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Cavus chala now whose work? Who is the author of Haydi Kavuş Now? What else is the subject and main idea of ​​Haydi Kavuş? Cavus Asun What does the book say? Come on Kavus, do you have a PDF download link now? Who is the author of the book Let’s Go Cavus? Here is Haydi Kavuş Now’s book summary, lyrics, comments and reviews …


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Author: Seda Decker

Publisher: Libram Publishing House

ISBN: 9786056722332

Number of pages: 264

What is Cavus saying now? Subject, main idea, summary

Ascension begins in love

“With the possibility of such beautiful love, why not live?

I will always be a prisoner of this love until you take me away. “

Just as there is a bond of love, there is also a bond of guilt, fear, and even anger. Who knows, secretly making you feel guilty is forcing you to do whatever you want. He manipulates with fear. You can be a slave to someone stronger than you, being abused and abused.

Or you could have a half-hearted relationship replay forever.

So stand up … because you can get out of this situation without fighting, pushing, attacking anyone.

You will do this by holding the power of the magnetic field and the divine power within yourself.

In this book:

– Description and precision of short and long grounding techniques

– The most ancient knowledge in human history, but forgot how to use the magnetic field

– How divine judgment works

You will learn. You will remember with all your heart that there is no power greater than the power of the Creator.

This is the journey of truth.

Falling in love?

No! Wait!

Ascension begins in love

Now let’s see the quote – the lyrics

  • O seeker of truth! Know this truth well, whoever has a problem with love, who has tears in his eyes or has a heart attack, he smells the divine mystery. (Hz. Mevlana)
  • What fascinates people is that they cannot reach.
  • What fascinates people is what they cannot reach. Everything that is inaccessible is the source of disease. I must succeed …

Haydi Kavuş Review Now – Personal Comments

This is an excellent book, a combination of short stories and psychological approaches, explaining clients’ problems and techniques used. Must read in. (Sigdam Celine Kair)

#Bookinterpretation Let’s go together – Seda Diker Usually, it takes time to read this kind of book, but this book is a book that I read quickly because it is an illustration. Although it was written on relationships in general, it is a book that gives examples and advice that we should not be a prisoner to anyone in this life. Relationships, financial situation, family, etc. are what some people feel in their life. The negatives of the subject were explained and our author suggested what might come out of their situation. The grounding method we can use in adverse conditions is explained in detail and we are advised. # haydikavusartık #sedadiker #librumkitap #esmanurunkutuphanesi (Esma Nur)

Come on Kavas, now there is a PDF download link?

One of the most popular searches on the internet for Seda Diker – Haydi Kavuş Now is the PDF link to Haydi Kavuş Now. Most of the paid books on the internet have PDFs. However, downloading and using these PDFs illegally is both illegal and unethical. If the PDF is sold from the publisher’s site, you can download it.

Who is the author of the book Seda Decker?

Seda Decker; Subconscious Specialist and Tantra Instructor.

After Robert College, he graduated from Bogazisi University, Department of Economics. After college, she studied hypnotherapy and participated in a clinical hypnosis training program.

In collaboration with the International Patient Organizing Department at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, she conducted specialized meditation and relaxation sessions during pain control, stress management, sleep disorders, and chemotherapy for other foreign cancer patients in Turkey and New York.

She organizes workshops, joint and private sessions for women undergoing infertility treatment.

Returning to Turkey in August 2006, Decker continued his education in Istanbul.

Seda Decker Book – Work

  • There are no men who actually go
  • Joy
  • Emotion Alchemist
  • In fact, there is no separation
  • You have the devil’s feathers
  • Search for me
  • Let’s see now
  • Abundance
  • I am alone
  • The victory of love
  • Now I want to be a mother

Seda Diker Quotes – গানের কথা

  • If a person finds the cause of his illness which he cannot change, he gets stuck there. He is almost a prisoner of disease. (You have the devil’s feathers)
  • However, we can open the door to heaven by transforming lust into divine love. (Joy)
  • Don’t be with someone you can’t get along with, who puts weight and guilt on you, not happiness and lightness. Even for your children … you set a bad example for them. (There are no men who actually go)
  • “There’s another inside you.” (You have the devil’s feathers)
  • O seeker of truth! Know this truth well, whoever has a problem with love, who has tears in his eyes or has a heart attack, he smells the divine mystery. (Hz. Mevlana) (Let’s see now)
  • “A soul does not break in pain, Cathy. It happens when she is in pain, alone. It happens when she is treated selfishly or recklessly.” (You have the devil’s feathers)
  • When you can’t be anything, you are always … and one with everything … What does that mean? It is creating your ego. To kill him before he dies … (You have the devil’s feathers)
  • We live without our hearts open and we think everything is fine! (Abundance)
  • The love that fills an emotional void is not true love. The moment we begin to feel full, we begin to see the other person’s faults and we begin to swallow the relationship. (There are no men who actually go)
  • We live without our hearts open and we think everything is fine! (Abundance)
  • Listen to your mind. Listen to the feelings of your heart. There you have it. You will find the strengths and answers you need at the most unpredictable times, when you are most stuck. (In fact, there is no separation)
  • “When you are unpleasant during sexual intercourse, you are opening your body to dark creatures.” (Joy)
  • Forgiveness is a difficult thing in itself, but the hardest thing is to forgive yourself. We must forgive people, no matter what they do wrong. We should do this not to please them, but to keep our own strengths clean. Spiritual cleansing is actually the purification of the human energy field from negative emotions and thoughts. Not judging others, forgiving them in a sense serving oneself. Forgiving the wrongdoer will lighten and cleanse our own hearts. (Search for me)
  • The situations we live in today assuming love is mostly an attempt to fill a lack of true love that we may not feel, which should actually be within us. (In fact, there is no separation)
  • Women respect the man they can trust and rely on. Money cannot be bought. (Joy)
  • “Everything is energy and everything is just that. Once you tune in to the frequency of the reality you want to achieve, there is nothing else to do; that reality is yours. There is no other way. It is not philosophy. It is physics.”
    (Emotion Alchemist)
  • True love means accepting people as they are and allowing them to express themselves honestly, freeing them completely. Trying to hold on to someone who doesn’t already belong to you will only waste energy and hurt you. (Search for me)
  • The biggest problem in Turkish society is the inability to draw personal boundaries. (There are no men who actually go)
  • Surrender is an extraordinary force. This is a great knowledge. It is to be heavenly love. (Emotion Alchemist)
  • “There is another place out of right and wrong. Let’s meet there …” (You have the devil’s feathers)

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