April 11-30, 2022 Mercury will move to Taurus! What will happen? | Ayagul Aydin

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Today, Mercury, the planet of our communication and intelligence, emerges from the sign of Aries, which runs our mind like a horse and moves to Taurus, which will give us peace and confidence. He will be here until April 30. This will allow you to take steps that you can trust in your business.

Every project and the collaboration that you do will be very restless and calm for you. You will want to find a firmly established business and relationship at this time. Use this period if you already have the opportunity. It could be a song, a training program, a new project, or a new relationship. This difficult time of communication, for which there is no need to create a jolt of argument, will make you very happy. Check if you are on hard ground.

Mercury in Aries, you can quickly recover everything you lost during this time. Increases your ability to understand. When Mercury is in Taurus, creating art or presenting your art gives very successful results.

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Body instrument voice.

The most impressive thing you will use during this period is your voice and sound. Your speech will be very impressive. Make a good speech. Get vocabulary training. Work concrete and stable. Those who have Taurus on their Mercury list often go ahead with a mind of continuous and unwavering effort in anticipation of the harvest. So the list of those who already have Mercury Taurus Harvest period Can be said. Proceed with continuous descriptive communication without creating a situation where you have to protect yourself.

Before you send a project, call and explain.

Continue the initial conversation by deciding what to think without letting anyone else think for you. Keep it as a small tip.

April 11-30 Mercury Taurus to-do list according to your ascending sign

Instructor: Spend your money in order. Set your values. Stay away from things that underestimate you. Stay open to projects and offers. You will realize that you need to make money and enter into new collaborations.

Taurus: Contact more. Express your thoughts and ideas. Be flexible and adapt quickly. Your first thought would be correct.

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Gemini: Meet new friends. Create a new whatsupp group yourself. Leave the toxic, useless group. Don’t be mysterious.

Cancer: Establish new interactions and new collaborations in your business life. Find new job opportunities. You can apply for a job or find an innovation that will contribute to your profession. Avoid rushing.

Leo: Your personal thoughts should not be imposed on society. No one’s opinion can be your reality. Don’t talk, act. Be aware of your words, emails, social media messages.

Virgo: You will find the answers to the questions you are looking for. Break down the superstitions you create against people you don’t know. Meditate, learn the language, discover something new, feel confident, travel.

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Tula Rashi: You are at a time where you are most affected by your environment, look for job opportunities. Free yourself from negative stress. Back to sports. Take the first step in a new story or deal.

Scorpio: You need to stop looking back. Don’t be lazy this time. The incident has come out! Do not tire yourself and others. Admit it! Then you will be the real you. Focus on the task at hand to avoid misunderstandings.

Sagittarius: You feel cornered. Stop considering each of your responsibilities as a big test. Get help from the people around you. Do what needs to be done, nothing more.

Capricorn: There is a need to have some fun and lighten the responsibility. Need to make time for love, friends or affection. This is the ideal time to find out. Those who enter your life during this time will always be special. You build lasting relationships. Encourage!

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Aquarius: You are asking where you are. You may be involved in property or business. You are at the right time for home renovation. Determine the living space and design it the way you want it. You are making a great start. Don’t be afraid that it has been due to an end.

Pisces: Plan short trips. Use this period to sign your contract and announce new projects. Update your bonds and spend time with your close friends. You can open a social media account. Declare what you are doing.

Let’s leave a short story for the journey of Mercury Taurus:

In 1968, Barış Manço was only 25 years old.

He met a girl, loved her a lot, was going to propose, invited her to his house, made a lot of preparations, but he could not muster the courage easily. They talked like that.

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Baris Manco saves his courage and introduces the word “I”, but what!

A trader on the side of the road shouted, “Tomato, pepper, eggplant!”

Baris Manco, who had just gathered his courage after this word, lost his focus and could not speak. The girl became angry and said, “I can’t live with a man who can’t put two things together.”

Twenty years after the incident, Barış Manço released the song “Tomato, Pepper Eggplant”.

The lyrics actually describe this event.

Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant

Suddenly my world turned black

The sound echoes the highway

Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant

If I could explain your feelings openly.

If I could tell you that I am madly in love with you, like the moment our eyes meet

I was speechless, unable to speak at once

Anyway, I came to you with all my courage …

I wanted to see this heart beat for you,

Just when I’m going to hold your hand

When I confess my love

My world was shattered by the sound that came from the road ……

Don’t be afraid to speak … Life is short and time goes by. This is a good time for a permanent and lasting speech …

With respect and best wishes to Baris Manco …

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