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When the 15-year-old Amir Usa IC was killed by a bullet, the source of which is unknown, on August 12, 2021, in the Ortahisa district of Trabzon, the painful father Mustafa IC rebelled.

They hoped that his son’s killer would be caught as soon as possible and that he would receive the punishment he deserved. The best of them in this regard.

Amir Yusa Asi, 15, who lives in Istanbul, was sitting with his friends in front of his grandfather’s house in the Yesilbuk neighborhood of Ortahisa district when he suddenly fell to the ground and his friends realized he was bleeding. His head. Amir, who was taken to KTU Medical Faculty Farabi Hospital by 112 emergency medical teams, who were called to the scene after informing his family, could not be saved despite all the interventions.

An on-the-spot investigation by teams from the Emergency Service and the Trabzon Provincial Gendarmerie Command determined that Amir was the target of the Maganda Bullet. It was determined that the tired bullet, the source of which was unknown, entered Amir’s right ear and got stuck in his spine.

The family, who made a statement in front of the Trabzon governor’s office today, thanked those who stood by them during the process, when the grieving father, Mustafa Atisi, called for not celebrating by throwing a gun these days when Trabzon’s championship is on the agenda. .

Mentioning that they lost their son because of a bullet, the grieving father said, “We lost our 15-year-old son, Amir Yusa Atisi, because of a deadly bullet whose source is unknown. After this process we start the struggle against the gun incident.

We have the support of many organizations, including our beloved Governor, the Provincial Gendarmerie Regiment Command, the Trabzon Police Department, the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, the Trabzon Spur Club, and the office of the Dean of the Karadeniz Technical University Communications. They also started a good campaign yesterday. Many thanks to all of them.

We hope our son’s culprit will be caught as soon as possible and he will get the punishment he deserves. Gendermarry is trying its best in this regard, may Allah be pleased with all of them. They are trying to do what they need to do, I hope we will get through this process as soon as possible and we will try to get to the point where we hope the gunfire will end as soon as possible. I want to thank them a lot, thank you very much, ”he said.

“Don’t stop, it leads to happiness”

Noting that a bullet fired into the air would be a lifelong pain for the family, Father Aıcı noted the possibility of throwing a gun in case of victory after the Trabjanspar-Fatih Karagumruk match at the Shenol Gunes Sports Complex. Today is Medical Park Stadium. Shooter: “Our club has a big game.

Tonight, we have a big game with Fatih Karagumruk, where they will play and probably announce their championship. This is not something specific to Trojan, it is a problem of all Turkey. It would be wrong to limit it to Trabzon only. We started this fire from here and we aim to spread it all over Turkey. Today, we ask our supporters that if we win, we believe that we must win the match, after the victory, please do not throw your gun in the air. Can’t celebrate with guns.

A bullet you fire a lifelong pain for families like us, please don’t do it. I urge you to embrace the people around you and celebrate your victory. Celebrate your joy by embracing the people next to you. There is no joy in holding a gun, there is no happiness in a gun. Please don’t shoot happily, “he said.

The bereaved mother came and asked to finish the shooting and said, “I want to thank everyone who was with us during this process. I don’t really want to say anything more, let the gun business end this year, “said Sanem Atisi, Amir Usa’s older sister.” I would like to thank all those who stood by us during this process. As my mother said, let the gun business end this year. Innocent children, don’t let people die, “he said.

Dede Enver Hamarat reminded that the Headmen had a lot of work to do and said, “It’s happening, there’s shooting, there’s a search for Gendarmerie and Gendarmerie looking for Headman, ‘Is something like this happening here?’ Muhtar is trying to cover it up. Our Mukhtars have a lot of work to do here. I think the headmen must know some things and I think so. It needs to be further curved.

It would be good to contact the person who complained about the gender. Our land is where the bullets fired from the bottom to the back are deposited. That’s why we’re complaining about it, “he said. (UAV)

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