Market traders complain about being expensive: We are going crazy

Rising natural gas, electricity and fuel have increased the cost of living and the gradual devaluation of the Turkish Lira (TL) has made life difficult for both citizens and marketers. Market traders could not open stalls in Istanbul due to the economic crisis. Shopkeepers at the Sirintep Neighborhood Market, established in Istanbul’s Kagithane district on Tuesday, have been unable to buy or sell products. Market traders, “We don’t know how we’re going to do it. We’re going crazy.” Says another trader in the market If this continues, there will be hunger and war after Eid-ul-Azha. He said.

Shopkeepers at the Sirintepp Neighborhood Market also complained about the increased prices. Shopkeepers sometimes have trouble picking looms before making siftah.

‘The situation is excellent, may God bless the kingdom!’

The shopkeeper, who has a fruit stand in the market, said they were devastated and said:

Yes, the situation is great, God bless the kingdom! If it continues like this, civil war will take place after Eid-ul-Adha. There is hunger and war. The shopkeepers are upset now. Currently VAT is 8 percent. See, it’s 20 lira. She can’t buy one kg of strawberries. Life has become expensive and we do not know what to do. We are not satisfied with our lives, may Allah help us all. My father has been voting for this party for 15 years. After this period, there is no party vote. I go, I vote for HDP, if necessary I become a terrorist. We were the number one party. My neighbors are committing suicide. My friend threw himself from the eighth floor. Why? Because he could not make a living. He cannot make a living. If we don’t belong to this party then we are terrorists. Now after this time I will not vote for this party. Let him take me to jail if he wants. My father-in-law is 72 years old and cannot survive on his pension. Is there such a thing? The price of a loaf is 3.5 TL. An electricity bill was 500, 600 TL. Home rent 2 thousand 500, 3 thousand TL. Your father’s pocket is hot, he has money.

‘I used to sell 100 cartons of eggs, now I sell 50 cartons’

Gokhan Payraj, Egg Stand, “We used to sell 100 cartons of eggs, now we sell 50 cartons. No production, no more packaging, thank God. I only sold three or four cartons. What time is it, 14:30 or 15:00? We sold three or four cartons starting at 30. “ He said.

‘We don’t know how we’re going to do it. Diesel is expensive, bags are expensive ‘

Market traders with vegetable stalls “We don’t even know how we’re going to do it. Diesel is expensive, bags are expensive. We give the workers 300 TL, they don’t like it. So we’re in a very bad situation. Right now, those who hear our voices or those who don’t listen help us. That’s too bad. “ Summarize their condition.

‘We’re going crazy’

Pazarcı Nihat Geçim says everyone blames themselves for the price. “We’re going crazy.” Gayle continued:

Visitors blame us for the price. It’s like we’re doing it. We open the counter and collect like evening. My dad would deny him if we didn’t come to the market. It’s our job, we have to come and go. I have a lot of friends who lean over and say ‘I can’t sell at this price’ and won’t buy the product. We want it cheap. Let the fuel be cheap. Electricity, natural gas, these are all indicated by each other. When all of them are cheap, all of them are automatically cheap, and everyone laughs. Everyone is happy. No one is happy like this.

‘It’s getting late, they’re collecting trash, there are people who can’t find bread’

Marketer Abdullah Varishlio says there are no jobs and the market is empty, and says:

Let everyone be happy, let everyone eat, now no one has money. No job. The market is empty. There is no money left in the nation. Previously, the market was more vibrant. We used to buy 50 cucumbers, now we buy 4 cucumbers. If we bought 50 tomatoes, now we get 5. We get 10 green peppers. Our purchasing power depends on the people, the people will buy it so we can too. If the public can’t afford it, how do we get it? We cannot buy or sell. Everything is interconnected. Everyone will have money so that people will come to the market to shop. What will they do if they do not have money? It all depends on the fuel. People get some relief when diesel is reduced. I hope the President will pray in this blessed month of Ramadan. People will get some relief if the price goes down. The poor eat, the rich eat too. Many people are poor. We see, people, the evening is approaching. They collect garbage thrown under the counter. There are many people who cannot find poor bread. Life is hard, but God helps everyone.

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