Towards the election in Galatasaray … Hamamsioglu has given a name for sports director

– What did Hamamsiogulu say?

Noting that Galatasaray’s greatest asset is differences of opinion, Hamamsiolu said, “You can benefit if you can melt the differences in the same container. Friends are working on the list of Burak Elmas, they will be with us. What a beautiful thing. One of our former presidents, Mr. Unal Isal and Mr. Dursun Uzbek, supported us. Why? They need to unite Galatasaray. We will open a white page after winning the election. ” He said.

Hamamciolo said Galatasaray was not in a difficult situation for the first time in its history and noted that the club needed a management that would make strong, bold and realistic decisions.

Emphasizing that management is a work of inspiration and responsibility, Hamamsiolu said, “Every ups and downs have its ups and downs. Someone like me, who has been in the community for over 40 years, who was both a supporter and a manager in various fields. I feel compelled to take on this responsibility together with my friends. “I am running for president of the club again. Galatasaray is having a hard time, but there is no solution. Our goal is not to repay the debt, but to bring championship, to achieve inner peace at the same time. Our biggest goal is to make Galatasaray manageable again. “

– “Easy sugar effect at checkout”

Hamamcıoğlu says much has been said about Galatasaray’s financial situation, but all sports clubs in Turkey have a picture that is at least as problematic as Galatasaray’s.

Arguing that the yellow-and-red club’s financial situation was not encouraging, Hamasiolu went on to say:

“Now, we need to stop it. Unfortunately, when money starts to be involved other than what you get from the activity, it causes a fall. When you start injecting money, which in fashion terms is called ‘cash easy’, It has a sugar effect. At first it seems too sweet, then it starts to destroy the sugar. “Galatasaray is feeling it too. You can’t make Galatasaray bigger by shrinking it. But to grow you need to use reasonable resources. Durable. The way to do this is to take advantage of your own resources. This is not a job that will happen in 1-2 days. For financial freedom, you have to find your own resources. “

Burak Elmas Management briefed the candidates and their parties on the financial situation, saying that the only thing they could not learn was the statement of cash flow.

“As long as these exist, it is impossible for anyone to be populous. My friends and I have been in the business world for many years and our connection We have strong teams behind us because of their reputation and quality. These very strong groups have a way of supporting all our branches. ” He said.

– Who will be our sports director?

Eşref Hamamcıoğlu says Galatasaray is at a critical juncture and says, “The priority and seriousness of the situation we are in, these elections, ‘Who will be the coach, what will be the structure?’ Football is the flagship. Our football branch has had an unsuccessful season this season. Where there is success, there is also failure. Our sports director will be Cenk Ergün, who has had success before. Those who succeed in its shadow will continue. We are ready to embrace everyone who is successful and works according to the DNA of Galatasaray. “

Noting that there will be a restructuring in football, Hamamsiolu said, “The new emerging sports law, the TFF’s spending restrictions, the agreement signed with the Banks Association has already set a framework for you. Nothing else is possible. It always does its best in all branches in Galatasaray.” Using it will continue to be a competitor Like the rest of the world, it is imperative that the football branch in Galatasaray become a source of income rather than an expense. Center. We are here to lay the groundwork. “

– Dominic Torrent and Fatih Terim Tafsir

Hamamsioglu, coach Dominic TorrentHe drew attention to its importance.

Yellow-red club presidential candidate Hamamsiolu, Fatih TerimHe further added that he has found a way and time to send it.

– “The ball is in federation to improve relations”

Eşref Hamamcıoğlu argues that relations between TFF and other clubs, not just Galatasaray, have recently deteriorated, with “Galatasaray suffering the most. The ball is in the hands of the federation to improve relations. With Galatasaray. TFF elections will be held on 16 June.” If we win the election, the TFF election will be held. We will choose the delegates to represent Galatasaray with determination, determination, courage and awareness. ” Used expressions.

Asked how he would interact with other clubs if elected, Hamamsiolu said: “Institutions reflect the character of their leaders. I and my friends are very serious, resilient and at peace with everyone. I am not offended by anyone, but we never value our values. We do not compromise. We do not fight, we struggle. “If you look at the boards, they are all successful and have let go of their pride. I think other clubs after us will adapt to us. Become like this. The Turkish game has lagged behind the rest of the world. First of all, we have to find a way to increase it. “

– “Galatasaray’s salvation lies in Floria-Kemberburgs pairing”

Eşref Hamamcıoğlu says they have strengthened their team in real estate and real estate development and says:

“There are names appointed by the current administration who will be with us. In our management, we have friends who will be working on this, as well as outside working groups. We will benefit from what former presidents have done. To revive real estate projects for financial independence. The first thing we do after being elected is to put the Florida issue on the agenda. ” We have to bring Riva into the game, but Galatasaray’s salvation lies in Floria-Kemberburg. Unfortunately, the hotel in Macediaco is inactive. Burak Elmas and his management have also put a lot of effort. If we have any luck, we will have the approval of the General Assembly. “

– Call for participation in the general meeting

Criticizing the history of the extraordinary general assembly, Hamamcıoğlu said, “The date that has been set is before the banquet, a date when people have planned their holiday long in advance. But now is the time to take charge of Galatasaray. Yes. In order to get to the ballot box, I ask them to vote according to their conscience. ” He said.

Noting that populist rhetoric hurts Galatasaray, Hamamsiolu said, “We have to be realistic. Let’s get on the ground. We all want to be champions. Where we come from now, community dissatisfaction, financial and administrative inadequacies are very important. We are our friends.” Together we have laid a foundation stone. ” We have come to do more. My team is very strong. “

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