Horrible harassment from high school teachers! His statement appeared: This is how he defended the message

Sending message to ENT (16), a high school student in Şarköy district of Tekirdağ, teacher Ç.A. A lawsuit was filed against the 32-year-old on charges of ‘sexual harassment against a child’, demanding imprisonment for up to 6 years. C.A. “Every teacher has a different attitude towards students. As a sincere teacher, this is how I treat my lessons and this is how I communicate with students.”

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6.A., who teaches at Şarköy Anatolian High School, texted her female student ENT on her mobile phone. Annoyed by the messages, ENT explained the situation to his family. The family also complained against the teacher. A judicial inquiry was also launched against the teacher who was sacked by the district governor’s office. A.A., whose statement was taken to the prosecutor’s office, was arrested on February 9 by the Şarköy Criminal Judgeship of Peace, where he was taken.

Sarkoy Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, Teacher 7.A. After concluding the investigation against him, the charge he prepared was accepted in the first instance Sarki criminal court. Teacher ÇA was requested to be sentenced to 1 to 6 years in prison for ‘sexual harassment against a child’. In the complaint, which states that the crime was committed through ‘teaching and learning relationship’ and ‘communication’, student ENT stated in its statement that the teacher had not been present in his class for a year and that he had taken his class. Sends her school friend’s phone number and videos and messages to her. ENT said, “At first I was shocked. What he wrote was so ridiculous to me and I was angry. No one can talk to me like that. I don’t talk to my relatives like that. When my father comes home late, I told him right away and my dad warned the teacher, but he still texted me. “I had never been harassed before in school, but I was uncomfortable seeing their faces. I could not go to school. Because of these incidents I was scared and hesitant. I am a plaintiff and there are allegations against him, ”he said.

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‘Baby, daughter, peanut, kiss’

In the indictment, the other students whose statements were also included in the statement that their teacher used expressions like আমারA ‘my child,’ my daughter ‘, peanuts’, I kissed them. Teacher C.A. In his statement, he claimed that his student ENT had received a phone call from another student asking him to attend a literature course at the school and that was why he had contacted her. A.A. He said he threw the song to his students to test it in a literary sense and said:

“As the effects of alcohol became a topic of discussion, things went awry and came to this point. After the ENT, I was going to contact 5-6 people whose names I didn’t know because of the course. You asked me ‘my baby’, ‘daughter.’ ‘,’ Pesto ‘,’ I kissed. ‘I constantly use the address in the classroom. I do not agree with the statement of the child victim. This is how I talk to all my students. Every teacher has a different attitude towards students. This is how I teach my lessons as a sincere teacher and this is how I approach students. Again, you asked me about the content of the letter. “Do you want to live without telling anyone?” Because I have seen students in the group, including ENT, feel uncomfortable with correspondence, “Write anyway or whatever”, I told her to pour out their heart. I do not accept charges against me, I did not. I confess, but I did not commit the crime. “

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Complaint, teacher ÇA. Her letter to her student after she threw the song “Hold a Song” to ENT was as follows:


ENT: Thank you, sir.

6.A: If you have any comments about this song, please leave it.

ENT: OK sir (smiley emoji)

8.A .: Well, even if I don’t believe you, I’m still waiting.

ENT: I ​​don’t understand, sir.


ENT: Good night, sir.

7.A: I’m just going to ask one thing. Don’t you understand

ENT: I ​​don’t understand, sir, what I meant?

6.A: All right, honey, go to sleep. Good night Sometimes people like it and you should too

ET: (sometimes texting the humanitarian part) Sir, I don’t understand right now

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7.A: Don’t mind, good night baby, do you want to live without telling anyone? Either that or that way. Write if you want.

The complaint states that the teacher insisted in her letter at 00:58, “If you are going to write privately, write, but never go public.” It is understood that when the complainant feels uncomfortable with the letter and realizes that he is responding, he tries to force her not to tell anyone that the letter is in a level of harassment and that he did it for sexual purposes. Within the scope of the whole file it has reached that enough suspicion has been reached. That he has committed a crime of sexual harassment against her.

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