Alim could not bear the aspirations of teacher Yuksekova

Taşcı, who was assigned to Matin Now Primary School in Shaheed Piedade, Dadela village, 15 km from Yüksekova, 6.5 years ago from Eskişehir, quickly gained admiration from all around him for the communication he established with his students and villagers.

Taşcı, who is keenly interested in the education of students and helps some disabled students to survive by taking lessons at home, used to go to the plateau with the villagers in his spare time to graze sheep.

– He wanted to recruit in his country

Teacher Alime Taşcı asked to move to his hometown Eskiেehir after 6.5 years from the village where he came with superstition and fear, but had a very good day.

Taşcı, who was employed at Cengiz Dağcı Primary School in şifteler district of Eskişehir, taught there for some time.

The teacher in Alim, who was more than ideal in his school, wanted to return to Yuksekova, which he could not get out of his mind and wished.

– When his family supported, he wrote a petition to the ministry

Sharing the situation with his family, Alim Tasi wrote a request to the Ministry of National Education to return to Yuksekova after receiving their support.

Evaluating the application of Taşcı, who said in his application that he wanted to continue teaching in the district where he had worked for many years, the ministry appointed him to the village of Inanli in Yoksekova.

– “I’m glad to be back.”

Alime Tasi, who has started work at his new school in the district, told AA correspondent that he is happy.

Expressing his happiness at returning to Yuksekova, teacher Alim said, “I am very happy to be back. I will continue where I left off.” Says

Noting that he was hired in Yuksekova in 2015 and wanted to relocate to his hometown Eskiেehir in September 2021 to be closer to his family, Tasi said he had served in his hometown for half a term.

Mentioning that his school has more than the norm, Tasi said:

“I wrote a petition to the ministry. In my petition, I said, ‘I want to go to the Yuksekova district of Hakkari.’ When I was in Yuksekova, ‘When will I go?’ I never thought of it. I always woke up with joy and happiness. I think that the children studying in the village are very special wherever they are. “Even when I’m walking down the street in Yuksekova, people smile when they see me, they pass me by saying hello. It’s a great honor for me.”

Noting that his family did not object to his return to Yuksekova, Tasi concluded:

“Throughout my childhood, I was a child who grew up happily feeding chickens in the morning, milking our sheep and cows, and grazing cows after school. We were 4 siblings, all four of us graduated from university. We have to raise cows. Our responsibility as teachers is to build educated people who are good for their country and nation. I try to fulfill my responsibilities properly. I try to set an example for children. Being a village teacher is a burden for some of our colleagues. It may seem like it, but I’ve always done it with love. Because I was born and raised in a village, I felt what the children felt. Provincial and district national education activities that have helped and supported me in this process. I would like to thank the department officials. “

– “We loved Alim Teacher”

Miriam Siftchi, a second-grade student, said that although she and Alim had met a short time ago, they were very good. Says

“They bought sweatpants and clothes for us. She does very nice things for us. I hope she stays with us in 3rd grade. We like teacher Alim very much,” said Ekrin Ayhan, a student. We used to do fun things with our teacher in our class. We make our boards. When my teacher from Alim comes to school, I want to come to school even if I am sick. Because one of us has a lot of fun with him. ” He said.

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