Real Madrid-Chelsea game incredible end! Goal canceled due to VAR decision

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In the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League, Real Madrid hosted Chelsea in the first leg, which they won 3–1 in London. The English giants won 3–1 in regulation time at the Santiago Bernabeu, and Polish referee Cesimon Marciniak blew the whistle to take the tour to overtime.

Benzema attacked again

Although everything was equal in overtime, Karim Benzema, who scored a hat-trick in the first match for Real Madrid, appeared on stage. The French striker headed in the 96th minute to take the score to 2-3 and allow his team to pass the round. Although both teams scored goals by the end of overtime, they were undefeated and Real Madrid won 3-1 and lost 3-2 to Chelsea in the first leg of the first leg, but they made it to the semi-finals.

15th time semi-final

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Real Madrid, the team that has won the Champions League 13 times, has reached the semifinals 15 times, beating Chelsea. Reaching the semifinals 10 times in the last 12 seasons, Madrid is the club that has seen the most semifinals in the history of the tournament.

Last champion fixed for 5th time! Attention signal …

Real Madrid knocked Chelsea out of the Champions League for the fifth time in the history of the Champions League, knocking out the defending champions. The Purple Violets also reached the cup in the previous 4 seasons where they did it.

1997/98 – Borussia Dortmund
1999/2000 – Manchester United
2001/02 – Bayern Munich
2013/14 – Bayern Munich

Contributing the 51st goal from Benzema

Karim Benzema, who spent a historic season with Real Madrid, has scored his 36th goal in his 36th match this season. The 34-year-old French star, who had 13 assists, scored his 12th goal of the Giants League.

They were successful for the first time since 1968 but it was not enough

Chelsea, who scored three goals against Real Madrid, became the first English team to achieve this goal since Manchester United in 1968, but these three goals were not enough for the champions to reach the semi-finals.

Alonso’s goal has been canceled! What do the rules say?

Santiago ended the first half 1-0 at the Bernabeu, with Rudigar’s header in the 51st minute giving Chelsea a 2-0 lead and boosting their tour hopes. When the minute shows 64, there was a position that could be considered as the fateful moment of the match. Marcos Alonso, who got the ball to the left of Real Madrid’s goal area, turned the ball around, bounced Carvajal and hit Alonso, and again in front of the Spanish player. Alonso sends the ball to the 90s from a far corner with his right foot and scores a goal that gives his side a 3-0 lead, but …

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But the goal was VAR-analysis. Players from both teams and Poland’s Simon Marciniak were awaiting the outcome of a mid-round check as a ‘potential handball’, when the decision was in Real Madrid’s favor. VAR referee Tomasz Kwiatkowski decided to ‘play with the hand’ for the ball coming back from the carvajal and bounced from his leg and hit his hand and landed in front of him. Referee Cesimon Marsiniac canceled the goal without seeing the position.

Rules that change at the beginning of the season …

Hurriyet newspaper writer and former referee Murat Favji Tanrili said Alonso’s decision to cancel was correct and used the following statements:

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“According to the rules of the new modified thumb at the start of the season, a goal is disallowed even if the goal touches the ball with the fingernail of the player scoring.

Tuchel: Ancelotti was laughing and talking to the referee

Chelsea’s German coach Thomas Tuchel, who was dropped from Real Madrid, made a remarkable statement after the fight.

What disappointed me tonight was Ancelotti and the referee smiling at the end of the match. I saw them waving Ancelotti’s hand on my way. The last time of such a 120 minute match was bad. I told myself. I like Ancelotti very much, she is a good person …

Thomas Tuchel

Ancelotti: Spanish teams say behind English but …

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti, on the other hand, reminded that Villarreal had eliminated Bayern Munich and were named in the semi-finals after the match, which saw them advance to the semi-finals.

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They were saying that the Spanish teams were inferior to the English teams. There are currently two Spanish teams in the semi-finals of the Champions League. Good night

Carlo Ancelotti

Real Madrid’s opponent is City or Atletico

Real Madrid will face Manchester City-Atletico Madrid in the semi-finals. The first match between the two teams was won 1-0 by the British representative Kevin de Bruyne.

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