“Next summer will be a comfortable time”

Although experts say the pathogenic effects of the Covid-19 virus have diminished, Health Minister Fahretin Kokao has announced that the hospital’s Covid-19 intensive care units are starting to become empty.

Speaking in Sakaria, where he recently visited, Health Minister Fahretin Koka said “there are zero patients in intensive care (Covid-19) in our 19 provinces.”

Noting that the number of applications has dropped significantly due to the Covid-19 complaint at their own hospital, said Dr. A.S. Dr. Hakan Oguzturk said: “The number of cases in our hospital has decreased in direct proportion to the standards announced by the Ministry of Health. Yesterday, I was on duty in the Covid-19 area, believe me, very few patients came from morning till midnight. I do not want to disclose the number of patients applying for the number, but it has dropped drastically. Naturally, this has drastically reduced the number of patients admitted from here, i.e. from the emergency department to the intensive care and services of the hospital, ”he said.

“We can say we are having the best time.”

The number of Kovid-19 victims is less than 10 thousand and the number of deaths is less than 50 every day. Dr. Oguzturk said: “So far, we have seen that the number of cases in Turkey has dropped below 10,000. In fact, we can see that the death toll has dropped below 50 so far. Of course, every life is precious to us. I want the death toll to be zero. So far, however, the number of cases has not diminished. At present, 6,000, 7,000, 5,000 people are coming to the hospital every day in the form of positive test results. But in general, healthcare professionals feel the hospital period is more comfortable than ever before. Our emergency department was Ankara City Hospital as a health base during the Kovid-19 period. Currently, we are still caring for Kovid-19 patients. But believe me, we are having a very comfortable and relaxing time. Very few patients. We invest a very small portion of them in service and intensive care. We can say that we are feeling the best time for us in the process related to Covid-19, ”he said.

“We are forced to increase the number of cases.”

The number of Kovid-19 cases has decreased a lot compared to the previous time, said Professor. Dr. Hakan Oguzturk said: “Vaccines that infect all mutant viruses have significantly reduced hospital admissions and hospital admissions rates. There was no vaccine when we saw that after March, when it was first published, and cases increased to second and third place. The vaccine has really strengthened our hand. In my personal opinion, we owe to the vaccine that the number of cases does not increase at the moment. In addition, citizens have become more aware of the implementation of individual measures. Disinfectants should be used, where masks should be worn and removed and what to do in hazardous environments. When they applied it on the field themselves, they contributed positively to the field struggle. In my personal opinion, I believe that the number of cases Spending more time in the open and living consciously may have a much lower agenda during the summer.

The case number will be more

Emphasizing that the number of cases will decrease in the summer months, Professor. Dr. Oguzturk said, “I think that during the Ramadan Feast, there will be a holiday in our country where the Covid-19 is not in the first place. I hope that next summer will be a comfortable summer that is not comparable to the previous Covid summer and I think so too. “

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