Arnica, produced with women, has entered kitchens in 37 countries

Small household appliance manufacturer Arnica, of which 63 per cent of the 900 people are women, has taken steps to increase their exports. The company, which started exporting to the world-famous fair in Chicago in 1993, now sells in 37 countries. It exports 40 percent of its production to its two manufacturing facilities in Istanbul Avsillar and Marcin Tarsus. Now the target is to increase this rate to 50 percent. Arnica also makes world-famous giant from Turkey for small home appliance companies.

Senur Akın Biçer, chairman of the Arnica board, said: “It is impossible to see the huge power behind Arnnica when talking about it, noting that it is Senur Electric Motors, the manufacturing company. Biçer describes the company his father founded 60 years ago as follows: “My father is an inventor. A name that has turned his university graduate recruitment into a product. Those who fit will remember. Previously, buffets and toasters had cooler and sherbet meals. He made them, started making electric motors. Our company takes its name from both my name and this electric motor. It marks the 90s, the first in Turkey. We are the first company in Turkey to produce juicer, food processor, carpet washing machine, meat grinder, meat grinder food processor. My father Hassan Akin realized what he always dreamed of. After losing him, I learned from a notebook that he kept in 1978 that his dream was to build a vacuum cleaner.

Fair information comes on the cassette, we all sat and listened

Biçer also shares the story of how they started exporting. “The first fair we attended was the 1993 Chicago Fair in the United States. The biggest fair in the world. Then only a giant like Şişecam / Paşabahçe from Turkey will be able to participate. We have applied to the fair. They sent a tape in front of us. We all sat down and heard from that tape what we should pay attention to at the fair, “said Biker.” After that fair, our first exports were to Australia and Israel. We started by entering hard coins. It was a jump for us. Now we are exporting to 37 countries. ”

Knowing your kitchen is essential for exporting to India

Senur Akın Biçer added that marketing food processors for export requires mastering the country’s cuisine and cooking techniques and requires constant R&D. Biçer said, “For example, we have entered the Indian market. The meat juices are expected to come out of the food processor. We don’t like to overcook the meat. But that is what India expects, “he said. Biçer said, “We export about 40 percent of our production. We want to make this ratio 50-50 in foreign and domestic markets. But it saves sales numbers. For this, we create new products and try new marketing methods to strengthen our connection with the world. On the other hand, we make small household appliances for the world’s most famous manufacturers. “

I worked on the translation of the molding

Biçer also talks about the process of joining the company and says: “I graduated from the University of Bogazisi, Faculty of Education, Department of Chemistry. When I was studying, I was always involved in production with my dad. I started working from the hardest place, the molding house. Molding is a job that requires manual labor. A machine has been taken. Catalog needs to be translated. My father asked me to translate because I was studying Bosphorus. But we have to see how it works. Unnecessarily, I was allowed to work in a mold. Then, through mechanization, we removed the gender from the job description. Because the strength of the hand is no longer important. ”

Our master was female, I grew up among strong women

Biçer underlines that Arnica has an intense female-appointed face. Biçer said, “650 people are working in the production. The marketing firm has 247 people. The proportion of women is 63 percent. The motors of these robots are made by women who have decided to buy food processors. In fact, when we were working with my father, our engine assembly master was a woman. He is dead now. I grew up with those strong women. I have invested in line installation. ” Biçer says Arnica has taken a step towards gender equality since its inception.

The second phase of the Tarsus investment comes into play

In addition to our main manufacturing facilities in Avcılar, we also have a location in Tarsus. After the death of our father and founder in 2011, we laid the foundation for this investment. We have completed the first step. There is production. Now the second episode is about to end. There will be production facilities in a total of 20,500 closed areas. The plot is completely different. It is equipped with new manufacturing technology. It will invest about 15 million dollars.

We sold the most brooms in the epidemic

None of us can guess. In March 2020, COVID-19 kept us all under house arrest. We have sold the most vacuum cleaners in the epidemic. Rechargeable vacuum cleaners have come a long way. However, when we decide on a new product in our industry, it can be put on the shelves after 8 months. On the other hand, another bright star of the epidemic was the robot vacuum. It has sold well, especially in the metropolitan area. With this robot, cleaning can be done while parents and children are at home. At first we thought ‘this is wind’, but the demand was permanent. For example, you might think that vacuum cleaners for carpet cleaning were once fashionable. But because it is problematic, women stop using these products.

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