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I think I was 9 years old. My father decided to use me as a mentor. I don’t know how I gave my dad this confidence. In addition to being a grocer, my father bought and sold animals and was a butcher. There were always new animals in the barn and garden. A village in Malia, coming and going in the Guren area of ​​Sid …

I have always seen animals being slaughtered or taken for sale. If I was in front of the shop, I would see the bargain or something. My dad would shake someone’s hand as if they were tearing it apart. If the hand kept swaying, swaying and suddenly letting go, it was a deal.

Our shop was in the old store on Guren Road in Sid. Dad suddenly said one day, look at this calf, if you like it, bring it. Says I think my dad knew I understood calves. I didn’t even know I understood it until that moment. But I felt very good. I took the opportunity. I said I like calves very much. I really liked it. Dad entered the store and returned with a halter in hand. He put the halter on the animal’s head and untied the old rope from the calf’s neck. The animal became more beautiful. “It’s yours, take it.” Says I’m happy. I was both a man and a calf.

I have taken very good care of this calf for months or more. I always took care of her after school. My friends also had calves. We used to back up and raise animals together. The calf grew up and became beautiful. It is now considered a bull. A customer came out and sold out. I was sad and happy. I would be very upset if it was cut. Everything will be in front of my eyes. I said I didn’t want to see you go. My father put his hand on my head and gave birth to the calf himself.

My father used to tie the animal for slaughter in a place where people who go to the market from the village can see it. Those who need meat will understand that the animal will be slaughtered and they will save the meat for purchase in the evening. They used to print 3 kg, 5 kg, one arm and one leg. The thigh area was also given on one side of the ribs. It would be a kilo of meat, but the customer knew it would be. I don’t know why so many extra pounds are gained now, but the meat purchase was like that. I don’t want to see it for Danam. I’m glad it was sold. I thought he would live a long time by making oxen.

Another day, my dad called me and said: “Come and see this calf.” Horn structure, leg height, abdomen or not, color, general appearance… this time my appearance was different. Those of us who know our old native cattle know, they were very beautiful animals. As someone who knows the business, I would say my confident thinking. We got the calf. My father again took a halter from the shop and put it on the calf’s head. This time Halter was with the evil eye garland. I backed up my calf and took it. In a short time, my friends also found out about it.

This will be the second bud I will fully grow myself. I started with enthusiasm, I experienced now. My dad came to me while I was taking care of my animals. “When we sell this calf, I’ll make you a suit.” Says it was something I couldn’t even imagine. I didn’t know when to wear a suit in the village, what to do, but I liked it.

It’s been a while since my dad promised to sue. I forgot the suit. However, Dana had enough of a reward for me. One day Dad said, “Come on, we’re going to the tailor.” Says I remember the word suit. We went to Omer, a tailor from our village. Tailor Omar was one of my father’s favorites. What’s more, everyone’s favorite… he measured, we liked the fabric. A black fabric with a rare, fuzzy white stripe. It turns out that the promise of a lawsuit came true. A little more time passed. My father took me back to the tailor Omer. This time, Om Usta rehearsed the unfinished, but clear jacket on me. Unable to control myself, I returned to our store with my father. My dad was a unique person to me, or he grew up in my eyes.

I was taking good care of the calf, clothes were also being made. Things were good. One day, on April 4, 1975, my father went out to buy tiles for our coffee house. We were running a coffee shop as well as running a shop. My brother has done well. About an hour after my dad left, a truck pulled up in front of our store. To let him know that there was a traffic accident on that road. They threw me and my brother in the back of the truck. That’s when I realized something bad had happened. Before leaving the village, someone stopped the truck and asked about the accident. “There are even dead!” Said the driver of the truck. I was heartbroken … I was now convinced that my father was dead. Otherwise, why would they take us?

The spring of my life is over. No one knows what it is like. They must experience the same condition. I will say this to describe the trauma of losing my father: I can’t remember what the calf or the suit was. I never wore that suit. Besides, I didn’t think the tailor had such a suit. I completely forgot it. It didn’t happen to anyone, not just me, but my family. Maybe Dad didn’t tell anyone about the clothes, I don’t know. Or we may have forgotten it in the struggle for sustenance as a family.

Many years later, when I was telling my son about my father at an age he didn’t understand, I remembered this suit. I suddenly started crying. My son didn’t understand why I was crying until I wrote this article.

Now, as a teacher, I believe that my father was a good educator who never went to school. My dad inspired me to do what I said and didn’t do and forced me to do things nicely. Animal husbandry is a job I will never be enthusiastic about in my life. The education and inspiration I received from my father in those days, I always wanted to carry on these works for years to come. I even had a few tries.

I started farming in mid-1993. My brother with 15 animals in a planned granary made for cattle. 15 bulls aged 1-1.5 years which I have carefully selected. The animals were growing and gaining weight. Among these I was doing business as well as permanent cattle. I used the money I earned from trade to buy fodder, grass and hay. This is how we came to the first months of 1994. It’s time to sell the animals. Our plan was also ready for sale.

At that time our country was ruled by a blonde woman Prime Minister. He said he was an economist, he knew everything very well. What was happening did not match his qualifications as an economist. So the economy was not good. At least those in whose knowledge we believe have said that the economy is not good. I thought, “We have nothing, we have property.” The blonde female prime minister, who said she knew everything and the economy was good, abruptly announced a series of articles called the April 5 decision. We were civil servants, there were a lot of things that negatively affected us in that direction.

A few days after the April 5 decision was announced, we needed fattening food for our bulls. Priced at our bait order, three times what we bought a week ago. So is straw. I was confused about what to do. I saw that this business is difficult, I decided to sell the animal. I decided to sell it, but no one bought the animal, right? Have an open account to pay after one or one and a half years …

I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right. Like every member of the family, I was a butcher. I was going to make a list of people who wanted meat like my dad and my brothers and I would cut a bull and buy food with his money. I thought, this situation will improve, of course, I will sell the rest. As the months passed, the situation did not improve. I was able to pay for one last animal because I had no other animals to feed me.

The blonde female prime minister, whose name I don’t remember, and which I don’t really want to remember, has taken away what we had. One of those animals is worth 20,000 lira or more today. We exchanged the German mark we had at the beginning of the stock breeding. It changed from 8 lira to 19 lira overnight. Think of the loss of people like us who work hard to survive! Except for the minority, the whole nation has already lost.

I exhausted my capital with the reality of cruel capitalism in my job, which I started with the inspiration of my father. It wasn’t my dad’s time. There was a time when the blonde female prime minister was constantly shouting in front of the crowd and then laughing and applauding the nation.

After what we have said, let us make a recipe about our subject, as a custom; If you find the opportunity to apply it, your Iftar tables will be festive. In my childhood, meat dishes, like all foods, were cooked on a wood-burning stove. Of course, the taste will be very different. I hope someone still uses the wood stove.

Meat stew


  • 1 kg of beef
  • 300 g shallows (15-20 small)
  • 1 large onion
  • 1 large tomato
  • 10 cherries
  • 2 carrots (or 6-7 small carrots)
  • 10 cloves of garlic
  • 1 cup oil
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • Rosemary
  • Pepper
  • Thyme
  • Cumin
  • 2 green peppers
  • 2 capes
  • 200 g mushrooms (or 2 medium potatoes)


The meat is cut into small pieces. I cut the ribs into about 8 cm pieces. I put sunflower oil in the pan and heated it. I greased the pieces of meat with sunflower oil and sealed them in hot oil with salt. After making sure it was fully sealed, I reduced the fire a bit. I added a finely chopped large onion, rosemary and bay leaf and roasted with the meat for a short time. I added hot water and left to cook over medium heat. (Previously, in a large stove house, it was placed on a trivet in a corner of the stove, while other dishes were being prepared next to it, the embers that came out of it were thrown under a pot of meat and cooked for hours.)

I will fry the carrots with oil in another pan. Then I tossed the shawl, then the pepper, then the garlic and finally the mushrooms, two minutes apart. On top of that, I cut the tomatoes into small pieces and tossed the whole cherries.

After checking the meat and cooking it well, I mixed it with the ingredients of another pot. I added black pepper, cumin, thyme. I adjust the salt. I let it cook again. After cooking another 15-20 minutes, I turned off the heat. It is widely appreciated. I think you should try.

Rekai Ilmaz

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