The fate of Anadolu Ephesus is in the hands of Fenerbahce Beco – TRT Spore

With the exception of Fenerbahce Beko and Maccabi Tel Aviv, all teams have finished their regular season in the THY Europa League. It will be recalled that Anadolu Effes mathematically lost his first 4 chances to AX Armani Milano, two weeks ago, in a match in which they were three times ahead at home.

Before this critical match, it should be noted that our representative Fenerbahce Beko’s last match and regular season; Fenerbahce will decide the fate of Anadolu Ephes instead of Beko. If Fenerbahce Beko wins, Anadolu Efes will face Real Madrid, who have lost their last 4 matches this season and are in a big crisis. The Spanish giants, who have lost 6 of their last 10 Euroleague games and 7 of their last 9 League games, were hit with a scalpel by coach Pablo Lasso. The veteran Spanish coach, who has won two Eurolig Championships, has made a comeback by saying that they have parted ways with two of the team’s most critical names, Thomas Huertel and Trey Thompkins, and Gourchan Yabusale, one of the most athletic players. League, was fined and he took all the initiative. Of course, as a Turkish basketball supporter, this will be a great opportunity for us to meet some of the most shaped and troubled teams in the league.

Another piece of information is; Maccabi Tel Aviv, which is battling for fifth place with Anadolu Ephesus, is drawing a completely different profile as it replaces Safiropoulos as Avi even head of the team. So much so that the Israeli representative has won all of the last five matches, but in three he has beaten his opponent by more than 20 points. Reaching the pinnacle of his performance in the last match, Tel Aviv scored 104 points against top-ranked Barcelona in Barcelona where our national player Scott Wilbeckin showed, and with this win, they both intimidated their opponents before the play-offs, and Anadolu Effes’ fifth place win. Massively hinders the goal.

It is true that our representative Fenerbahce Beko, who showed a very formless appearance in their last match, has almost no chance against the Israeli representative playing the best basketball game in the league, especially in front of Tel Aviv fans.

On the other hand, for the first time in the last 5 years, none of our delegates could finish the season without a place in the top 4. This means; For the first time in a long time, our representative will appear at the playoffs without a home facility. The play-off process, which seems to be quite challenging for us, seems to be the series we have seen with the least ease in recent years.

If we look at the other two matches, the Greek team Olympiacos, which for the first time since the legendary Spaniard, led by Sasha Vegenkov, has found a leader, has matched Monaco in the league. A typical athletic French basketball game led by Mike James, Monaco is undoubtedly the most amazing team in the league. Defensive-based basketball played by Olympiacos and attacking offensively like Monaco are waiting for us quite an interesting confrontation between the two teams.

In another match, league leaders Barcelona played Bayern Munich, who returned from the edge of the Final Four last year. Before the match, where Barcelona is the clear favorite, it should be noted that this year’s play-offs will be much closer and more competitive than other years.

While it is a matter of great curiosity as to what Anadolu Effes will do in a potential Milan matchup that could not close the gap of four-five in the absence of Sertaç Şanlı after last year’s dream season, it would be fair to say. That it is useful to be prepared for negative consequences.

We hope that Beko in Fenerbahce will defeat Maccabi Tel Aviv in this last match of the regular season and that the door to the crisis-ridden Real Madrid match will be opened for our other representative Anadolu Effe. We hope that our country, which has broken the record of playing in the final with Greece in a row for the last five years, will continue this tradition with Anadolu Effes, winning the playoffs first and then the final four. This year.

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