Separation pay for those with a medical report

Retirement bonuses, severance pay, which is a guarantee of unemployment, directly concern millions of employees. Private sector employees receive a severance pay only for the time they spend in their last workplace, while public employees receive a severance pay when working in the public sector. Separate salaries are also paid to government employees for the period of military service. The period of outstanding military service when working in the public sector is added to the period of seniority in case of retirement. A person who retires from the private sector and leaves the service for any reason other than retirement, his term of military service cannot be added to his seniority, even if he is a government employee. Employees who disrupt the health of the workplace and work environment may leave the job after receiving a severance pay along with a health report. Those who complete the insurance period other than age and the day of premium payment and leave the job voluntarily can also get their seniority. Although an employee whose employment contract has been terminated is paid on the total final wage, this includes side payments in addition to wages. Those who quit receiving their pensions while working in the second workplace are given seniority when they leave. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about separation pay:

Will the ceiling on seniority benefits increase with July?
The maximum separation salary for this year has been set at 10,848 lira. The highest severance pay received in January was 108,486 lira. This amount will remain valid until June 30. Even if the employee’s salary exceeds this amount in the compensation account, the prescribed maximum amount is applied.

Can I be paid for resignation due to pregnancy or birth?
In the case of resignation for both reasons, the right to compensation does not arise in case of resignation due to disagreement over wage increase. A female employee who cancels her contract within one year from the date of her marriage can get her seniority. Those who have left their jobs to receive a disability pension can take their seniority.

What are the benefits of getting seniority from work?
Those who are eligible for separation are entitled to 15 years of insurance and 3600 premium days, which can be re-employed from the same or another workplace with retirement conditions other than AGE. The Supreme Court has ruled that it is not possible to stop them from leaving their jobs and continuing their work after receiving compensation.

Is it mandatory to leave for compensation?
There is no legal impediment to continuing to work in the same workplace after the separation pay has been reset. However, in order to pay the separation salary, a re-entry process has to be done after leaving the job. Payment made before checkout is treated as a fee. In this case, the income tax will be withheld. He who leaves voluntarily cannot claim separation salary.

Can I get senior compensation when I leave my job with a health report?
If the workplace and work environment degrade your health, you can talk to the employer and get a severance pay and leave the job. If the employer does not accept this, you can get your compensation by getting a medical report and presenting it to the employer that you will not be able to continue working for health reasons.

Can I repay a loan for military time?
In the case of retirement, the term of military service borrowed while working in public institutions and agencies is added to the period of seniority. Those who retire from the private sector are not paid a fixed salary for military service. Separation salary and bonus are not paid more than once for the same seniority period.

Is retirement compulsory for seniority?
When an employee completes the number of premium days required for retirement, he or she may receive a severance pay without having to wait for his or her age. Accordingly, those who have worked for 15 years and completed 3,600 premium days can claim a severance pay. For this, the first insurance date must be before September 8, 1999. In addition to retirement, the employer pays a severance pay in the case of dismissal of employee, status of military service, marriage to women.

Can the employer compensate the ceiling?
Upon request, there is no impediment to the employer paying more than the maximum amount of the severance pay. Only the stamp duty is deducted for the part of the separation salary up to the ceiling. Employers cannot be forced to pay a severance pay for the part above the ceiling amount.

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