A Turkish coach in the Australian League: Ufuk Tale

Ufuk Tale, who also wore the jerseys of the Super League in Galatasaray, Antalispor, Cardimi’s Karabukspor, Bursaspor, Gaziantespor and Mersin Idmaniyurdu, told the story of his struggles in the Australian League, his football career in Turkey, his story and goals. Coaching extends up.

He started his coaching career in 2011 by working with children aged 9-12 for 6 months at the Australian State Federation after quitting football, Tale said, Later, I moved to the U-20 national team, and also served as the assistant coach of the U-23 national team. I went as a scout in some of the national team matches. After that year, I took charge of the New Zealand team Wellington. ” Used expressions.

Noting that interest in football in Australia is growing every year, he said: “It’s not bad in terms of football, I think it’s a good league. In the summer season we play the Difference League here. The speed may be a little slower due to the heat. Some matches are played at 35 degrees. A new league was formed in 2005. There was a league before, but they changed it, they formed a new 12-team league. Football began to attract more attention here with the participation of the national team in the World Cup. The sport that the children were most interested in was football. ” He said.

TALAY’s team claims the championship

New Zealand’s Wellington Phoenix are sixth in the 12-team Australian League with 30 points. With 4 games missing, Phoenix is ​​16 points behind leaders Melbourne City and 8 points behind second-placed Western United. The team that finished the regular season in the top 6 of the Australian League plays in the play-offs for the championship.

They are the only team participating in the Australian League from outside the mainland, Tale said:

“Because of Kovid, we have only played two home games in New Zealand in the last two seasons. This is a very beautiful country for life. Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand and a beautiful city. For the match, we flew to Australia for at least 3 hours. Sometimes it’s 8 hours. We go a long way because we go to a game every two weeks. We travel a lot. Teams travel many kilometers. We have the Sydney party when we go 1 day in advance. If Perth is the team, we are leaving two days earlier, so that the players can recover and rest. Because the Perth plane takes 8 hours. It takes 3 hours from Wellington to Sydney and 5 hours from Sydney to Perth. ”

“Even if we are champions, we will not be able to join the Asian Champions League.”

Ufuk Tale said that the teams that won the Australian League had participated in the Asian Champions League, but could not participate in the Asian Champions League even if Wellington won the Championship.

“As Wellington, we are stuck between two confederations, and even if we are champions in Australia, we will not be able to take part in the Asian Champions League. Australian football is affiliated with the Asian Confederation, we are affiliated with the Oceania Confederation. In my first year, we finished third in the league, usually we should have participated in the Champions League, but we didn’t. ” Evaluated her.

“The teams you play in the same league go to the Asian Champions League,” said Ufuk Tale. You cannot participate even if you are a champion. Isn’t that unfair? ”The question is,“ Injustice. Also here the clubs work as a company, they have to make money. When you join the Asian Champions League, the sponsors change, the clubs get more money. We played in the Champions League when I was an assistant at Sydney FC. Of course it is also good for teachers. Because you have the opportunity to go to a better place. But unfortunately we don’t have that opportunity for our team. ” He replied.

“There is a young talent in the Australian League named Birkan Kirdar”

“The first year I came back to Australia, there was Dwight York from Manchester United, which I will remember,” the Turkish coach said, referring to the star players who have played in the Australian League in the past. They brought Del Piero to Sydney FC for a while. Jardell has also played here, but they have come up with a finished version of Jardell. Emil Heskey has arrived. Sometimes they bring in star players, it changes from season to season. Many times the federation gives money to the clubs so that they can bring in players so that the league can grow. Of course, the best players are not coming. ” Used expressions.

Mentioning that there are Turkish players in Australia, Ufuk Tale said, “During our time some football players went to Turkey from Australia. For example, there was Tansel who went to Trabzonspore. Currently there is a young talent named Birkan Kirdar in the Australian League. I think he is a very talented actor. He played for the Melbourne victory. He is 19-20 years old, can play midfield, plays both behind and center forward Libero. He is ambitious, ambitious and technically good, “she said.

Tale, who noted that there are ample opportunities for football in Australia, used the following statements:

“States are usually seen by municipalities, not clubs. Each team has its own advantages. A new facility is being built in New Zealand. They have spent a lot of money. Do activities as the game progresses. The capacity of our stadium is 35-40 thousand. An average of 10-11 thousand people come to our match. When we returned to the stadium last year after a long time, there were 25,000 people there, the atmosphere was good. All teams have academies. This year, I have made 13 players in the A team from the academy. Selling players is important to us because we could not participate in the Asian Championship League. We sold Liberto Cacas in the Belgian league two seasons ago, now he plays for Empoli in Italy. There was a boy named Sarpreet Singh, and we sold him to Bayern Munich two years ago. Our goal is to do well in the league and to train and sell football players abroad. Each year the clubs have a fixed budget. This year’s squad budget is $ 5 million per club. You can only spend 5 million on staff. It has different rules, if you bring names from abroad, you can get them without budget. If not, you can’t afford it. “

Adventure transfer process in Galatasaray

Ufuk Tale described the process of moving to Galatasara in his football career as follows:

“I was playing professionally in Australia when I was 16 years old. My dad’s friend was going to Turkey, he made a videotape of my match. There was no DVD like now. He was going to give my match tape to Trabjanspar, but since he was a strong Galatasaray fan, he took the tape to Galatasara and gave it to Adnan Sejgin. Adnan Sagegin saw it, then they called me. It didn’t happen that season, but a season later, I signed a contract with a manager, went to Germany and joined the camp from there. Adnan Sagegin knew me beforehand, and it was Graeme Sones’ decision to sign the contract. I was lucky to go to Galatasaray, but Adnan Sagegin did not return the tape to give to Trabzonspor.

Mentioning that he wore a Galatasaray jersey for the first time at the 1996 German camp, Tale said: “I played a few matches. At the end of the camp, they asked me to return to Turkey with the team. I signed a two-season contract, I stayed that season. I played 26 matches with Sounes. In my second season, Fatih Coach came, I went to Lone Antalyaspore. I came back the following year, went to Lone Carabu again. I went and came for a nice fare. I performed well in that camp. I was 18-19 years old when I came to a large community like Galatasaray. It was a very happy day for me. A large community in Galatasaray, playing football there was not easy. I wanted to go on loan when I was not playing. It would not have been the right decision for me to wait until I was 19-20 years old.

“Sunes has flagged the study at Fenerbahce. They now call Ulubatli as Sounes.”

Ufuk Tale describes his unforgettable memory in Galatasaray:

“I can’t forget that we won the Turkish Cup in the first year. Dean Saunders scored the equalizer at Fenerbahce Stadium. Sounes hoisted the flag at the Fenerbahce stadium at the time. They now call it Ulubatlı Souness. It was a huge moment for me. We didn’t do well that season, but we did win the cup. In my first year we had success. After returning from Karabuk, we won cups and leagues with Fatih Teacher. I played a lot in cup matches. Winning the trophy is always a very good memory. The stands were quite hot at that time. The late Suleiman was going to give the Demirel cup, he couldn’t give it, they immediately took it inside. The bottle was unloading while taking the mug. We received the trophy, and later saw the Sounes flag. Fenerbahce fans were not happy at all. But it’s very good, a memory in the history of Galatasaray. “

“I want to go back to Turkey as a technologist.”

“Of course I want to return to Turkey as a coach.” “I’m on the right track,” Tale said. I work in a good club. We are getting good results. I want to go back to Turkey. I want to go to a team that has goals. Since football is emotional in Turkey, everything can change very quickly at a rate of one or two. I want to work in a club with long term goals. ” He said.

Mentioning that he also follows the Turkish League from time to time, the Turkish coach said: “I am watching Galatasaray. I see this year is not going well. It was doing well in Europe. I was following Girenspor, our New Zealand forward Joe Champanes was there. They have canceled his contract. I was following Aziz Behi. I was watching a player in Gaziantepspore play to bring it here, but it didn’t work. It’s not very deep, but I follow it from afar. “

Mosque attack in New Zealand

“It’s been two years now,” he said. It was mentioned again a few weeks before our match. Life goes on normally now. A friend who was shot in the mosque came to our football players last season and told his story. We play football, but in normal life some things are different, it was good that he came to show the struggle of the players. It happened a year before I moved to Wellington. Very sad event for me. People go to the mosque to be one with Allah and to pray. It happens where you think you are safest. “

Noting that the influence of Kovid-19 has diminished in New Zealand, Ufuk Tale said, “Fans are slowly returning after Kovid. There are 15-20 thousand cases every day, 5-10 people die every day. Life is back to normal, no masks. You have a mask when you get on the plane. ” He said.

After all, Tale says of the situation of the Turks in Australia, “The Turks who have grown up here in the past are mostly from this region. We grew up differently. My parents came to Australia in 1969. Sydney had a neighborhood called Auburn, which was always crowded with Turks. There was also a big mosque. There is no Turkish like before, everyone is spread left and right. However, the largest community in Melbourne is still Turkish. “

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