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New progress in the murder of Munev Karabulut!

Suraiya Karabulut, the father of Munevar Karabulut, who was brutally murdered in Istanbul 13 years ago, has become one of the symbols of violence against women.

Carabalut family lawyer said. Rezan Epozdemi also made a statement on the matter. Epözdemir said, “If clients receive a request in this regard after the holiday, we will immediately take the necessary legal action to disclose the material truth and the disclosure of justice.”

Muneva Karabulut

Dad: I don’t believe he will commit suicide, I will ask him to open up

Muneva Karabulut, 17, was brutally murdered 13 years ago, and murder suspect Sam Garipolu, who was arrested a few months later, was sentenced to 24 years in prison. Sam Garipolu committed suicide 8 years ago in prison where he was convicted. “I would have been sure to see his body, but they did not show it. They showed the lawyer and my wife a picture of her. My wife was not convinced either. I do not believe that such an executioner that 197 He would run away for days and vomit our blood and commit suicide. He was either killed or abducted. I will demand that it be opened, “he said.

The lawyer of the Karabulut family, Dr. Rezan Epjdemir

Karabulut family lawyer said. Rezan’s epidemiology

Lawyer EPÖZDEMİR: 11 cases have been opened

Lawyer on behalf of the family. Rezan Epozdemi also made a statement on the matter. Epözdemir said: “The death of Münevver Karabulut, considering the manner in which the murder took place and the manner in which it was used, is a murder that violates the human qualities of a person.” A total of lawsuits have been filed and all members of the forensic medicine, police and judiciary, and others who tried to cover up the killings, destroyed evidence and influenced the judiciary have been punished. All legal proceedings with conviction
Conclusions and precedents have been decided, ”he said.

“Forensic scandal, lost money, attempts to influence justice …”

Rezan Epözdemir said that the brutal killings were the first in Turkey to raise awareness about the homicide and carry out intellectual pursuits, adding: A process where all of Turkey’s criminal proceedings went bankrupt and the system was called into question, we had to deal with all these problems, the destruction of camera tapes, which was a lawsuit in court, the court’s refusal, the threats and benefits we received as lawyers. Have done, and there have been attempts to influence the judiciary, “he said.

“We reviewed photos and reports”

Saying that they went to the Silver Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office with mother Nagihan Karabolut and father Sureya Karabulut after the news of Sam Garipolu’s death, explained the process of apology as follows:

“We first meet with the then Chief Public Prosecutor, then talk to the investigating prosecutor at his direction. Since the photograph of the body was recorded at the time of autopsy in accordance with the last paragraph of section 87 of the Criminal Procedure Code, we Even the prosecutor was a young colleague of ours, who said she followed the incident when she was a student, revealing that she was very impressed and upset, and she hugged Nagihan and became a little emotional. Finally, as a result of the autopsy and forensic medicine report from the Chief Prosecutor’s Office, the CM of the deceased said that they were convinced that he was Garipoglu. And as a result of photos, forensic reports and DNA analysis in the file, it was determined that the dead sem Garipolu. Clients also say they believe that over a period of 7.5 years, just 9 months ago, we met with client Nagihan Karabulut, after photos of the Garipoglu family on the sofa of the house where this brutal and brutal murder took place were published on social media, and he said that the grave would be opened. There was an idea. He got information from me about the legal process. I explained the legal process and stages to him and I gave him detailed information about the consequences and possible implications. “

“It doesn’t want to open gravity”

Lawyer Rezan Epozdemir said, “It is only natural for the family of a girl whose daughter was murdered to face all our illegitimacy and neglect and to come to the family’s mind against their efforts to influence the justice system. Whose daughters were killed.” Her father later met with Suraya Karabulut and continued as follows:

“I said that as soon as we get a request from them in this regard, we can take the necessary legal action and appeal. Later, he did not want to create a false impression in the public because of this request, he did not want it. “It simply came to our notice then. We would like to express our condolences to the family and friends of the deceased,” he said.

“If request comes, we will apply immediately”

The attorney general noted that if the Carablut family received such a request, it would submit a request to the chief prosecutor’s office in accordance with paragraph 4 of Article 87 to open the grave and re-examine the tissue and DNA samples. The Code of Criminal Procedure Epözdemir said, “The important thing here is the needs of the clients.

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