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Health workers living in Sakaria, mother of 3 children, Ainur Ozdamar, went to the doctor to find a solution for her unknown disease. “I don’t know what to say when the medical team arrives. I want to diagnose and treat, I want to be well. I want to witness the growth of my children like every mother,” said the desperate woman, who was looking for a way to survive.
The life of Ainur Ozdamar, a 33-year-old mother living in Baglar Caddy in Serdivan district, changed after the birth of her third child. After a caesarean section by health workers, Ozdamar, who had no illness or complaints, suddenly began to have blue hands, feet, and lips. This discomfort that lasted for 2 years sometimes ended in the emergency services of the hospital. Ozdamar, whose heart rate has dropped and his attack has caused respiratory failure, is looking for a solution to his disease, whose name has not yet been revealed, from city to city, from doctor to doctor. Ozdamar, who was looking for a way to survive and visited 20 hospitals and 30 doctors in about 2 years, could not even reach for an initial diagnosis of his illness. The only desire of mothers of three children who are suffering from this disease is to diagnose and treat the disease and to witness the growth of their children. Ainur Ozdamar, who prevented his illness, called for help from people who may have information about the disease. The victim’s sister, Ugur Kok, said she wrote a will, fearing that her brother, whose attacks were increasing day by day, could die at any moment.

“My attacks are starting to increase, tests are uncertain”
Ainur Ozdamar, 33, who has been working as a health worker for about 15 years, said, “I have never had a complaint or disease before. About three months after the third birth, after a cesarean section, my hands, feet, and lips suddenly began to turn blue at the onset of the epidemic, for no apparent reason, and suddenly began to throb. This has been going on for 2 years. This process sometimes ends in the emergency room, sometimes it goes home on its own and sometimes it returns to normal with the help of oxygen. In this regard, I have visited different hospitals for 2 years and got the opinion of valuable teachers, many experiments have been done. Unfortunately, no conclusions have been drawn from the investigation. Therefore, a disease has not yet been diagnosed and there is no cure. At first I didn’t attack very much like this but now my number of attacks has started to increase. This significantly affects my critical values, “he said.

“I have visited 20 hospitals, seen 30 doctors, not even an initial diagnosis has been made.”
Ozdamar spoke of the attacks he felt in a desperate way and said he had visited 20 different hospitals in the process, “During the attack, my lips and toenails turned purple. First palpitations, then the pulse slows down and the rate of respiration decreases. If it lasts too long, these attacks become unconscious. As a result no disease could be diagnosed. There are only symptoms and clinics that I can describe and document. I was able to take photos during the attack, for example, to explain. However, it always happened at rest, it never happened when trying, it was always at rest. This is the most confusing thing, contrary to what is known, it comes to rest. He fell asleep once, woke up and ended up in ER. I went to all the branches, leading hospitals and centers that could cause the symptoms of this disease. Research has been done but no conclusion has been reached, unfortunately it cannot be said that this disease can. In the process, I visited a total of 20 hospitals and saw 30 physicians, but could not even reach an initial diagnosis. I am being attacked helplessly, “he said.

“I can’t say when the health team is wrong, there is no name for the disease.”
Saying that she wants to be able to see her children grow up, mother Ainur said, “I want to live, I want to be good. I want to hear my voice, I have tried to reach somewhere by my own efforts. I hope we can hear my voice and we can come to a conclusion. I am a mother of three. I want to live like every living thing, I want to assimilate my right to live, thinking that I have the right to live. I want to diagnose and treat, I want to be good. I want to witness the growth of my children like every mother, I want to try. I just want to be diagnosed and get better, that’s all. I don’t even know the name of the disease I’m feeling, I don’t even know what 112 paramedics will say. I can’t say when they say wrong, it’s a bad thing. Maybe I will die because my heart muscle is very tired after my last attack. “I’ve been resisting for a long time and I think it’s getting worse.”

“I think he will die during each attack.”
“We went to the hospital several times and I was with him at the time of the attack,” said Berak Sejins, a neighbor of Ainur and an eyewitness to the attack. We had a very bad time. We went to many hospitals but could not diagnose the disease. The ambulance came, we couldn’t talk about the disease, because we don’t know what the diagnosis is and they can’t diagnose it anyway. I think my sister Ainu will die every time she has an attack, because her oxygen level and heart rate have decreased. And he says please help me, call an ambulance, same scene every time. Unfortunately, we can’t find a result, so we return empty-handed. In this case, we demand that the people, the doctors, who will help us, please contact us. ”

“He wrote a will for fear that I might die at any moment.”
Uğur Koç, the sister of the undiagnosed woman, said: At first, we were nervous, when people were afraid to go to the hospital or pass by, we spent 24 hours there. So that a disease related to his health can be diagnosed. There is no cure for this disease, so no diagnosis has been made. There is no city or hospital we have not visited. We have applied for treatment, even approached the teachers, but no solution has been found yet. These convulsions began to become more frequent, and this time my brother wrote a will, for fear that I might die at any moment. They say that a tailor cannot sew his own tears, in the health sector, a person cannot find an ointment for his own wounds while trying to help people for health. I can’t think the drug would be so helpless, I don’t lose hope. We hope that those whose knowledge can solve the problem will be helpful, ”he said.

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