwanted confusion in your emotional relationship.

Cotton: Your communication is accelerating
Communication and self-expression are important in your bilateral relationship. You can get ahead of many with your practical behavior. Therefore, you will create a competitive environment in your personal relationship. You must be careful if you do not want to be harmed by your hasty actions. You move forward without waiting for them to notice you in the environment you are in.

Scorpio: You are in intense emotion
You are in intense emotion. Let everything be the way you want it to be. Neptune and Jupiter walking through your personal love and social room gives you an extremely strong and confident feeling. Pluto, your planet in your communication room, raises your emotions. If you follow discipline and rules, you will not feel emotional loss.

YAY: Your social orientation is increasing
You should not ignore interesting people who may suddenly appear in group friendships and social environments. Mercury is at home in your actions and health. You will have excellent communication with the people you work with. You can rely on the wishes of the people you are talking to. You should know that the secret deal will bring you tough returns.

Capricorn: Your love life is becoming colorful
Mercury moves into your love and social home. At the same time the attention of several people will be on you. Because some of them are logical and common sense, it may cause you to pay attention to them. You can have an interesting and crowded circle of praise. Many of you will form emotional bonds with new acquaintances in mutual friends.

Aquarius: We are confused
You are experiencing confusion between your mind and your feelings. On the one hand, your high dreams and feelings of obsessive love, on the other hand, you are looking for something new. You never know how much you will be able to carry. You can’t move away from memory. Excessive insistence on one’s own will can lead to instability. Your mental life is making you tired.

Fish: Art and sexuality predominate
Jupiter and Neptune move together. Although your ruling planet supports you positively, it blows the wind of change into your subconscious. Your mind and heart are always in conflict. You must accept the gift that the universe will give you in order to make the impossible possible. When you deal with spiritual feelings, you have difficulty recognizing the person in front of you.

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