Health, education, character?

I fell ill in my last year of high school. Pleasure.

The disease is inflammation of the pleura. Origin of tuberculosis.

At Beşiktaş our family doctor, Dr. Emin Sukru The gentleman was diagnosed.

At the time, there was no cure for tuberculosis, and conditions such as rest, plenty of food, and fresh air were recommended.

Our doctor says I shouldn’t go to school for a year.

I started crying, so Dr. Emin Shakru Bay said the following words that I will never forget:

“Since you’re crying, you like school, that’s a good thing. But remember, without your health, your education is useless. And one thing, without character, none of that works. “

I stopped crying. I didn’t go to school for a year. I have also done research on character. Although I didn’t go to school that year, they finished my grade and passed my class. Rewards for good students.

But “Character” What was it? Why did Emin Şükrü Bey hold him above all?

The character, yes, had everything. It is this quality that has made you a man, a trustworthy person, responsible teacher, honest, truthful and truthful. “Character”.

Family physicians of the time were not only healers but also guides and guides.

This is how we see medical doctors, this is how we recognize them.

I don’t know if we can be that doctor, I know I want to be that.

But we always knew the value of science, we continued our profession led by science.

Devotion to science has saved us from orthodoxy. Scientific objectivity has taught us to think independently.

We have always learned from scientific information what freedom is and why it is necessary to be secular.

Now, those who follow the path of this scientific education work in the medical room.

There are new elections in the coming days.

The Turkish Medical Association also determines the path to be followed by the election of the Central Council and the election of the Medical Chambers.

Those who choose the path of science will be together.

Of course science will always win.

The unbreakable character of science will surely defeat the darkness.

Any time.

Go back to Madras?

The Department of Religious Affairs has been operating as an autonomous body for some time. It is an out-of-control, self-executing structure.

Finally, they passed a law from the Grand National Assembly to establish an academy under the President.

A religious educational institution outside the control of the Ministry of National Education “Education Union”It’s out there.

The fact that CHP deputies voted in favor of the law is also worthy of attention and criticism.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs is determined to introduce Quran courses and religious lessons for children aged 4-7 years.

In this regard, the universities said “Young Children’s Education and Development” Although the departments gave negative feedback, they were not taken into consideration.

Professor Dr. Cheat justiceAlso report his negative feedback, and we publish it.

Now it is “Religious Academy” In this name “Madrasa” Should be intended to open. In this way, step by step, the society will be placed on the path of religious fatwa.

In economics “Interest is forbidden” Words, “Legitimacy of Imam’s marriage”In the drink “Halal-Haram” Features are increasingly taking women to wholesale screens, schools and public transport. “Gender Differences”Religious worship will expand under state control.

This is how one can go to Sharia society.

Rabita’s officer

Republican author Light bloodThis is the name of his book.

Founded in Saudi Arabia, Rabita pursues its core objectives. “All countries should be ruled by Sharia, work for Sharia, work to spread Arabic, the holy language of the Qur’an” As explained.

Participants of the Rabita organization in Turkey, their supporters, financial institutions Ugur Mumku Explore and explain.

Işık Kansu updated this information and examined the AKP line in today’s politics in the light of this information in his book.

Science against doctrine

Doctrine is an unquestionable, undisputed, unchangeable provision.

The Middle Ages lived through dogma, exploration and expulsion.

With the Renaissance and Enlightenment, humanity has passed this period with the risk of all kinds of conflicts and the free human mind and free human world life will prevail.

Occupations that are based on scientific information oppose doctrines and make world life a place where free people can live with common sense.

Science-based professions have brought humanity to civilization.

The clock of history does not move backwards.

These attempts to go back only waste time, waste energy, but cannot turn the clock back.

We’ll see it all together.

No one should suspect …

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