Week of April 18-24 – Astrologer Aslıhan Doktoroğlu

In addition to the effects of the cotton full moon, the week of April 18 will make important aspects quite active.

Monday, April 18, Mercury, which points to our minds, and the octave above it, Uranus, are together and they are receiving support from Venus. This aspect is very suitable for freeing us mentally. It is possible to develop original ideas and express them easily. Especially one day when our creative side will be active. But today is accompanied by a solid angle. The pull of the Sun and Pluto can lead us to fight arrogance and show strength. We must be careful not to use our minds and language in a rebellious and emotional way. Caution should be exercised about the potential increase in health problems.

We tend to be more active on Tuesday, April 19th. We will not tolerate restrictions, especially in the morning.

The Sun will enter Taurus on Wednesday, April 20th. In advance, I wish all Taurus a happy birthday. We can pay attention to what we eat on Wednesday evenings and be careful not to overdo it.

On Thursday, April 21, the Saturn side is preparing for eclipse on April 30 and May 16. The lunar nodes, which set the general theme for 2022, point to experiences that force us psychologically and that come through negativity that pushes us out of consciousness. The reason for the emergence of this experience is the need to end the problems of crisis that hold us back. Saturn will force us to the area we need to reconfigure this week. Let’s try to get the message across so that we can enter the receiving time more firmly.

Friday, April 22, is the most productive day of the week.

The events that we felt at the beginning of the week on Saturday, April 23rd may come back on our agenda. Let’s try to deal with problems without obsession.

On Sunday, April 24th, we can feel that we are having a hard time in the areas where we need reassurance. There may be a tendency to react more rebelliously to things we feel are under pressure. Let’s avoid conversations that we think are important today.

The effects of the rising zodiac sign for the week of April 18 are as follows;

Rising Aries

You can develop new ideas about finances. It will be a week where you can use your skills more effectively. Avoid arguing with authority figures. You may feel that you have difficulty communicating with your friends.

Bull Rising

At the beginning of the week, you will be interested in implementing your plan ahead. You can get help from your social circle. It is important to try not to get bogged down in prejudice. Try to adapt to the changing circumstances regarding the responsibilities you are taking on.

Gemini Rising

It is possible that suppressed emotions and fears come to the fore at the beginning of the week. You can approach it with a different perspective. Strong exits in the circle of friends should be avoided. On weekends, you may feel that you have to struggle to keep your ideas alive.

Rising Crab

A week where you stay active in your social life. It will be good for you to communicate with your surroundings. Try to solve problems in business life without understanding them individually. There may be some financial issues.

The lion is rising

You can create new ideas in your business life and establish positive dialogue. A week where you will feel more comfortable with financial matters. Care should be taken not to neglect health. It is also important to avoid responsibility in your relationship.

Rising daughter

At the beginning of the week, you may encounter opportunities related to education and business issues. In particular, it is possible to control areas that are out of balance. In the life of love, jealousy and manipulation of other parties should be avoided. It is important to try to make more reasonable decisions.

Rising scale

On the first days of the week, you will have a higher chance of finding solutions to problems related to your work environment or daily routine. Care must be taken to ensure that family relationships are not abused. Expenditure may require more caution.

Growing Scorpio

A week where it is important to develop a different perspective on bilateral relations or communication. There may be difficulties in areas that feel safe. In love can face opportunities. Family stress can come to the fore over the weekend.

Rising Spring

It is possible to form different ideas about daily flow or working life. Don’t force yourself to stand outside. Positive developments in family life are also on the agenda this week. On weekends, thoughts should try not to limit life.

Capricorn is rising

At the beginning of the week, fruitful work can be done on topics that require inspiration. You can express yourself well as long as you do not overdo your ego. There may be some financial issues. Weekend love life should avoid suppressed dialogue.

Rising bucket

At the beginning of the week, you will have the opportunity to feel more financially comfortable by developing a real estate problem or a different approach to your home. You may also notice adverse behavior that you were not aware of this week. The stress of family responsibilities can keep your mind busy on weekends.

Rising fish

At the beginning of the week, you can effectively manage relationships, projects and meetings with the immediate environment. However, care should be taken not to rush the team. Bringing unfinished ideas to life can be a bit of a challenge. On weekends you have to deal with neglected issues.

I wish all of us a week where we will not resist change, my love,

Aslihan Doctoroglu


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