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A music cassette means a lot to a generation at least 50 years old, but; Today is nothing but rubbish for the famous Jade generation who will shape our future ..! You know, in those days when we forced ourselves into the circle of friends, when we thought it was a quality we first got, “Brother, the last tape of so-and-so comes out?” Thousands of names like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Nilufer, Bergen, Arif Susam, Kayahan, Jakai Tunka, Baris Manco, Gokben and Casino Culture when the Magic Day!
Hey day is gone .. I have to shout!

একটি A passion for fitting music within 30 square meters

After talking to Mehmet Kokolu on the phone, I got out of the taxi in front of the new Opera Mosque. Mehmet Bay did not allow me to come to the shop alone, to walk on the noisy streets of Ankara market, where the male shopkeepers are so crowded, he welcomed me; So gentle!
Because I never knew anyone to meet before; Considering the conservative structure of Ulus Çıkrıkçılar Yokuşu and İtfaiye Square, and seeing someone like Mehmet Bay, I was a little surprised and embarrassed, frankly. She is very modern; He greeted me with all his generosity.

This is Eisen Street No. 19 / A-KOÇ PLAK. As I walk through the door I see all the original tapes from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, which we can now call the dinosaur era. It is not easy; Exactly 40 years of passion for music has spread in the clothes of this shop. With all his sad stories and one eye. It is very popular nowadays …
All in all, it’s a 30 square meter store, but; You know, there used to be an Istanbul / Unkapani records market. What will this place do alone! It is a historic district; Just like garbage. The old Ankara houses are looking up at us.

40 years of love and endless love of music …

Mehmet Kokoglu is 54 years old. Born in Gümüşhane / raniran; Moreover, he is the son of a rich father with 9 children. Before you start telling his story, you don’t understand how such a person can come out of a village in Gumushan as well as among those who work with land; You know, when your dad does a land transaction, you have to choose that job and that way …

Mehmet Kokoglu

‘Music is another planet’ Mehmet Bay began his speech. There was no school in our village, my father sent me to Toka for secondary and high school. It all started when I was in high school, when I was on a summer trip to Ankara to meet my newly-married brother-in-law, ” she says. Salta 1983. The bus driver is playing a song saying “Yallah driver Yallah”. The song is sung by Ibrahim Tatlis. I liked the lyrics and the music for some reason, but; The driver unfortunately stole once; Play again? I hesitated to say. As soon as I arrived in Ankara, I went to every tape store I could find, but; Unfortunately I couldn’t find the song … ‘

This event became the measure of his love for music, which would later turn into a crazy passion. Every tape he found; He started buying and collecting them without distinguishing them as cheap, expensive or good or bad. This passion has gone so far that from the kitchen shelf to the wall recess he no longer has a place where he can store the tapes.

So is that a problem? I ask. He laughs and says, “Of course.” “It’s not even television. Where do we listen to music?”

In 1989, when Ibrahim Tatlises and Hulia Avsar came to Ulus Youth Park, they ran away. He wanted a song he had heard a few years earlier but couldn’t find. He will never forget that day. That day, the thought of doing something about music flashed somewhere in his brain, and he opened the store we were in within a year.

1990, no capital, but still focused on the tape business. There was a time when not only music, but also video cassettes went to war; It also does this for a short time. The CDs released as ’94 were a bit random. At that time, everyone brought their old cassettes, which are now disrespectful, with sacks in their hands, but for three cents; All of them are very valuable to Mr. Mehmet. He collected 2 truckloads of goods and preserved them as antiques. The record is broken, the flash memory is broken, the CD is scratched but; The tape is as hard as stone, ” he says. The record, reels, cartridges, and cassettes he ordered seemed to be reading lessons of revolution and history from the earliest times to the new. She’s proud to be talking about her child when she tells me the history of the store …

I see antiquities treatment

” In 2012, the tape came out of the lives of the Turkish people completely; Became difficult and inactive. From that date on, people over the age of 50 started pouring into the store for nostalgia … ” he says. Just then a young woman from the college entered through the door. Ilhan Irem asks about the tape; Then Safiye Ayla’s record, a woman my age! Who did not come and what was not asked! Pet Shop Boys, George Michael’s 1975 album Azda Pekan! “Now they see me as an antique dealer,” he says happily.
Whatever is asked, he takes it out of the small shop and puts it in front of the customer ..! I’m starting to think that Mehmet Bay is a magician now.

So what is selling the most now? When I asked; “Bergen,” he said without thinking. I noticed that when he collected the tapes, he also established emotional bonds with the artists. ” Bergen was the only one in his branch; He still says …

So, do you have any unforgettable memories in this store? When I ask him, he says, “Oooooo …” and immediately a word comes to mind: “One day a man came. Was a German artist; It’s not very well known in Turkey, “he said. His name was Mostafa Sifatsi. For some reason, the guy searched his album year after year; Exactly 15 years. They even teased him, but he couldn’t find it. ” Someone recommended it. He came here as a last resort and I put him in front of her during the first interrogation, “he said. So what did he do? Is she happy I said, “No, he’s unconscious …!” Doesn’t he say?

There are also old-fashioned black and white televisions, walkman and stereo. They were very popular in the 90’s with the new wave of pop music. The house was incomplete without stereo in those days. Mehmet Bay sold a music set to husband and wife in 1993 for 50 lira. He says they came from Hymana, working on the land. Exactly 10 years later, they came back and wanted to return the stereo, “You gave us the broken goods, we want our money back.” Mehmet Beo also returned 50 TL. A customer came in the middle of this discussion. The guy was looking for an old-style stereo, counted 1000 TL and bought it immediately. ‘What did the husband and wife do? I say with a curious smile. “They fought here, but not like that,” he said.

Hours have passed. There is no end to songs and memories; Customers start to become more frequent. I don’t want to be too busy but; For me, it was like returning to my youth and time travel. I would like permission from Mr. Mehmet.
As he was leaving, he was playing the Hameet Yeses Macbeth to me … As soon as the word from the shop reached the shopkeepers of the fire brigade, I got into the taxi .. I said “I will come again ..” But; This time I forgot to buy cassettes and listen to music in this shop .. I feel like I have crossed a historical district with melody .. I am leaving a huge music archive, but in my tongue is a composition by Munir Nuretin Seluk.
Ozlem Kalkan

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