The story of three game addicts

“Heads” ‘s second feature film has become a phenomenon with videos released on YouTube, taking its place on the big screen. The team members talked about both the curiosity about the movie and the communication between them.

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3 Good luck with your “Self-Escape” movie. Can you tell us the original story?

Fatih Yassin: It tells the story of three game-addicted teenagers being unable to see the reality of life and then face an unexpected shock.

Bilal sneeze: Thanks to our movie is actually based on the influence of online games, which Generation Z likes in their lives.

3 How is this movie different from the first movie “Confused”?

Fatih Yassin: “Confused” was Fatih and Bilal’s rush to marry Atakan. “Self-Escaped” is a story that confronts them all with reality.

Bilal sneeze: Two completely different movies. The first movie was a dramatic love story. This time we are going to see the events that happened in the minds of 3 friends.

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Atacan Ojiurt: In addition to the completely different scenes, I believe that we have turned the excitement and immaturity of our first movie into a more professional one in the second movie. We reflect the characters and the story and live more.

3 That adventure started on YouTube and then in the movie industry. Are you satisfied with where you came from?

Fatih Yassin: The point we have reached is not over yet. What we do now and in the past is an indicator of where we will go in the future.

Bilal sneeze: It was not planned, everything happened spontaneously. Of course making movies was our dream. We are very happy to see this happen.

Atacan Ojiurt: We never said, “We’ve come to this stage,” and probably never will. People discover and learn new things every day, and so on. Undoubtedly, the most valuable thing for us year after year is experience. We will continue to try and produce.

There is no message in this story

3 What will the audience find out from themselves or from life in this movie?

Fatih Yassin: In this movie, we are dealing with what game addicted youth misses in life. Everyone can find a piece of themselves.

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Bilal sneeze: Those who get too involved in the virtual world and miss out on real life will realize some of the dangers that can happen to them in this movie.

Atacan Ojiurt: In fact, there is no message in this story. There are always “moments” when everyone can reconcile themselves or the situation they are in. The best thing for the audience is to immerse themselves in the character and live with their emotions, get excited and excited with the characters, bring the character to a conclusion one by one … then they can get the right message from themselves and life.

3 After the epidemic, the movie industry started again with the movie “Bergen”. Where would it be if you put yourself in one place with this movie?

Fatih Yassin: The audience liked the biography, there are many examples of this. Honestly, “Bergen” has been opened on a completely different level. The right steps have been taken in the case of advertising. Although we are not in the same category, we think the audience always has time to support us.

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Bilal sneeze: Of course, our hearts are at the peak, but “Bergen” and “Self-Escaped” are films of different genres. We believe we will have a successful place in comedy films.

3 Was there a scene in the movie that challenged you, or an unforgettable moment?

Fatih Yassin: In one scene we had a difficult situation with our personal lives and we had a good discussion about it before the drama. Later, when we recorded, we had a serious mental breakdown. But the stage picked him up too. When the audience sees it, they must say something happened to them.

Atacan Ojiurt: Especially because of the weather, we were fascinated by the cold during the shooting of the scene in Ankara. But in the end we got what we wanted.

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3 How do you describe yourself in a few words?

Fatih Yassin: We are a team that works like clockwork. We need each other to show the truth.

Bilal sneeze: Loyalty, love, respect and most importantly faith.

Atacan Ojiurt: In short, we are a stable and productive team that is open to innovation and experimentation. And most importantly, we have a specialty that does not mix business and friendship.

We are transparent to each other

হিসাবে As ‘Heads’, what do you do when your head doesn’t match?
Fatih Yassin: In fact, our greatest advantage is that we know each other in every sense and we know each other in their deepest characteristics. It is very easy for me to win the hearts of Bilal or Atakan.
Bilal sneeze: We are a team that has known each other for 7 years. Over time we all learn our reactions, so we don’t bring things up where we have conflicts. We understand and support each other.
Atacan Ojiurt: “We’re talking!” We express and solve our problems with all our transparency.

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